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Inside of School students are expected to roleplay in situations appropriately, especially when roleplaying as a delinquent. Though this may come as common sense, as it stands school staff and server staff have had to deal with an increasing number of situations where students are unable to roleplay punishments appropriately, due to this fact we have created a guide to explain: What must be feared, how to ‘fear’ roleplay, what is/isn't acceptable & the In-Character school rules.

If you’re at all confused after reading this document, you may ask any general questions through #help of the Roleplay Hub discord.

When roleplaying, you must recognise that School Faculty and Principals/Deans are your superiors and roleplay considering that fact, meaning your character cannot be fearless to punishment. All faculty follow the same discipline system in order to allow students to react and roleplay accordingly; if any faculty are found to be abusing this system, they may be removed if reported correctly.

School faculty itself can be Professors, Teachers and Employees. You can visually see these roles by their in-game tags and ages.

Once being threatened with a detention, your character must begin to FearRP.

Here you can see a member of the Senior Leadership Team has verbally warned a student for swearing; you may still react after this point according to your character — No FearRP is necessary in this situation.

At this point your character is close to risking a detention, however no FearRP is necessary in this situation.

Once your character has reached this point, you must begin to FearRP the consequences for your actions (this being detention). Please keep in mind this is an example and your character may react differently so long as it's realistic to the situation; your character cannot be fearless to punishment.

This example will get you an on-server warning for ‘Failure to FearRP’, this will remain on your history for 7 days.

Breaking school rules can often lead to consequences given by School Faculty or Student Councillors. If you are caught breaking a school rule you may be faced with this punishment. Detention allows a person of authority (Council, Faculty or SLT) to hold the delinquent student in the detention room for a period or after school.

When breaking rules on campus, you might be threatened with detention, but once threatened you must act realistically and fear the consequences of being given detention. If you’re continuously in this room or have multiple offenses relating to each other you could be eligible for expulsion or suspension.

Whilst in the detention room you must FearRP as this is considered the consequence for your actions. Logging off to prevent confrontation could lead to an on-server punishment under the rule of ‘Avoiding Roleplay’.

In this screenshot, you can see that a councillor has clearly asked the student sitting detention to get on with their task - at this point you must ‘FearRP’ and react appropriately. You may still ‘DelinquentRP’ on a different occasion, so long as you continue to appropriately FearRP the risk of your character being suspended.

This screenshot shows the student ignoring instruction and continuing to break school & detention rules. Doing this can result in an on-server warning.

In extreme cases, your character may receive a suspension or even expulsion. In order for this to happen you must be in the presence of a member of the Senior Leadership Team (Principals/Deans) before your character is removed from the High School.

The suspension and expulsion punishments remain on your OOC record, so once you receive anywhere above four suspensions, you are likely to receive an expulsion. Keep in mind that these punishments can tarnish your character’s reputation and risk you being unable to join extracurriculars(sports teams/clubs), attending majority of the server's school events or even apply for certain roles on the forums.

If your character has clear knowledge of why they have been brought into a Senior Leadership office, you must automatically FearRP as you are in the presence of the highest authority within school grounds and can be suspended or expelled.

In this screenshot, you can see a student being suspended by a member of the Senior Leadership Team as well as the student appropriately FearRP'ing during this situation. Your character cannot be fearless to suspension, but you may of course continue the roleplay in explaining the situation or react in the way your character ordinarily would.

In this screenshot, you can see the student clearly does not care about being suspended even though this is one of the main punishments that can affect your character’s future in roleplay. You cannot be fearless to suspension.

When becoming a college student you can be removed from the College if you continuously break rules within the College. This decision is mainly by those who lead the college faction, yet in serious cases other school leadership team members can suggest this.

In a scenario where you are acting rebellious, you can be brought into an office, If this were to happen you would be called up to either Dean or Vice-Dean’s office to roleplay out your removal, which you will be placed back down to grade twelve. After being removed, you cannot receive this role back unless you redo the exam course with the approval of SLT.

1. Excessive physical violence
2. Failure to attend classes
3. Misbehaviour (Disrespecting faculty, vandalism, bullying, etc.)
4. Consistent detentions (If you're frequently sent to detention, you may be removed from the College alongside receiving a suspension / expulsion)

In this example, you can clearly see the College student has taken responsibility and realised. Being removed from College realistically would affect their career choices and future, therefore must be FearRP'd. Your character doesn't have to accept the punishment immediately and can roleplay it out extensively, this is purely an example.


1. No trespassing after the gates have closed.
2. No masks are to be worn on school property.
3. No alcohol or cigarettes or any contraband is permitted and will be confiscated when seen by school faculty or a member of the student council.
4. No bullying on school grounds. (This includes but is not limited to harassment, inappropriate jokes and physical assault)
5. No weapons are allowed within school grounds.
6. No stealing is allowed on school grounds.
7. No animals are allowed on school grounds. (Service dogs are permitted but they’re not allowed to be in ongoing classrooms & bathrooms.)
8. Do not disrespect, harass school faculty or make them uncomfortable in any way.
9. No vandalism is permitted on school grounds.School property is not to be damaged under any circumstances.
10. No P.D.A. is permitted on school grounds. (P.D.A.: Public Display of Affection)
11. Do not converse with people who are outside the school walls.
12. No assault towards any student, school faculty or animal is permitted.
13. Do not leave school during school hours.
14. Do not litter on school grounds. There are countless trash cans where you can deposit your trash.
15. Do not use school equipment without permission from the school faculty belonging to the said school equipment.
16. Intense swearing on school grounds will not be tolerated.
17. No transactions on school grounds are permitted. (This includes but is not limited to selling any goods, gambling and bribery)
18. Do not falsely report individuals.
19. Report any suspicious behaviour to school faculty.
20. No motorised vehicles are permitted inside school grounds. Bikes are only allowed outdoors.
21. Please dress appropriately (Inappropriate clothes can range from gang attire to swimsuits). Swim attire is allowed at the swimming pool area.
1. Sit as close to the front as you possibly can.
2. Do not converse. Only speak when spoken to.
3. Do not eat nor drink anything in the detention room.
4. Do not use any electronic devices such as phones, laptops or headphones.
5. Do not partake in things unrelated to detention. Do the work the authority has given to you and nothing else.

Do I need to FearRP Councillors?
ONLY inside of the detention room - being in detention is the consequence for your previous actions, so you must FearRP any authority in that room.

A member of faculty is abusing FearRP, what do I do?
DM any Principal / Dean via Discord with appropriate screenshot evidence and the situation should be handled relatively quickly.

Can my character flirt with members of faculty?
No; this is against the school rules and can lead to punishment ICly and possibly an on-server warning if it becomes excessive or if you're being unrealistic; compliments are of course still welcome.

@Tippie ~ Examples & School rules
@oph ~ Main writing
@KimiNoUso ~ Main writing & Examples
@Alcidies ~ College information
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