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Denied Sakura Ohashi Nurse application


Level 0
Out-Of-Character Information

What is your Minecraft username?:

Do you have Discord (If so, what is your discord username?): ⸸0⸸#2123

How old are you? (Optional): Late Teens

What is your time zone?: WAST (West Australian standard time)

Describe your activity on the server: I spend quite a lot of time on the server (At least 3-5 hours a day on weekdays and 3-8 hours on weekends)

Have you ever been banned (If yes, when and why?): No I have not

Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?: I acknowledge this and plan to be more active if I receive the role

School Employee Role you are applying for?: Nurse Role

In as much detail as possible, describe the employee role you are applying for: The role of a school nurse is the responsibility of taking care of a student’s physical health and sometimes even mental health. Nurses are required to assess and apply appropriate treatment to a student’s wounds or provide emotional support after an incident. And under certain circumstances, contact the EMS.

What experience, in general, do you have in roleplay?: I’ve been roleplaying for at least six years now, starting off on discord where I reached an intermediate level of roleplay (Literate roleplay). Now that I’ve started roleplaying on SRP I’ve now started Detail-rp and I’ve learnt plenty from others.

Link(s) to any previous applications and appeals on the server: N/A

What are your current role(s) on the server? (If you're college, specify your degree level): Grade 12 (shishi#6200 let me use their account for this character and hopefully I can have her age adjusted to be suitable)


During a work-shift a student starts cursing at you for being pathetic, how does your character react?:
She begins reassuring the student and attempts to at least calm them. She’ll either ignore them if it’s just petty insults, though if the insults escalate to a point she deems too aggressive or disrupts her work, she’ll issue a detention.

You notice two students are physically fighting in the hallway, – multiple punches have been thrown – how does your character react?: She’ll attempt to break up the situation at least twice before either issuing a detention or consulting school administration and write down the student’s names in case it happens again.

Another school employee is clearly acting inappropriately, doing something very dangerous on the job, how does your character react?: She tries to reason with the employee to stop acting this way, though if she’s unsuccessful, she’ll contact the Vice-principal (And if possible, the Principal) about the situation and get their intake of what they’re going to do.

When in the employee break room, how does your character act?: She stays calm and quiet inside, though if she’s needed at all, she’s fully willing to leave to go help.

Provide us with at least three detailed /me's of your character whilst on your chosen role:

/me &5 carefully guiding the student onto the nursing bed, Sakura made sure to keep her eye on the injury in case they managed to hit it in any way &f ”Take a seat sweetheart. . . I’ll get you treated real soon, I just need to check your injury, is that alright. .?”

/me &5 Reaching her hand to their forehead, she pressed her palm against the smooth surface, using her other hand to hold them up as she checked the student’s temperature &f ”Alright (name), it looks like you have a little bit of a fever. . . Would you like a glass of water while I go get you a damp towel..?”

/me &5 Carefully wrapping the bandage around the student’s arm, she kept her focus on not tying it too tight or loose so they don’t feel any discomfort &f ”Sweetheart, could you explain how you got such a nasty cut. . .? It’s concerning to me how much you’re bleeding..”

In-Character Section
(Pretend your character is filling this out, not you)

Full Name (First & Last only):
Sakura Ohashi
Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss): Miss
Preferred Name: Sakura

Age (Minimum is 25): 38
Gender: Demigirl (she/they) / Female
Religious Denomination: Satanism
Marital Status: No significant other

Academic Degree: Nursing Degree
Year of Graduation: 2016 (Korean University)
Major(s): Health informatics
Minors: Queer studies

Nationality: Korean / French mix
Current Location: (Behind you) Karakura town
Native Languages: Korean (I’ll apply for Korean)
Other Languages: French and Japanese (I’ll apply for French)


“Prior to this application, I recently quit my job as a school nurse, having provided my services in a South Korean private Highschool along the edge of Seoul, though It’d be appreciated that now I have moved over to japan to live with family, that I would be hired as a school nurse for this Highschool”

(ooc.) Having graduated from a Korean college with a medical/Nursing degree, Sakura quickly went into school nursing, providing her services for a specific Korean private school for around 6 years before finally deciding to quit her work there, saying goodbye to all those she knew back in Korea before flying over to japan to visit her family, the Ohashi’s in Karakura and hopefully find a job in nursing in the local school for profit. She of course has quite good communication with her patients, making sure to take in their opinion, learn the issue and figure out a strategy to carefully patch them up or provide them with mental support if they seem to be struggling with such. Although she herself struggles with a specific rare illness/allergy named Solar Urticaria (, She has already had coping mechanisms situated in her life, including sun-block on hand at all times, a parasol and certain medications prescribed to numb the pain she’s put through and refuses to let this issue interfere with her work and instead teaches patients about different forms of skin differences and conditions when they’re willing to learn. Now having landed in Japan, she has taken up private recounting lessons on nursing to refresh her mind on the strategies and things to look out for when treating a patient/student, often being seen by her roommates to be studying when she has the time or before she heads to bed.. (ooc.)

Motivation for Joining KHS: To continue my career in school nursing and provide help to students in need of physical and emotional help

Do you have any previous experience working in a school environment? If so, please elaborate (If not, respond with "N/A"): Previously worked as a school nurse in a private south Korean Highschool

Why should you be accepted over the other applicants?: I tend to show more empathy towards the students and want to inform them about the many illnesses they can contract and even how to avoid them. Though of course, I’m very skilled with my procedures when working with injuries.


Additional notes about your application: If this is accepted, may I please have my character’s age adjusted to either 37-38?
Do you have any questions?: How is your day? ^^


Level 105
Thank you for taking the time to apply! Unfortunately, today, your application for NURSE has been
. . .

There were a few aspects of your application that were not up-to-par with application standards

The role you applied for is occupied
In the future, please add more detail to your responses.
I do not currently find you suitable for this position

Good luck in the future if you choose to re-apply!

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