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Definition of a POI.

The POI are places of interest. Those places present peculiarities that make us collect information from said place.The POI are catalogued with numbers and particular names. The format reads like this POI-XXX (particular name). Many of these POI could be dangerous thats the reason the POIs have difficulty levels that measure the hazards hidden in the location.

POI - 001

Abandoned gang base
Astrange complex near the beach which could have been the base of an old gang.​

POI - 002

The catacombs jail

POI - 003

Masamaru station
The abandoned metro station.

POI - 004

Lost complex
An unnerving, underground complex whose purpose is unkown.

POI - 006

The sewer managing rooms
An abandoned underground facilty.

POI - 008

The Itsboyoshi remnants
Rests of a past structure of the ancient families which ruled Karakura in medieval times.

POI - 009

Bonten's turf
The turf of the long gone gang, Bonten.

POI - 010

Control room
A forgotten lab in the dephts of the sewers.

POI - 011

Lost temple
The great temple found in the highest of the mountains.

POI - 012

Shooting range
An abandoned shooting range.

POI - 013

Gray rooms
A series of rooms, they are gray, that is all.

POI - 014

The ancient labyrinth lies beneath our feet.

POI - 015

Takagi Cabin
A lone cabin found in the top of a mountain.

POI - 016

Charming spot
A generic hiding spot for gangs.

POI - 017

Generator room
A few rooms, neatly decorated with some furniture.

POI - 018

The mines
The mines of Karakura.

POI - 019

Forest shack
A small shack found in the Ochiba forest.

POI - 020

The biggest criminal hotspot of all Karakura.

POI - 021

Construction site
A construction site, found in the urban area of Karakura.


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