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KJToast's College Professor App

Discussion in 'Professor Applications' started by kjtrollman, Apr 21, 2020.

  1. kjtrollman

    kjtrollman United States Level 4

    Mar 18, 2018
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    Basic Information

    What is your Minecraft username?: KJToast

    How old are you?: 15

    Do you have any previous bans?: Sapphire Farming, Lying to staff, EvadingRP, Advertising, Glitching Exploitation, ERP.

    What Country are you from?: U.S.A.

    Do you have Discord (if so, what is your discord username?): Snorlax#2578

    Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?: Yes, I understand that I can get demoted for inactivity.

    Describe your activity on the server & on the forums?: I am on the forums about 3 times a week and the server daily for hours.

    Link(s) to any previous applications on the server?:


    What is your motivation for becoming a Professor?: I want to take a dive into the teaching side of SchoolRP and see how fun it is because recently I’ve become very interested in trying it out and see how fun it can really end up being. I’m hoping it can spark a new style of roleplay for me as a whole other than just constant crime roleplaying and such.

    Do you have any experience in Roleplaying?: Yes, I have a wealth of role playing experience.

    What are the classroom logs and why is it important?: These classroom logs represent a set of information supplied during each class, with the main focus of refining on the activity that took place in class. The value of the logs come from the need of making sure every teacher is present, making sure they are taking part in their duty, and to reduce the vast amounts of confusion that can appear from such a big list of school employees.

    As a Professor, what are the strict rules when being in a class?:

    1. No talking in class unless teacher approval

    2. Raise your hand politely if you have something to say that relates to the lesson or have a question to ask

    3. Using phones or other devices to get distracted in class is strictly prohibited and can result in getting your phone taken till the end of class.

    4. Distracting other students from the lesson or doing their work can result in being kicked out of the class or detention.

    5. Everyone must show respect to The teacher and their peers.

    6. Do not eat or drink in class. It can be disturbing to the rest of the students and may get the other students to think they can eat or drink in class.

    7. No foul language in the classroom can result in detention.

    Summarize your previous RP experience's (both in general and on SchoolRP): I have a vast amount of experience in roleplaying, most of it being on School Roleplay, but some of it coming from a server whose identity I will not disclose. Although School Roleplay and the other server have taught me a lot I feel like there is still more for me to learn.

    College-Professor Knowledge

    Please show your knowledge of College-Professors. What are the tasks a College-Professor has to complete? What is a College-Professor's salary? College professors are there to provide higher education, they help their students to grow intellectually, and prepare for the workforce. While in SRP, college professors are there to also provide higher education to their students but must also do a total of 10 classes an OOCLY month. In SRP, college professors make 275k for completing 10 classes then make another 50k for 5 more classes they do, while OOCLY same college professors make 61-200k per year.

    Character Knowledge

    Tell us everything you know about the character you will be playing in a few paragraphs. How does he/she look like? What makes him/her unique and different? What is his/her outlook on Students? What about the other teachers? What is his/her personality like? What is his/her plan for the future? Dimitry Nimakoge Himmelvakt - A male standing at 6’11 with a tall and muscular build. | He has a left prosthetic arm. | He has a stern look most of the time with a deeper toned accent of the Russian type. He is a very friendly yet ambitious person and is willing to do whatever it takes to do the task at hand. He sees his students as his very own children he must help nurture, his co-works are like his siblings he works beside and takes care of each other. He is a very nice but serious person during his work time and out of his work time he loves to have fun and is nice to anyone he is around. His plans for the future is to gain enough money to buy an estate or something big for his family and relatives to relax, enjoy and to take care of his wife, family, and friends.


    You find a group of sport-team members screaming and shouting in the halls, What do you do? I’d walk up to them and ask them to stop or calm down politely, but if they continue I’ll warn them; if that doesn’t work then I’ll report them and give them detention.

    A College-Student is disturbing the class and won’t listen to a word you’re saying, What do you do? I would walk up to their desk and ask them to listen and stop disrupting the class; but if they continue then I would give them detention and ask them to respectfully leave the class. There is no reason for everyone else’s learning to be ruined because of one person.

    Provide at least 5 detailed /me's of your character inside a classroom:

    /me He'd point at <student's name>

    /me He'd hands out textbooks to students

    /me He'd write on the whiteboard <what was written>

    /me He’d clear his throat to gain the classes attention

    /me He'd be grading papers


    When Dimitry was at the age of 18, he'd finally decided what he wanted to do with his life, which was to become a college Professor. He has decided this because when he was younger around the age of 15, he got into all sorts of trouble and everyone gave up on him except one person which was his teacher and Dimitry looked up to that teacher. The teacher's name was Mrs. Popovich, She always used to write these encouraging notes to Dimitry to help him do better and become better. Dimitry used to follow her everywhere and she'd tutor him in every subject till he got better at it. He'd always so often house-sit for her. One day She surprised Dimitry by adopting him since Dimitry was an orphan from the age of 10. After a couple of years later, Mrs. Popovich died from an unknown disease which left Dimitry heartbroken. A few months after Mrs. Popovich's death Dimitry finally knew what he wanted to do. In honor of his Adoptive mother and role model, he would become a teacher that gives all his students hope and knowledge. Dimitry would later pass college with flying colors becoming valedictorian. He'd become a college professor to not just give knowledge, but also hope to his students.

    In-Character Information

    (Pretend your character is filling this out, not you)

    SECTION 1: Personal Details

    Full Name: Dimitry Nimakoge Himmelvakt Popovich

    Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss): Mr.

    Given Name(s): Mr. Popovich, Dimitry Popovich, Anshi

    Preferred Name: Mr. Popovich

    Age: 29

    Gender: Male

    Religious Denomination: Christian

    Marital Status: Married

    Nationality: Russian

    Current Location: Japan, Karakura

    SECTION 2: Academic Details

    Teaching Experience (# of years): 0

    Working Experience (# of years): 1 1/2

    Academic Degree: Masters Degree

    Year of Graduation: 2007

    Major(s): Human Anatomy

    Minors: Anthropology

    Native Languages: French

    Other Languages: Japanese, Korean

    Do you have a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA Certificate?: None

    Preferred Teaching Subject: Physical Education

    Extra N/A

    Additional notes about your application (if any): N/A

    Do you have any questions?: N/A
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  2. WiffyBanter

    WiffyBanter United Kingdom Level 209 Senior Administrator

    Jan 24, 2017
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    10:07 PM

    Due to your recent bans and such I don't believe you really fit the position of a Professor. I haven't seen you do much recently but I suggest making yourself out to be a very good student can be a good start.

    Any further questions feel free to DM me [Banter#0001]