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skinnylettuce's Lore Team App!

Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by skinnylettuce, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. skinnylettuce

    skinnylettuce United States Level 3

    Jun 25, 2020
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    11:48 AM
    I have three! My main account is skinnylettuce, and my alternatives are skinnyspinach and skinnycabbage.

    What is your Discord name and tag?
    My current Discord tag is oh so you think im skinny?#3488

    What is your time zone? What country are you from? Do you have a microphone and are able to talk via Discord?
    My time zone is EST [Eastern Time Zone]! The country I am originally from is Poland, but I am currently living in the United States. And though I am not very comfortable speaking in calls, I do have a microphone and am more than able to talk through Discord.

    Do you recognize you can be removed from the community team?
    Yes! I fully recognize and acknowledge the fact that there is a possibility that I can be removed from the community team that is the Lore Team.

    List a few things that may obstruct your progress/development in the Lore Team.
    Of course, there’s the obvious that goes for many people, which is school. Fortunately, though, when it comes to school hours, I don’t participate in anything after school nor am I ever making plans with other individuals. Doesn’t really tickle my fancy. But other than school, I do, unfortunately, have hospital visits about once or twice a week due to personal reasons I’m afraid I am not comfortable sharing. If I do make it into the team, I will make sure that the dates of these specific appointments will be told to the leads of the team the days I find out about them. Other than that, the only other obstacle I’ll have is the one every writer faces every now and then; Writer's Block.

    What makes you different from the applicants?
    Well, right off the bat, unlike most of your applicants, I’m not in any fancy Honors Classes, or take things like IB or AP for advanced writing courses. Hell, I’ve never even taken any creative writing courses, I’m just in regular English classes. All of my skill from writing just comes from my imagination. My hands connect to a laptop, or bring a pencil and a couple of pieces of paper together, and I sorta just write. I’ve written short stories and even a few books just because I felt like it, since writing is sort of my schtick, despite the fact that I’m not even majoring in anything related to literature or writing in general. It’s the thing that makes me happy. And how ironic is it that the girl in regular English classes is asked for help by those in advanced courses, at the top of her class? In the words of great Michael Scott, “Well, well, well, how the turntables.” But other than that, most of my life has been consumed in writing and reading about quite literally anything and everything. I can write about quite literally anything, like how even though I can't swim I write in full detail about the aspects of swimming and how one may swim on my main account who is part of the Bobcats Swim Team, and how despite being a cosmetology major I know an awful lot about the medical industry and write out paragraphs worth of actions into EMS RP on one of my alternative accounts that is a member of the hospital. If you want me to write about something? I got it.

    What makes you passionate about writing?
    The thing that makes me passionate about writing is the reason why I started writing in the first place. I’m not going to dive too into detail since the reason is more sided towards things more personal, but I will give a bit of a general idea; Writing was my way of escapism from personal things, where it allowed me to just dive into a bunch of different worlds away from reality, and also helped me find where I stand creatively.

    Do you have any experience with writing lore or creative writing as a general aspect?
    I have LOTS of experiences when it comes to both writing lore as well as creative writing. When it comes to lore, I’ve written the lore for many, many stories that I have personally written. This also includes the origins of characters, settings within a story, and the things that have led up to the current plot of whatever story. I have also written a couple of lores for Discord Roleplays, as well as proof-read and edited many others. The lores I’ve personally written for these Discords is something I’d gladly show if wanted. As for creative writing, I’ve been sort of doing that stuff my entire life! Constantly creating new stories, and always developing the ones that have stuck to me I made at a very young age for the better.

    What is lore to you?
    Lore is the structure of the story. It’s as simple as that! To elaborate, the lore is the background behind everything that leads up to something you begin reading, watching, listening to, etc. For example, take Avatar The Last Airbender. They explain how the four nations were at peace, before the fire nation attacked, and they needed the Avatar to bring unity to end the war only for him to suddenly vanish, and the story we start to watch takes place many years after, in the middle of the war where our main protagonists progressively meet one another, while also introducing our antagonists. Plus, throughout the story, more bits and pieces of the lore is progressively revealed, such as the older avatars and what their impacts were. They also eventually reveal the lore behind characters throughout the story as you watch, like Prince Zuko’s childhood and how he got his burn scar. So yeah! Moral of the story; The Lore of a story is basically the backstory of the main plot/setting.

    Writing Prompts
    1: Write a 200-400 word story for a day in the world of Karakura
    You wake up to the sound of your alarm blaring into your ear from right beside you, giving you a bit of a jump scare and causing you to flinch, as though you had just awaken from a nightmare, though this night your mind was nothing but blank, as though you simply blinked in the middle of the night and ended up at the strike of dawn. You’re still a bit snoozy from having just woken up, so you remain laid on your side, barely capable of reaching over to slap that damn alarm off on your bedside desk, leaving you no choice but to rise from your comfort spot to hit that button your hand couldn’t blindly reach.

    It’d make you think about how you probably won’t last a day being blind. . How do some people do it?

    Being your random teenage thought process of the day, you reach over to your white flip phone laying on your pillow, flipping the sucker open to see it was about half-past five in the morning. You’re not in a rush today, unlike some of the other kids in your school who have club meetings, or early morning sports practice to wake you up for the day. Slipping out of bed, you reluctantly stride out of your room, walking down the hallways of your little apartment before getting to your bathroom. Of course, you do what any hygienic, basic teenager does in a bathroom and whatever is after that; Take a shower. . brush your teeth. . clean your face. . style your hair. . get dressed. . eat breakfast. . You get what I mean

    Though breakfast is just a slab of toast. Nothing new!

    Exiting your apartment, locking the door, you walk down the stairs that leads you out of the B1 Apartment complex, a random college dropout swooping beside you with a black mask on in the shape of a cartoon rabbit, asking if you want to purchase booze. . Of course you decline, and continue on with your day. After all, you’ve got the common sense of about a handful of the minors in Karakura to not underage drink, and they just over priced the hell out of it.

    Getting to school, it’s rather. . uneventful, though this was nothing new unless they were holding some kind of special event like Career Day, or one of those sports tryouts people like to lounge around at and spectate as an excuse to stay out. You did go to Science class with Miss Iris and listened to classmates talk about different studies of science during second and third period, and also attended a Physical Education class with Mister Zhang Haechi who you referred to as ‘Sir,’ though it felt more like intensive training in JROTC more than anything. . Not complaining though. And of course after school you saw some Bobcat cheerleaders bullying a girl right before the school gates closed, pouring glitter and glue on her hair and splashed hot chocolate into her face. . poor gal. But it’s nothing new.

    Walking out of school by the time the sun begins to set and it’s near dusk, so it’s time to pop that hood on and make your way home to that . Right off the bat, once you cross the street from school you see cops running around the main plaza, patting some kids down wearing masks in public and finding some booze on them despite being minors. Hopefully they got the right amount of Yen to pay off the fine. . And as you turn a corner past the train station, you just about nearly walked into a pretty brutal fight between some of the Bobcat and Spartan jocks, so you hit the brakes on that route and makeway to the longer road home. . You walk by the Hospital, where people are going in with broken limbs or begging for therapy. It’s incredibly busy there, and just looking is kind of. . sad. Speeding up your pace, you hit a quick jog, passing by some teenagers and college students gossiping. . members of small gangs either posting up on one another or dealing some over-priced phones. . and a pair of junior high schoolers sucking each others tongues- gross- before huzzah! You get home!

    You don’t even bother to get changed once you get in, or even take your shoes off, rather, you just wobble to your room and toss yourself into bed. . You witnessed quite some today!

    Though this is just a normal day in Karakura

    WORD COUNT: 740 (Sorry if it's a bit much. .)

    2: Write about your favorite physical aspect of Karakura (things like classroom/gardens etc.) Why? What makes it special?
    The clear waters filled with chlorine within a large pit of a pool glisten under the beaming summer sunlight that’d send heat waves throughout the city of Karakura. Besides the technologically controlled body of water that begins with an incredibly deep, rather risky end up to a shallow spot for children and those who can’t swim on the opposite side stands tall in the changing rooms. The one for young men standing to the right, quiet and blue, whilst the one to the left would be pink, filled with laughter and rustling of teenage girls changing out of their school uniforms and daily outfits into a one piece swimsuit of crimson red, the color of the Karakura Bobcats. As the bell rings to strike the end of your typical school day, the Bobcats swim team hustle out of the showers and to the opposite end of the pool, of course not running for that’d simply be breaking the rules! Freshmen and students still in Junior High sit in the bleachers watching the group of girls known as the Bobcats Swim Team dive into the refreshing, cool pool, racing one another and practicing their competitive sport of Water Polo, whilst delinquents huddle in the corner of these metal seats under the blazing sun to drink some booze or smoke on a long, thin tobacco blunt from Marlboro.

    It’s Karakura’s School Pool!

    The reason why I love this certain area so much is because that’s where I tend to get some of the best roleplay on the server, with a bunch of very kind, and honestly very funny people. The main reason why I enjoy the roleplays that go down in this place is honestly because everyone here who does genuinely RP do lots of DetailRP, which I am personally an absolute sucker for. People tend to get a kick out of how much I love writing so much, even if it’s simply for an RP where the chats have minimal space but I don’t mind it! At least there are others who actually fancy it, like the kind ladies and gents in the sports team I am part of on my main account; the High School Swim Team! This team mainly focuses on your genuine roleplay skill as well as your writing etiquette, not just your attributes or how well you can play the game plugins, so it was honestly perfect for me and I’m glad to be part of this wonderful group of roleplayers! But of course, I also enjoy the fact that everyone I roleplay with in the pool is incredibly kind and always stray away from any form of toxicity, both in and out of character. So, to summarize; the school pool is my favorite physical attribute of Karakura because that’s where I only have the best roleplay experiences, but it’s also the place I can DetailRP without any form of judgement, and instead enjoyment.
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  2. Yume_

    Yume_ United States Level 26

    Dec 11, 2017
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    8:48 AM
    -Everyone on the lore team has agreed that you are more than fit to join the Lore Team, especially given the astounding application
    DM cloud_divider#3828 when you can
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