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Police Application Pt. 3

Discussion in 'Reviewed Applications' started by Rayojin, Nov 15, 2020.

  1. Rayojin

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    Out-Of-Character (OOC) Section

    IGN (In-Game Name):


    Previous bans:


    Describe your activity on the server:

    I am active every day on the server (4-5 hours a day). But it might differ due to some OOC reasons.

    Which timezone are you in?


    Do you have Discord?

    Yes, I do and it’s, VANIR#0666.

    Do you have a microphone [Obligatory]:

    Yes I do have a microphone

    List your current and past applications:

    -College Application [Accepted]

    -Police Application 1 [Accepted]

    -Police Application 2 [Denied]

    -Czech Language Application [Accepted]

    -Albanian Language Application [Accepted]

    -Russian Language Application [Accepted]

    -College Role Request [Accepted]

    What is your motivation for applying?:
    The Karakura Police Department has been the most interesting role for me and I've been always closely inspecting it and working hard to understand the in's and out's of it. I believe that I'm now finally ready to retake this position again after a short cadet spell that I've very much enjoyed and I also believe that my time in the KPD is not over yet and I have a lot more to produce and give to the KPD. I hope that this time I'll be able to serve my time to the fullest and be as responsible as possible and as much as I'm needed to be.

    Do you understand Japanese Laws and Basic Conduct?
    Yes I do.

    What are the Police ranks?

    Police Division:





    Head Lieutenant











    Detective Division:

    Detective Superintendent


    Detective Chief Inspector


    Detective Sergeant


    Detective Constable

    What knowledge do you have of Police Work?
    The different work of the department depends on which role I possess in the current time. Seeing as the Cadet position is the first I'm handed upon joining, as a cadet I will be doing my front desk duties such as taking bails and reports, responding to calls, and other duties such as watching the CCTV monitors and helping out fellow higher-ups on their missions. Once promoted to a patrol officer, I'd be in charge of patrolling around the city, alone or with cadets, making sure the environment of Karakura is safe for our beloved citizens and that no rules are being broken or crimes are committed. Once promoted to a Corporal, I get to be either an Informational or Physical Trainer. Both jobs hold great responsibility as they're the ones preparing the next generation of Police Officers for the future of their KPD journey.

    Why is Police important to SchoolRP?
    The Police Department plays a vital role in all the other jobs within the city. They ensure public safety throughout the city of Karakura. They also enforce laws, help with emergencies, solve crimes and protect property. Judging by the rising activity of gangs in Karakura, the Police are the only ones to protect and ensure safety in the city. This is done by either arresting different gangsters or eliminating whole gangs. In addition, raiding weapon-packed apartments is also a necessity to ensure these weapons are not used to any harmful intentions or re-used by other gangsters still on the loose. Other dangerous and gang-packed areas in the city such as the canal or the forest should always be monitored for any suspicious gang activities. With all these duties done, the city is always safe and sound.

    Do you acknowledge that you're subject to being demoted if accepted at any given time?
    Yes I acknowledge that.

    Do you acknowledge that applying for this role, you are agreeing to be 100% dedicated to the Police Officer role?
    Yes, I agree 100 percent.

    Do you acknowledge that if training is held whilst you are online, you are authorized to attend or you will be punished [Demoted]?
    Yes, I totally understand the punishment.

    Do you acknowledge that you’re subject to IC harassment, and you are NOT to take things OOCly when dealing with training & situations?
    Yes, I do, as taking things OOCly is against the rules.


    In-Character (IC) Section


    Tell us about your character, how he looks, what makes him unique?
    Adrian would be a male standing at a height of 6'1, weighing at 152 lbs. His hair brown hair would complement his skin tone alongside his eyes. His attire would be rather simple, yet fitting well with his athletic body build. As he speaks you would hear him talk in a calming yet professional and serious tone.

    What he's like on and off the job?
    Off his duty, he'd more likely be friendly and also be respectful to his friends. He'll probably continue exploring places around the city and gain a better knowledge of them, and perhaps relax and spend time with his family. And when he's on his duty, he'd act with extreme professionalism and would show seriousness in all situations, he'd also make sure to dedicate his life to the citizens of Karakura for their safety and security.

    Outlook on his co-workers? Plans for the future?
    Adrain would be respectful and friendly towards his co-workers, as he'll try and form a strong bond with them and become friends with them. Adrian's plan for the future is to retire as a memorable and great police officer and live a peaceful life as a retiree.

    Adrian Popovich was born in the city of St. Petersburg, Russia on June 22nd, 1990. He grew up with his father and mother in a small town within the city where he went to a public primary school and received his basic education. His father worked as a Russian Officer of the Army and his mother was an unemployed housewife. Adrian's life was pretty normal and simple. He went to school everyday and made a lot of friends throughout his primary school years. He later graduated to middle school where he moved schools to a new school in a new part of St. Petersburg. When Adrian was 13, his mother caught his father cheating on her with another woman. In an angry reaction, his mom rushed to the kitchen grabbing the closest knife she could find and with a powerful strike, she hit the woman in the abdomen and sliding the knife across it letting her bleed an insane amount of blood. The father was shocked by her gruesome reaction and decided to grab the knife himself and kill his own wife. This all happened while out at his friend's house. He came back to a scene his eyes will never forget. Walls covered in blood and his dead mother on the ground. Adrian cried and cried and quickly ran away from home where he went to the nearest phone in the streets and called the police. The police arrived to the murder scene and investigated it and later found Adrian's father and arrested him for the murder of his wife, and stripped him from his position in the army. Adrian was later put up for adoption in a Russian orphan house in his town. 2 years later as an orphan, Adrian met a man by the name of Mikhail Popovich, accompanied by a boy that seemed a year or two older than him called Henrik Popovich. They had just moved to town and were looking to adopt some children. After a good look around, they decided to adopt Adrian and so became Adrian Popovich.

    After that, a year later, Adrian and Mikhail along with Henrik and a big other family by the name of the Popovich-Kuznetsov family all travelled to Karakura, Japan where they were set to become one of the richest and biggest family the city has ever seen. Mikhail helped Adrian and Henrik get into Highschool and later, Henrik graduated to College and Adrian is now in his final year of Highschool. Adrian became extremely interested in the Karakura Police Department in his time in the city and has been reading and studying Law and Criminology as a side hobby and has become very familiar with all the Japanese Laws and a good Criminology student in addition. He now strives to become a great police officer at the Department.

    SECTION 1: Personal Details

    Full Name:

    Adrian Mikhail V. Popovich.

    Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss):


    Given Name(s):


    Preferred Name:



    27 years old.



    IC Phone number:


    Religious Denomination:


    Marital Status:




    Current Location:

    Karakura, Japan.

    SECTION 2: Academic Details

    Years of training:

    4 years of training.

    Working Experience:

    3 years of training experience.

    Academic Degree:

    Bachelor's Degree.

    Year of Graduation:



    Criminal Justice & Law studies.



    Native Languages:

    English & Japanese.

    Other Languages:


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    We’ve decided to deny your application today. Nonetheless you applying is very much appreciated​
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