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LORE TEAM APP | Totalore

Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by Totalore, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. Totalore

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    Aug 20, 2016
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    IGN: Totalore

    What are your discord name and tag (name#0000)?: Mils#0004

    What is your timezone/What country are you from?: I’m from the United States, Central Time Zone.

    Do you have a microphone and are able to speak VIA discord?: I do, I do. Though, I do have a mic attached to my headset- the one I use for speaking- so it may get a little loud if my mic is close to my mouth, I tend to push it out so it isn’t.

    Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you can be removed from the team at any given time?: Yes, I do. Activity is a requirement for most to all jobs on SRP, IC ones, and OOC ones.

    What makes you different from other applicants?: I’m no different than an average player on SchoolRP, meaning I’m not much different than other applicants. I won’t go and lie to you about how I’m “brewing with potential” or “I’m super mega great at writing.” That’d be just dumb, right? I’m an average person wanting to join a team of writers, it’d improve my writing and- possibly- vocabulary.

    Do you have any previous experience writing any lore?: Not much, honestly. I do write random lore for random things, most I don’t actually post on the forums or anywhere online. It’s just something I do to entertain myself or give myself a job to do for the day.


    Writing prompt #1

    (Write a 200+ word essay on an average day for your character in Karakura.)

    We’ll start this on a Monday because who doesn’t hate Mondays? Weldim wakes up, around 3:00 in the morning, though instead of hopping out of bed she has to scoot out of it. There are a few things she needs to do before actually getting ready for work, she rarely goes to college due to her job, such as glass eye cleaning, prosthetic leg maintenance check, cane cleaning, brushing her teeth, normal people things. Now, take this into note that Weldim never sleeps at her own house. Her house is a crowded, filthy, unorganized, all things a person wouldn’t like in their house. You can guess by yourself why she doesn’t like being in that house.

    Weldim has no car or any form of transportation, so she takes the bus to work. Well, to be more precise, she gets on a bus to go to a subway to ride to work. Very long process, hence the reason she wakes up incredibly early to get to work on time. Work is a drag- exhausting. Being put in charge of a company, even at her age, she is faced with countless issues in her work. “Advancing technology further, evermore,” the company motto. If you haven’t guessed, she works at a company named REMTech. REMTech was originally, and more commonly, called “MoonTech.” Weldim walks into the office’s endless hole of staircases, going underground for her more technological work. It seems to be an average day every day for her, maintaining order among her co-workers, machines, and stockpiles of code in the database. Her job, though being the co-owner of the company, is to rewrite code most days. The employees are limited down there, the technology division usually being maintained by the company’s administration, so a few days of non-existent sleep is the norm in that building.

    Now, for the story’s sake, we won’t go into so much detail that it’d take you three days to read the entire thing (even though that’d be really cool.) Weldim got off easy today, having done all her work the day before, so she got back to Karakura with her common intense hatred of the day’s work. You’d expect a girl to go out more, right? Get some friends, maybe even a boyfriend? Wrong, absolutely wrong. Weldim comes home and crashes onto the couch as if the couch is her domain and no one else’s. She can’t sleep, as usual, due to drinking energy drinks at work (coffee is for losers.) So, having a lazy personality, Weldim doesn’t get up. She lays on the couch for hours on end, waiting for the effects of the energy drink to wither down into nothingness.

    Now, to finish this essay, Weldim commonly swings up her phone to see what goes on in Kyousuke’s chat rooms (though it will most likely be the usual chaos that brews from the site.)

    Writing prompt #2

    (Write a 300+ word essay on your character. Tell us about his/her history? What leads them to be the way they are?)

    Weldim Linque, born October 19th of 1999, led quite the normal life- normal enough for her, at least. Work didn’t shape her to the way she was in the present, life did. Her lazy personality was most likely taken from her parents. Her parents were relatively lazy, too irresponsible to pay attention to their own child. There were huge consequences to this, of course. Weldim’s parents paid little to no attention to their child, not caring if she had gone somewhere else or not. This grew a saddened, uninterested personality for Weldim throughout her childhood.

    Weldim had a rather unfortunate time for her 10th birthday. As a present from God, she was kidnapped by a man near her home in Birmingham, England. Though being old enough to remember most things, Weldim had no recollection of what happened during the time she was with the kidnapper. The man ransomed her for around 1,000,000 pounds, a price tag labeled on her throughout her days in her capture. Typically, her parents never paid the ransom, either due to the lack of money or the lack of care they had for their child. The man was furious, not receiving his money from her parents. As a reward for their ignorance, the kidnapper had killed both parents. Both parents had already been stripped from Weldim’s life beforehand, though this time it was for real.

    Parents weren’t the only thing the man had taken from Weldim- her leg and eye were taken away as well. The police questioned whether the man grew tired of this whole fiasco, seeing as Weldim was found on a bench near her school, her leg and eye having already been taken from her. No suspects were made at the time and still haven’t been made to this day. Weldim was put into foster care, now being an orphan, for the remainder of her time in England.

    October 10th of 2016, Weldim’s birthday, was the day she began her study of engineering abroad. Now, take note that she was originally in Takashima until the unfortunate disaster occurred. She did not waver because of the disaster, instead, she quickly went into another foreign exchange program with the high school of Karakura. During her time in Karakura, she began to work at a company, the company was called “MoonTech'' at the time. We’ll get into that later on, though.

    Weldim’s studies were going great, she had learned a lot during her time in Japan. Around her eighteenth birthday, she had decided to live in Karakura, officially. She already picked her college, Karakura Academy, for when she graduated. For the first time, Weldim had thought to herself about what she wanted to do for her near future. Good friends, possible boyfriend, and a good future- what else could she want?

    Weldim’s job had been to maintain machines for MoonTech during her sophomore year in high school. It was a simple job, at first. Very rarely did she have to stay overnight, mostly due to machine malfunctions or a screw loose in something. Now, Weldim has been dedicated to this job for a while. Her effort showed enough for a present to be brought to her for her eighteenth birthday, a priceless gift from her boss: promotion to be an administrator. Administrators were the high ranking employees, in charge of almost everything in the company.
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    Welcome to the team! We are looking forward to working with you, as well as being here to help you improve on both your knowledge of Karakura, and writing itself. I personally would like to say I really enjoyed reading your application because it held a lot of personality, and when discussing your application with the team, we saw very few flaws.