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KARAKURA NEWS | WHIZFEED: The Latest Onrain Update!


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Have you seen the latest update that has come to Onrain? Let's check it out!

Onrain home page, WhizFeed, 2024

Eighteen days ago, Onrain greeted us with a new post talking about how they just did their ‘biggest design update ever!’. As such, they talk about the new dark mode option! But there's more to the update than just a darker screen ..

Onrain Official Post, 2024

The new ‘Dark Mode’ is far more put-together and concise than the old one. It also tends towards a black or dark gray tone, unlike the former dark mode, which was more of a lighter gray to some users. Its been noted that Lead Reporter Kazuo DeLuca does not condone using any other version of Onrain other then the Dark Mode.

Onrain Homescreen, 2024

What else has changed besides the dark mode? Well, the Onrain Logo got a bit of a re-color, as shown below! The logo itself and icons were all updated to be lighter than the previous theme. In addition, the verified tag, like button, and hashtags were also changed to match!

Onrain screen, 2024

The update also successfully fixed the password reset! If you didn’t know, for MONTHS, Onrain users were unable to change their passwords or log into their accounts .. but why? Well! Onrain simply wasn’t sending the code to users’ phones so they could reset it! But with the new update, users were sent a text message from Onrain alerting them that the feature is back in session, and now resetting passwords is a possibility again! To reset, you simply hit ‘forgot password’ on the login screen.

Onrain Login, 2024

The mobile version of Onrain also received a small update. You can finally search for posts and users there!

Onrain Login, 2024

We decided to get some public feedback regarding the recent update, so we reached out to some more known users, such as @GyaruGirl Alyssa Yasushi, and another user feedback! However, upon us reaching out .. one of them decided to randomly delete their account .. So, we only have Yasushi’s input! Yasushi stated she thinks the update is ‘great!’ however is waiting for a new feature to be added. That feature being to be able to @ and reply to people in the comments of posts!

Onrain Screenshot, 2024

Currently, when you reply to someone in comments, you’re not actually replying, or @’ing them. As shown below, users adapted to simply refreshing the page and typing out someone's @ before speaking so they know who it's addressed to. Yasushi earlier was referring to this and was wishing that she and others could one day properly reply to one another and be notified if someone were to reply to them.

Onrain Comments, 2024

Lastly, we now ask, are YOU happy with the Onrain Update? And what features would you like to see on Onrain in the future? COMMENT DOWN BELOW!

Onrain heading, 2024

Do you have something you'd like to report or be reported on? Call the Reporter Hotline at (020) 980-4487, and leave a message at the news station in our anonymous reporting box, or message us on Onrain @KaNews.

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W report ! Im so proud of how it came out, spent awhile picking out a good color palette and I'm seriously happy everyone likes it!

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