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Out of Character | Basic information
What is your in-game name?: TCMusic

Do you have discord? (If so, what is your username): Yes, my username is TCMusic#0424

Do you have a microphone? Yes, and a solid one at that. Audio work is a big hobby of mine.

List your timezone and country: CDT, United States

How active are you on the server?: At the time of writing, I'm active nearly every day or every other day. With OOC college classes starting up soon, I'll have to adjust the time I start playing each day, but I'll still try my best to maintain my active presence on the server.

Do you have any previous bans? (If so, link your appeals): Yes, but only one.
(Appeal was accepted.)

Link any past applications below:
Age Request:
Spanish Language Application:
Spanish Resubmission:

Out of Character | Morals & ideas
What position are you applying for?: News / Public Reporter

What is your motivation for applying?: Honestly, just wanted to try something new on the server. I wanted to try giving my character an adult experience, and I love writing OOCly, so why not give them a new experience in a field I excel in?

Do you have any experience in this work? Not professionally or anything. However, I have written many detailed essays and research papers in my college experience for many different classes, as well as internships with several companies over the summer breaks.

Are you aware of the rules each person must follow?: At the time of writing, I have gained a solid understanding of the rules each position and person must follow. I will continue to be aware of these rules and follow them closely.

Why should you be accepted over others? I believe my OOC writing experience would make for a great fit in the open position. I'm very detail-oriented, and always make sure to avoid bias, as well as unfair wording and misinformation in my work. I'd bring a fun, engaging, entertaining, and informative experience to those who I work with, as well as those who read my writing.

Do you have a good understanding of this position?: Yes, I do.

Summarize what your position does in the town: The reporter position takes time gathering information, as well as public opinions on certain important events or happenings, as well as lesser-known occurrences, and turns the information they gather into a well-written article or well- report. They essentially are the broadcasters of the news and important information. They research and report!

In Character | Questionnaire
Pretend that it is as if your character is filling this out, not yourself
Full Name: My name is Damien Teo Shabiru Formenti.

Preferred name & Title: I answer to basically anything that somebody calls me. However, if we're being simple, then just "Damien Formenti" works. My title is Mr.

Current age? (25+): 28

Past job experiences?: I've worked as a freelance investigator for a short amount of time within the Shabiru family. It was a small family business that we ran and advertised to the public, but shortly disbanded due to internal conflicts. Other than that, I worked as a carpenter and laborer overseas during the warmer Summer seasons.

How would you describe yourself? Dedicated, for sure. I'm a very hard-working individual, and I feel as though my appearance appropriately displays that. I'm not exactly the cleanest person in terms of hygiene 24/7, but I make sure to put in the effort when and where it counts. I'm very distant in large social situations, but when surrounded by those I'm more comfortable with, I tend to open up and cooperate much more often. My hope is to break this "loop" in my behavior through this new work opportunity.

What sort of things would you write about? Conspiracies, Lesser-known occurrences, corruption, you name it.

What jobs will you execute with this position? The gathering of research, asking the public of their thoughts and opinions, and the reporting of company performances as well as unknown information.

Do you practice any sort of religion?: No, I do not.

Do you have a criminal record? If so, list your crimes: I do not have any criminal record.

Nationality & Born location: I am Hispanic, but was raised here in Karakura. I was born in central Andalucia, Spain.

Fluent languages (Underline your native): Spanish, Japanese.
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- Thanks for taking the time to apply however after reviewing your application it has been denied

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