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RebelZane's Lore Team Application

Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by SnowTokyo, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. SnowTokyo

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    Aug 21, 2019
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    RebelZane's L.T Application

    RebelZane is my main and RebelZane_ is my alt

    What is your discord name and tag (name#0000)?:
    BTS#7448 DM me anytime if you wish to speak with me.

    What is your timezone/What country are you from?:
    EST (Eastern Standard Time) I am from South East America (USA)

    Do you have a microphone and are able to speak VIA discord?:

    Yes, I can speak VIA discord and do have a mic, if its for a job my parents will be ok with it. I am also usually free if I am not free on a given date or time I will inform everyone in the team that I will be not be able to make it. I will also be getting a new computer soon in my room, so I will be able to talk to the team more.

    Do you recognize you could be removed from community team?
    Yes, I will stay as active as possible and be there to help the others with anything they need me to do. I will also do my best to be a good lore team member/community team member, I have been very good at keeping jobs I feel like I can do this.

    List a few things that may obstruct your progress/development on the Lore Team.
    Well, there wouldn't be much blocking me from doing so as I am pretty flexible with pretty much everything and I was taught growing up you can do whatever you put your mind to, so if I do put my mind to something on the team, I would figure out a way to do so to make people happy with the results of something done by the Lord Team. So I believe if something seems hard, just try your best until you succeed is what I was taught from when I was about 4 years old and I have never forgotten it and my parents still tell me today even when I am 17 years old.

    I might be a bit busy with school and things like that, but I will be on as much as I can to help out and be there for everyone. I promise I will be on whenever I am free and can help out.

    What makes you different from other applicants?:
    I am a very friendly person, I have been on the server for 4 years now and I have seen it grow up so much I have seen it go from the dark days a year after it first opened in 2016. I am also very proud of each and everyone that made this server. I really do appreciate making the server and being there for almost the whole way, thank you Duckings for doing what you did and continue to make the server even better than it was before. My app is not as good as others, but my confidence is good. I have been through a lot which makes me very tough, I have been through anything a person with mental issues can go through, trust me this being denied isn't the worst.

    I will learn as I go on in writing, I haven't written much stories or anything like that but I will learn to do so, as well as I am a very good reader I am interested in things like Ghost folklore, legends of things and History. I have never written anything on this topic but I am sure I can do so.

    What makes you passionate about writing?:
    I never really liked writing that much until I actually started writing and typing and taking notes I then discovered I really do like it, though I might not be good at grammar but I feel I can do the most even if I try very hard at doing so, I do also pass all my classes in English so I feel this shouldn't be an actual problem for me.

    Do you have any previous experience with writing lore or creative writing as a general aspect?:
    Not really, but I can learn how to do so. I am a very fast learner as well as have been writing since I was young, so I do not have a real problem with doing so. I know if I try hard I will succeed at this. Though this is new for me but I feel like with enough motivation I can achieve this.

    What is lore to you?:
    Lore is like you know all the basics of the thing, like folklore, it is a legend that's spread throughout a place and sometimes even real events that have occurred or are occurring. Lore is something special to me as I've read a lot of folklore during my time and I do like it a lot. I feel like I would be a great addition to the team. I do spend my time reading legends, which are most like folklore and real events that have occurred.


    Write a 200-400 word story for a day in the world of Karakura

    Today I was on my way to school when I noticed a group of people fighting I didn't go near them I instead stopped as soon as I saw them and said "Oh, I better go another way" I then turned around to find another route to school, on the way I found a lost puppy seemed like a stray I called 110 before I went to school to check on the poor animal. Its paws were a bit bloody soon after I was on my way to school, I finally reached school and at Period 1 classes started I went to class and when I was sitting there I saw my friend, Amy sitting a table away from me. I waved at her before going back to taking notes.

    Class was finally over and I went to my next class, which was Science. I saw a few jocks causing problems in class as they were acting like they owned the place they did eventually stop and so did class, it was finally break-time I had time to read over some notes for a bit and study. When period 3 came I went to class again and saw Amy once again but we paid no attention to each other as we were busy. Lunchtime came and I was starving from waiting all day for lunch, lunch was over and the last period started. I saw Amy and the Jocks in this class, the jocks were being rude as usual and Amy and I didn't talk.

    When I left school I came across yet another fight cops were there and were arresting someone. The person seemed to not be happy and the others as well, they may have been in a gang but I am unsure if they were or not. ​

    That's the end of my short story.

    Write about your favorite physical aspect of Karakura (things like classrooms/gardens etc.) Why? What makes it special?
    I like the gardens, I've always liked Japan and always wanted to live in Japan when I am older out-of-game but this server has given me a bit of a taste of it, though it's not nearly the same but it has me entertained for hours at a time every day. I am very grateful for what this server has done, and all the people that have worked hard on it. I also do love the fact there is multiple things you can Roleplay as, animals (If you get a whitelist), any culture (Ex. Italian, Spanish, Korean, etc)​
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  2. Yume_

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    - As a team we've came to the conclusion to deny your application. ​