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Slushee's doctor application

Discussion in 'Reviewed Applications' started by FlamingSlushee, Aug 16, 2020.

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    Oct 11, 2019
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    What timezone are you in?: I am in Central Time Zone (CST)

    Do you have Discord? If you do, list it here: I do, and I’m open to answering any question or accommodate in any way, it’s Slushee#2006

    How long have you been on the server for?: I’ve been on the server for around a year now, but I’ve devoted a fairly significant amount of my free time to be able to partake in the shenanigans of SchoolRP.

    Do you have any previous bans or kicks?: *( Please link or show evidence ) I do not have any previous bans, however, I have been warned once in the past for misuse of /it, and since then the warning has expired and I’ve become adept in the usage of this command. And as for kicks, I am only ever kicked for AFK, or other experiences out of my control.

    List your past and current applications: ( Please link or show evidence )

    Spanish Language -

    Police force -


    School Nurse -

    (Maths) Teacher -


    shop application -

    (DENIED) (not accepting)

    Staff application -


    EMS Application

    Shop application x2

    French application


    EMS Application x2


    What’s your motivation for applying?: My reasoning for applying for the role of a doctor could be derived from many different roots. Among the most prominent, though, is simply that I wish to be a part of the experience that goes on with the area that is the hospital. I’ve been communicating with a dubious amount of the hospital staff on the server, and I’ve grown fond of them, as well as the hospital as a whole. It seems like if I were to join the ems team I would be jubilant with the experience that I could have the opportunity to be a part of a group. People that I could get to know further, and open up more experiences for RP, but not only this also more experiences for myself. In terms of SchoolRP, I’ve been interested in joining the EMS team since I noticed that it was a thing. They’ve helped me quite a bit to learn things about this server, and assist me in RP situations whenever they may come to fruition. I've grown to enjoy some of the experiences that have taken place throughout my time on the server. Being one of the roles that immediately catches your eye in the world of CityRP of the server, of course, I was attracted to the role of hospital staff (doctor) from the moment that I saw that they were part of the server. I would like to use this part to be able to help others as well. I’ve been overcome with a want to become a doctor in real life for a decent part of my last few years, and I’ve been looking into this career choice as a whole. Though I do not know any doctors in real life, I do know people who are looking to become a nurse in real life and are pursuing medical schooling. With this in thought, I have looked into this myself and have been heavily considering it in my own life. Currently a freshman in high school, I do not have a ton of experience in the field of medical fields, but I wish to gain further knowledge concerning medical fields. I like to call myself an active player due to that once I finish schoolwork, no matter what time of year, I spend the majority of the rest of the day playing on SchoolRP. In the city of Karakura, SchoolRP, a large population of the server has chosen to partake in the area of GangRP. While I have not gone through with this aspect of the server, it is still an essential aspect to keep the server running. Though outside of this, occasionally roleplay manages to lose the magic that most commonly is amazing.

    What are you applying for?: I am applying for the position of doctor.

    What do you know about the role you’re applying for?: What I know about doctors is that they essentially partake in the self-assigned role of the jack of all trades. Doctors are efficient in taking the place of any role if needed be. They can function as leads in a surgical procedure against actual surgeons if it is seen fit. They can also play the assisting role, essentially a nurse, and need to be adept for any situation that could step foot into the hospital. They arguably have the greatest medical knowledge, just without an expertise of where to place it. I know the basics of the medical aspects that are needed to be an effective medical worker. Doctors maintain the health of a human through practicing medicine. And now that I've been a nurse for a limited time in the past, I'm extremely interested in this role.

    Do you know the basic Color Codes for medical emergencies?:

    Code Red - Fire

    Code Blue - Medical Emergency in Hospital

    Code Orange - Hazardous Material or Spill Incident

    Code Brown - Severe Weather

    Code Yellow - Disaster

    Code Green - Emergency Activation

    Code Violet - Violent/Combative Individual

    Code Pink - Infant/Child Abduction

    Code Black - Bomb

    Code Silver - Active Shooter

    Code White - Evacuation

    Are you aware that each position has a set minimum age limit? (N: 23, D: 25, S: 28) *(Key: N = Nurse, D = Doctor, S = Surgeon) Yes, I am fully aware of this and I’m sure to follow this.

    Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?: Yes, I am aware.

    What do you know about basic medical knowledge?: Though I lack major knowledge in this field, I’m always looking forward to learning more. As of what I know, though, I know a fair bit about first aid and treating minor wounds, as well as a bit about major wounds as well. I’m also fairly adept in the field of medicines and I know a fair amount of the medical substances that are available on the server and what constitutes a prescription to be given. Through my time watching medical shows, I’ve learned how to treat some major injuries. Medical workers thrust themselves into a stressed mind frame, all to help others in any way that they can. From events in real life at the moment, especially in New York, it’s evident as to the sacrifice that the medical workers are putting in for everyone around them. People are working around the clock, as well as working as feverishly as they were able to assist the community. For the most part, the hospital admits patients who are in pain or need certain injuries cured. The hospital, of course, offers the ideal area to assist these people.

    List all the EMS roles and their jobs:

    Head Physicians: The Head Physician is the head of the hospital. They are important to keep the hospital in check, maintaining the highest-ranked role and being in charge of the hospital as a whole.

    Clinical Manager: The Clinical Managers, as their name suggests, is the manager of the hospital. They take the seat below the head Physician and while the Head Physician is out, they are in charge of the hospital and keep the hospital running as smoothly as possible at any given time.

    Clinical Leads: The Clinical Leads are seen to be fit roles to lead each of the different factions of the hospital. There is one Clinical Lead for each faction, Psychiatrist, Doctor, Nurse, as well as Surgeon and they’re chosen individually to be the face of their given department.

    Psychiatrist: Psychiatrists are essential for the mental part of a patient's health. They prioritize in therapy, or anything that has to do with psychological problems.

    Doctor: Doctors are needed to maintain one's well-being. They must know almost everything about the hospital and be able to act flexibly.

    Nurse: One of the jobs needed to be carried out by the nurses is acting as a means to tie the thoughts of the patient and pass on information to the other roles and assist them if needed.

    Surgeon: A surgeon can perform surgical operations along with prescribing medication, and treating injuries. These injuries can range from a much greater variety from the other roles, however, extending further into this.


    How are you like during and off shift?:

    On Shift: On shift, I would uphold a sense of respect toward my peers, always looking up to the people around me and more than often, attempting to be as respectful as possible. I have a sort of appreciation for almost everyone around me, and try to show them this.

    Off Shift: More or less, I’d attempt to behave similarly, however, I’d want to get to know people more, and though I’d still have the urge to help people, I’d want to spend some time relaxing and just being myself instead.

    How would you describe your personality in summary?: While I may be a lot to encompass at first, eventually once people begin to recognize me, I work my way into people’s lives and better known, I’m a caring person deep down and I care a lot about the people that mean something to me. I’m fairly defensive, and once I grow to care about someone, it often festers and expands until they mean the world to me. I care deeply about others around me and it saddens me to know that bad things happen to everyone daily.

    How would you describe your appearance? Though I have a less than stellar body physique, I stand at about 5’8, give or take, and weigh 147 lbs. Though I’m not built with a large amount of muscle, I have little to no body fat despite my unhealthy habits. I maintain a high metabolism, allowing myself to have an incredibly slim build. I have ahead of black hair, complemented by brown eyes. Though the clothes that I wear vary quite a bit, I try to keep dressing professionally.

    Do you have any mental or physical illnesses we should be aware of? *( Please link or show evidence if an application was required ) No, there is not.

    To fully indulge in the background of Antihere Gabris, first, we have to look into the origins of his family. The Gabris family originates in the relatively small city of Takayama, Japan. In this family, they built up a decent reputation for themselves, creating small businesses and investing in them. This, however, was many generations ago, before there came an Aether Gabris who managed to mess up his family's empire. Though unintentional, the high standing that the Gyokusho family had set up for themselves crumbled. Aether decided to move the family away from Takayama completely, abandoning any success that may have once been. Unfortunately, Aether ultimately came out unsuccessful, and plunged the family into a pit of poverty. Though it would take a little while longer to take his family out of this, their simple advancements in the market, they lived off fishing and farming until they eventually had an Achilles Gabris, a natural-born entrepreneur who helped to take their family out of the pit that Aether had built themselves into. Achilles ended up finding a wife and settled down with her. This all, of course, was generations ago, and with his newfound urge to explore, Haru found himself in Karakura, Japan with a son, Antihere.

    The start of Antihere Gabris

    Antihere Gabris was born into the city of Karakura, living here for all of his life, Antihere looked to make something of himself. He studied heavily throughout high school at Karakura High School. He made a lot of friends along the way and made some fantastic memories along the path of high school. However, he moved away for college into the Americas, learning more and more about the profession that he looked to pursue. During his time in the Americas, he devoted his time to studying his works. Truthfully. Antihere never had the opportunity to have the ‘college experience.’ Never did he get back into the flow of how he quite was in high school. He devoted almost all of his time to studying, and occasionally conversing with the other members of the medical school. Eventually though, after college, he sought to move back towards his hometown of Karakura, where he intended to put his teachings into work at the Karakura Police Department for a while, before ultimately trying for the Karakura Hospital.

    SECTION 1:

    Personal Details

    Full Name:
    Antihere Gabris

    Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss): Mr.

    Given Name(s): Antihere

    Preferred Name: Antihere

    Age: 31

    Gender: male

    Religious Denomination: Atheist

    Marital Status: Single

    Nationality: Japanese-Korean

    Current Location: Karakura, living in a house near the shopping district

    SECTION 2:

    Academic Details Years of Residency: 5

    Working Experience: None in a hospital, however in college he went on an internship as a part of a means to further learn in his hometown.

    Academic Degree: Doctorate degree

    Year of Graduation: 2015

    Major(s): Medical science

    Minor(s): Human services, health

    Native Languages: Japanese

    Other Languages: None​
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