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Rin X. Jacobs Biograph

Discussion in 'Character Biography' started by CaoRP, Nov 23, 2020.

  1. CaoRP

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    Nov 20, 2020
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    Rin X. Jacobs

    First Name: Rin

    Preferred Name:
    Aliases: RXJ

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18


    Weight: 120lbs/54kg
    Relationship Status: Taken By
    Shizuku K. H. Shibata


    Skin Color:Tanned

    Eye Color:Cyan

    Hair Style:Fluffy And Messy

    Hair Color: Light Brown

    Fashion: Casul And Onesies

    Date of Birth: May 11th 2002

    Place of Birth: Britain, United Kingdom, London

    Nationality: British

    Race: White

    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Religious Beliefs:None

    Political Beliefs:The Goverment Are Over Running The World

    General Appearance

    Appearance: He'd have soft cyan blue eyes with a cocky smile, his hair world ALWAYS be a mess, his skin tone would be a tanned type of colour

    Personality:He'd Generally be a kind hearted guy, caring for his friends but rin has his side of fighting and anger upon his emotions

    Diseases/Illness: W.I.P

    Character Voice: He'd have a calming deep voice, you could here his clear british accent
    He'd always sound serious

    Pink Hello Kitty Deagle and Bamboo Staff On His Back
    He'd wear pure black outfits, sometimes with gloves

    Hobbies: W.I.P

    Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: Alcohol

    Skills: Fighting And Talking To New People

    Querks: W.I.P


    He was bullied as a child for being a small boy and being weak, he soon flew over to Karakura with his family, Due to this new environment he tried to show that he was a stong male and always stood his ground, he'd learn how to fight and talk to new people through school, due to getting drunk and in trouble at a young age his parents threw him out leaving him alone, he'd soon be readopted by a lady name Lyra Jenkins
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