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Official SPORTS | Basketball Information, Rules & More

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Rules & Information

This document will contain a series of rules. These rules can be used for Official Basketball Teams, however, individual players may learn the rules just for fun or to prepare for tryouts. Basketball Captains have a say in their own rules for their teams.

The following information will cover the basics of any information you can find on basketball. This will include how to play, tips, and a rough guide on how things work on SchoolRP. It is not required to be on a sports team in order to play freely, however, if you feel as if it is suitable for you, you can.

Tryouts are announced in the Karakura Academics discord which will be linked at the end of this thread. These are official rules that are typically used in games or tournaments. While playing amongst your friends, you do not have to follow anything, but you should be prepared to be aware of these if you plan on tryout for an official team.

More rules may be added depending on your team, yet that is up to your captain.


Court -
Where a basketball game is played.

Airball - A shot that misses the goal, and everything entirely.

Backboard - The rectangular board that is attached, behind the hoop.

Block - A defense mechanism that results in one player preventing another from making a shot into the hoop

Dribbling - The action of repeatedly bouncing the ball from your hand to the floor without interruption.

Free throw - (Also known as a foul shot) Is when a player practically receives a free shot which is thrown after a foul from another opponent

Layup - A shot that is flung towards the basket after a player has approached it. This is typically done after dribbling the ball.

Rebound - A missed shot. Typically when a player has attempted a shot and missed it by hitting the rim of the basket or the backboard of the hoop.

Man-to-man - When multiple members of the opposite team are in charge of blocking and guarding the ball against their opponents.

Game Functions & Operations

The Basketball Plugin can be very easy to understand if given a few simple minutes to observe.

To join a game, you must simply walk onto the court. Upon walking onto the court, it will automatically place you on either Team Red or Team Blue, as you will be given armor of either the color Red or Blue, indicating which team you are on. Your inventory will be temporarily cleared when walking onto the court, however will be returned when walking off.
TIP: Logging off whilst being on the basketball courts can result in a glitch. This glitch causes your inventory to be wiped. To avoid this from happening, please step off of the courts before clicking the disconnect button. Remember to screenshot your inventory before in case of a server crash.

Holding the ball -

(Right-click the ball)
Throwing the ball -

(Hold Right-click on the ball)
'Stealing' the ball -

(Left-click the ball)

Game Rules

The following rules do not have to apply to everyone on the server, but Official Basketball Teams and for those who are trying out. If you are playing basketball for fun, feel free to roam around the court with your own rules, however, avoid doing so if interrupting Team games or practices.

Anyone is free to use the courts at any time of the day, however, if the practice is taking place you must not interrupt. If a Captain kindly asks you to leave the courts, please do so.

In order for the ball to appear, a minimum of two players must be on the court. Upon entering, the ball will appear. When leaving, the ball will disappear.

Roll out of 20 - Before most games, two players must roll out of 20. The player who rolls higher gets to grab the ball first. Upon grabbing the ball, the game begins straight away. After scoring, you do not need to roll again as the game continues.

Offense & Defense - These positions are usually chosen before the game, however, to keep it simple: stay in your positions.
Offense: Staying on the Opposite side of the court, to score into the opponent's basket. Usually the tallest player, playing near the basket.
Center: Roams freely on both sides of the court. Tries to rebound and score on close shots.
Defense: Staying on your own side of the court, to defend and block any shots made towards your basket, as well as passing to your team members to get the ball closer to the opponent’s basket. Tries to rebound misses and block the opponent's shots.


Point Guard - Usually the best passer and dribbler. Driving the ball down the court.
Offense: Controlling the ball, getting the ball in time to the right player

Shooting Guard - The main goal is to score points for the team.
Defense: Stealing the ball on defense, shutting down the best opponent’s player.

Power Forward - Spend most of the game inside the three-pointer line. Much like Centers, they play near the basket, rebounding and defending.
Offense: Commonly play offense, playing with their “back to the basket”.

Small Forward - Responsible for defending and scoring points, roaming all around the court.
Offense: Tries to score many points
Defense: Tries to defend the ball

Official Teams | Information
Unless you are an official member of one of the Karakura High teams, you cannot wear their uniforms. You can create your own personal or custom one, but no designs, colors, or resemblances should be of the same. Wearing the uniform whilst not on the team can result in an on server punishment given by a staff member.

Bobcat Male’s Basketball Team
Bobcat Female’s Basketball Team
Spartan Male’s Basketball Team
Spartan Female’s Basketball Team

What to expect when joining a team:


You will be required to work as a team, getting along with one another and focusing on goals to make your basketball skills stronger as a team. It is important to bond with your teammates as it will help in games as well as be beneficial in the long run.

You will be required to go to practices as most Captains host practices once a week. Practices can range from playing games, practicing shooting, working on offense and defense, and even DetailRPing stretches and workouts. However, at the end of the day, the team Captain has a say in the rules and regulations on practices.​

Captains are always keeping an eye out for dedicated players and those who show up to practices, making an effort. It is a good idea to work hard and show your best if you ever want to be considered as the next possible Captain of the team.

Last but not least, sportsmanship is another very important trait to carry. You will be having tournaments against another team, however at the end of the day no matter who wins or loses, we are all playing to have fun. Enjoy your time out there playing basketball, and be friendly to one another!​



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