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KUERT SITE POI-007 (Ghostbusting facility)


Level 69



  • Entrance: (0/5) / Exit: (0/5)​
  • Entities: (0/5)
  • Enviormental threats: (0/5)

General description
Description: The ghostbusting facility consists of a few rooms. The facility is certainly small and located within the sewers, especifically close to the bathroom and library section. The materials used in this place are quite modern: white concrete and buzzing fluorescent lights are the main material scheme.

The installation has stood the passage of time wihout many issues. There is no structural stability problems and the electricity works correctly.

Zones and structure.
There are three main zones.

The lobby
Entering the lobby from the door. One will find a modern looking room. There are some seats and a table, a few cabinets for documents, shelves, empty alchol bottles, various graffitis and some dry blood on the floor. Over-all the room looks very clean for sewer standards.

There are two rooms, each can be accessed throught the correspondent glass doors, each located at the right and left.

The interrogation room
At the lobby the right door leads to the interrogation room, which follows the main material scheme.

This particular zone has some peculiarities. The main one is the interrogation cell a small room separated by a broken glass from the outside. In the outside, front to the glass, there is a chair for who would interview the restrained person and a blackboard. In the interviewing cell, a seat, an old radio and a coat hook will be found. It is also good to mention that there are blood stains inside the interviewing cell.

The storage room
At the lobby the left door will lead to the storage room.

The storage room follows the main material shceme.

The room is full of crates, shelves and other storage furniture. There are some cameras, and what appears to be ghost hunting equipment.

The cameras footage is corrupted, don't lose your time checking it out, it is just white noise.

Entrances and exits
There is only an entrance/exit.
  • Entrance/Exit (1): Going through the main door of the lobby will lead you to the classical sewer hall. This hall conects the POI with other curious places like the bathroom and weird library. It is noticeable that in the sewer hall, the door that leads to the inside has a broken number pad.

There are not many entities in this place.

Non-human entities
It is weird to find animals in the ghostbusting facility. This is by itself weird and strange, given that this is the sewers.

Human entities
Encountering humans is a weird ocurrence down here. Get a load of whom you may find here.
  • KUERT members: You can ask us for help to exit sewers or ask us for food etc.
  • Explorers: they are not harmful, you may ask them for food or help if you want so.
  • Criminals: Self explanatory. Avoid.

Environmental threats
This is probably the most safe place in terms of enviormental threats. It is a good spot to eat some snacks and hang out.

  • "If I was given a yen per time I have found dried blood in a POI I would still not have money to pay a house rent"- Daniel Minaya
  • We have taken away the alcohol out of the bottles ourselves because we know you people would descend here just for a sip. Face it you are an alcohol whore.
  • The graffiti at the lobby says "Sci-borg on top" therefore sci borg is probably the name of the group that built this place.
  • The ghostbusting facility gets it's name from the ghost and paranormal devices found on the shelves and crates of the storage room. This means we could have well chosen to name it cool epic hatsune miku complex.
  • There is a hatsune miku graffiti at the lobby. True art.
  • Trans rights are human rights.
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Level 69
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