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"Jim" Yasushi | Biography


Level 31

The divorced dad with a gyaru teenager .. Jim Kaede Yasushi!!

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IGN: SushiSanwich
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-added an 'interviewee and clients' section


Also note that idek why it has to be said but, don't take Jim's actions oocly. Yeah woah crazy he is an ass, kinda condensending, an ass but I can promise you I ain't targeting you ooc .. my goofy ass don't care ooc LMAO it's all icly nonsense so don't take it personal.

Basic Information

First Name: Jim
Surname: Yasushi
・┇Preferred Name: Kaede
・┇Aliases: Kaede Yasushi
・┇Gender: Male

・┇Age: 45
・┇Height: 5'8"
・┇Weight: 163 lbs
・┇Build: upside-down triangle

・┇Skin Color: A mix between Ivory and Sienna
・┇Eye Color: brown
・┇Hair Style: Jim's hair is usually very neat and slicked back! not long at all.
・┇Hair Color: Dark grey w/ a white stress stripe in the front
・┇Abnormalities: n/a

・┇Date of Birth: December 14, 1977
・┇Place of Birth: Osaka, Japan
・┇Nationality: American & Japanese
・┇Ethnicity: Japanese

・┇Sexual Orientation: closeted Bisexual
・┇Religious Beliefs: atheist

General Appearance


・┇Jim seems to be the classic sickly old man .. he has the classic face and forehead wrinkles along with a grumpy or even emotionless expression!
・┇he's 5'8" and very well kept!


・┇Clothes wise hes always seen in fancy clothes .. or.. well, at least will always be in suit pants, dress shoes and a trenchcoat

Usually, he'll wear a lightly coloured trench coat, black suit pants and dress shoes

n/a / not seen yet



n/a / not seen yet


・┇His personality is hard to read, overall he seems like a very cold, distant man. unless when hes with his daughter ,, then he forces a smile on his face! or.. is it genuine?
・┇Jim truly isnt the type to raise his voice, hes the type to kill someone with words regaurdless though, no better way to piss someone off by not giving them the reaction they want!
・┇as of right now .. thats really all there is to say besides he isnt a man of many words. hes quite .. secretive.

Character Voice:

[ Ok this im not 100% sure on but.. Ill put a few links in order of best to least of what i think suits him. ]
・┇1. Kyosuke Mukata - DR: futurearc Japanese VA

・┇ill add more later!!


In order from what he knows the best to least
・┇Chinese (App accepted!)
・┇Spanish (App accepted!)
・┇Japanese (srp default lingo i think)


・┇a notepad, a plethora of pens, camera, hand heald recorder, Reporter ID, glasses .. and perhaps even a little hat that makes him look like an old noir character.


・┇His hobbies are currently unknown


・┇though he doesn't live there, he bought an smaller apartment recently for his daughter to live there .. simply just has it in his daughters name incase anything happens


・┇Reporter for karakura news

Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities:

[ Before going into this ive done plenty of research of all topics and even suffer myself from some of the topics mentioned below ]

・┇ PTSD:

at the moment, not much is known about this condition of his, or to why he has it..


Not much is known about his connection with alcohol, most done blame him for using however after hearing about his mess of a divorce


Not much is known about his connection with alcohol, most done blame him for using however after hearing about his mess of a divorce



・┇Likely, the only people Jim will show his true self too. He absolutely adores them .. but wont ever admit that in public

ROLEPLAY FAMILY | Met Through Roleplay

・┇[ALIVE] N/A | N/A



LORE FAMILY | Backstory and souly Jim's Past oriented

・┇[ALIVE] ALYSSA TIFFANY YASUSHU | Biological Daughter
" pride and joy"
Jim loves his daughter to death, and regrets not being able to show it too much .. He recently went through a divorce with her mother, and won full custody of Alyssa as well.

・┇[DEAD] ??? YASUSHI | Mother
"My beloved mother .. she worked far too hard"
The woman who raised him..

・┇[DEAD] ??? YASUSHI | Father
"Thank you for the opportunity .. "
The family formers breadwinner, and the man who made it possible for the family to immigrate to America when Jim was young .. he holds some small resentment for his father, as he let Jim choose the well.. name "jim" when entering the counter. America used to be VERY anti .. anything non western name wise. So he was given the chance to get a new name .. and Jim was his choice. he hates it and regrets it.



・┇Jim of course cares about his friends, even if he doesnt show it too often. If anything, he sees his friends and close allies.. those he can trust


ROLEPLAY FRIENDS | Met Through Roleplay

I probably will only add those i talk to regularly BUT IF I FORGOT U OR U WANNA BE ADDED TELL ME'

・┇[ALIVE] KEIKI E. ZAALATE | Friend . . ?

"thank you for the interview"
Not much is known about them, besides the fact he had interviewed Keiki for something before.


・┇[ALIVE] KAYA MINAKO | Friend . . ?

"thank you for the interview"
Not much is known about them, besides the fact he had interviewed her for something before.. hes often seen in her business building talking to her


・┇[ALIVE] VIOLET TEA | Close Friend

"You're a good one, Tea"
Likely the one friend he's seen most with .. oddly enough, she always seems to be there if he needs an alibi or excuse ,, odd


・┇[ALIVE] 'KAZ' DELUCA | Friend

"...You're one of the few I agree with"
His boss who's young enough to be his own kid. They manage to get along well.


・┇[ALIVE] A. STURM | . . ?

". . . "
They respect one another.


・┇[ALIVE] BELLAMY K. | Close Friend

"Such a bright young woman .. too bad she married a wasteful man. Bad influence he is"
Jim is closer with her then others .. which is odd as shes a govenor. He walked her down the aisle for her wedding


・┇[ALIVE] 'JUDGE' KAGE | Close Friend

"Troublesome, he has the mind of a college student .. but is smart. I dont mind him too much"
Jim tends to mess with him a lot, in return he gets messes with. Perhaps theyre a bit playful .. bicker a lot.


・┇[ALIVE] Eli Zennix | Close Friend

Jim doesnt speak about his friendship with him, most assume hes using him for informationor amusement. Usually when he does mention him, its out of annoyance or to make fun of him.


・┇[ALIVE] Calico O'Sullivan | work Friend

"The cat"
Jim typically, seems annoyed at her .. claims he babysits her a lot

LORE FRIENDS | Backstory and souly Jim's Past oriented


"My former commissioner .. a pleasure it was to work beside you, Black"
He was Allen's chief of police, and Allen was his commissioner or higher up usually. He transferred to working as a correctional officer after Allen retired.

pronounced (evan), Ivan was a cadet working with Jim at their small department. A shame he left so soon.
・┇[ALIVE] K. H. SADA! | Friend
"You were a pleasure to work with, thank you for helping us out"
A mechanic who used to help fix up his old departments truck, cars .. boats .. ATVS.. anything they needed, he could do.


ROLEPLAY LOVERS| Met Through Roleplay

・┇[ALIVE] N/A | N/A


LORE LOVERS | Backstory and souly Jim's Past oriented

"..a cruel woman, that is all I must say. stay away from my daughter."
There marriage was nothing but an utter mess towards the end, nothing but miserable.



[This all only applies to adults ofc.]

┇ He has to have known em for a long time, enough to call him a dear friend or someone he can go out drinking with and feel comfortable enough to get drunk or Vulnerable around n know they got his back. It'll sorta be a process of him learning to trust again, but eventually he goes "wait ️" and realizes he got a lil crush, due to the fact he finally learned to trust and got so close with said someone


"CLIENTS" & INTERVIEWEES | Everyone Jim has interviewed, or has worked with

[only those he has the # of icly]

・┇[ALIVE] TEDDY A.| Client
"Good kid .. even better at getting information"
Helped the kid get a murder confession out of someone, now works with them to get



". . ."
Interviewed her for Minako Property LTD and housing issue article . . now often bumps into her


・┇[ALIVE] MAYA MCMAHON | Interviewee

". . . had a lot more then expected to say."
. . .


・┇[ALIVE] 'THEODORE' | Interviewee

". . ."
Was interviewed yes by jim .. but Jim seemed to be interviewed more.


・┇[ALIVE] KEIKI ZAALATE | Interviewee

". . ."
Interviewed her nearly three times now, he doesnt mind her.



This section was requested n' I thought id add it! ALL OF THIS was stuff revealed IC or Idm people knowing ooc. Ill update it as stuff is shown in rp!! This will talk about Jims time as a Game Warden (wildlife protection officer) in his early 20s and his time as a correctional officer

・┇Jim was a Game warden, often referred to as wildlife officers, conservation officers, or fish and game wardens, are members of state and federal wildlife conservation teams, serving as commissioned law enforcement officers who enforce the laws in place to protect wildlife and natural resources on state, federal and even privately owned land. They have all rights of a normal US state trooper and still have the ability to make normal arrests or assist other officers on cases. Their jobs are often more dangerous then other officers as 75% of the people they encounter have a weapon on them. S
・┇His overall title, by the time he retired was the chief of police!
・┇Jim retired after his much newly commissioner, and beloved coworker Allen was shot and retired. Many other retired along with him.
・┇After retiring as a Game warden, Jim became a correctional officer in New York.
・┇Jim fully left law enforcement as his divorce began, so 3 years ago .. age 41.


this is just me info dumping idk

┇Jim is technically is legal first name, however is original name was Kaede watanaba Yasushi! However upon moving to the USA as a very young kid, he was told he could be a "western" name to go by, so little lil' guy chose Jim based off a cartoon he used to watch! he hates the name.
┇his colorcode is a dull, desaturated pink while his daughters is a bright pink!
┇He has a white hair strip from stress ..
┇His divorce happened over the course of three years, he ended up winning all claims and full custody of his daughter!
┇Jim's aesthetic is like a black n white noir movie guy .. while his daughter, Alyssa, does Gyaru fashion!

┇He indeed, has a small criminal record. nothing major though, the biggest was a misdemeanor


I'd like to quickly say before getting into the application is sorry for any Grammer issues or run-on sentences in the backstory part at least or maybe other sections, Ive lost my glasses and havent been able to find them so i may have not been able to see any missing periods or grammer ^^;


-1983, Jim immigrated to America with his father and mother at age 5. There he was able to choose a "western" name to go by, and he chose Jim .. based off a cartoon he loved.
-1995, Jim was revealed as a bit of a trouble maker as a teenager. He also was charged with owning an unregistered vehicle.
-1999, Jim began drinking and got charged with harassment after slapping someone at a bar due to them bad mouthing someone .. in NYS there isnt a battery charge, simply harassment.
-1999, Jim started college in the fall.
-2001, Jim began working in Maine as a game warden, he worked the night shifts.
-2003, he managed to get a bachelors degree during the day time.
-2003, Jim continued college at this time to go for a JD.
-2004, Alyssa Tiffany Yasushi was born.
-2011, Jim retired the chief of police from his department, despite being praised for ranking up so quickly .. yet again it was a small department. He retired after the commissioner retired.
-2012, Jim moved back to NYS with his wife and child to work at Rikers island as a correctional officer. He also got his JD.
-2017, Jim retired from the police force. he also started the divorce process with his wife.
-2021, Alyssa was sent to Karakura to live with Jim's close friend Allen, til the divorce was settled.
-2022, Jim won on all claims and got full custody of Alyssa.. now living in Japan.


Just all the doodles n Art ive made of him! (Not all of em are on here yet. . . )

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