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ItsYaBoyStan234| Second KPD Application

Discussion in 'Reviewed Applications' started by Stan233, Nov 12, 2020.

  1. Stan233

    Stan233 Netherlands Level 1

    Aug 24, 2020
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    7:12 AM
    Out-Of-Character (OOC) Section

    IGN (In-Game Name):

    Previous bans:

    I was banned for 15 days for doing ERP. I regret it every day and I will make sure it never happens again.

    Describe your activity on the server:

    I would describe myself as active. The last time I wasn't that active. Due to some problems.

    Which timezone are you in?


    Do you have Discord?

    Do you have a microphone [Obligatory]:

    I do.
    I am always open for a quick talk!

    List your current and past applications:

    My applications:
    I have not applied for KPD in the past. (Here I was very new and I didn't know what I was doing).
    Dutch language application 1: Denied
    Dutch language application 2: Accepted.
    KPD application: Denied (Not enough experience)
    What is your motivation for applying?:

    I've played for a little while now on SRP. I've always was in discussion with myself if I should apply. But now I know that I want to join the Police Department. I would love to help to keep the city safe in SRP, and to help people with their problems. I also think it will give me new experiences that I never had when I played as a student.
    Do you understand Japanese Laws and Basic Conduct?

    I am quite up to date with the law of Japan. And the laws in SRP I would say. I also did some research to make sure I had everything right.

    What are the Police ranks?

    Police Ranks:




    Detective Section:

    Detective Constable
    Detective Sergeant
    Detective Chief-Inspector

    Detective Superintendent

    What knowledge do you have of Police Work?

    My knowledge when it comes it Police Work is pretty good.

    Police always take care of the citizens and making sure they are safe. Police will always be on the lookout for illegal items like weapons. Police can search you if they feel like it's needed.

    The police communicate with each other thru the number "110". Here they will also report when something is happening. For example A robbery. When someone is wanted the police will go on a manhunt. If the person is caught, then he will most likely be jailed.

    If the police arrest someone for a good reason, then they can give them the right punishment. For example A warning, a ticket, or if it is needed the person can be arrested.

    Why is Police important to SchoolRP?

    The Police Department is very important when it comes to SRP. The Police protects Karakura. And since there is GangRP in SRP, The police will need to take care of that. But most importantly the police department protects the citizens.

    KPD and EMS also make SRP far more realistic. For example: If there is an emergency and there is a fight going on. Then the KPD and EMS will have to work together. This gives SRP this realistic touch what I love.
    Do you acknowledge that you're subject to being demoted if accepted at any given time?

    That is completely understandable, It would be a bad thing if this wouldn't be a thing.

    Do you acknowledge that by applying for this role, you are agreeing to be 100% dedicated to the Police Officer role?

    Yes, I will completely focus on my duty. And I will always listen to the Officer!

    Do you acknowledge that if training is held whilst you are online, you are authorized to attend or you will be punished [Demoted]?

    yes, I will always try to be there when I am online. And if not I completely agree that I can be demoted.

    Do you acknowledge that you’re subject to IC harassment, and you are NOT to take things OOCly when dealing with training & situations?

    Yes, If someone is rude, it should not mean that they are rude themselves. So I would never take those things OOCly.

    In-Character (IC) Section


    Tell us about your character, how he looks, what makes him unique?

    Sakamoto Kou, He would be a "5,6" male. He would have brown hair and brown eyes. He would always dress up nicely as he loved fashion. His posture would be kind of skinny as he would have had trouble in his youth with eating. His name would mean "Happiness And Peace" Because of his name he would always love to spread those 2 things.

    What he's like on and off the job?

    At work Sakamoto would seem confident and strong, even tho he is a skinny man. He would always love to do his job and he would love to speak to colleges. He would always try to help and spread happiness.

    Of work, Sakamoto would seem kind of lonely as he would not have many friends. He would always stand alone after he got a divorce 2 years ago. He always had his mother where he would love to go to and talk to. His mother was always his supporter so he could always find his peace there.

    Outlook on his co-workers? Plans for the future?

    He would always try to seem confident in front of his Co-Workers. He would always look out for new challenges in life at work. Sakamoto would dream a lot in his free time. In those times he would look into the future seeing big opportunities. He always wanted to be a father and have 1 big loving family.


    Sakamoto's backstory would be a sad one.

    Sakamoto was born in 1987, on the third of September in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He was always happy, He played soccer and he played a lot with friends. Until he started to go to school. Sakamoto was always the sad little kid in school, Therefor he got bullied in college. This caused him to get eating problems. He always found peace and rest at his mother's voice, since his dad passed away when he was 10 years old. After college, Sakamoto would get more confidence and he'd look to the future. He always saw KPD and he dreamed of joining one day. When he got older he moved to Germany for the police academy there. Where he graduated in 2012. After this, he to Japan hoping for a better future there as a police officer.

    SECTION 1: Personal Details

    Full Name:

    Sakamoto Kou
    Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss):

    Given Name(s):

    Preferred Name:



    IC Phone number:

    Religious Denomination:

    Marital Status:

    Single (divorced)

    Current Location:

    Karakura, Japan.
    SECTION 2: Academic Details

    Years of training:

    Working Experience:

    2 years of training experience, plus 1 year of security at a hotel.
    Academic Degree:

    Deutsche Hochschule der Polizei.
    Year of Graduation:


    Law, Criminal Justice

    Native Languages:

    Other Languages:


    (This is a copy of my original application for KPD. The first one got rejected because I didn't have enough experience on the server. I didn't know if I should make a different application, no one said my forum was bad, therefore I just used the same one. I made some slight adjustments.
    I hope this one gets accepted)

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  2. Loooper

    Loooper Ireland Level 140 Senior Administrator

    Apr 27, 2019
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    6:12 AM

    We’ve decided to deny your application today. Nonetheless you applying is very much appreciated​
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