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Rules & Information

This post will provide you with information resolved around the Rules, Gameplay Mechanics, and Overall Understanding on Football within SchoolRP. These are the rules all Official Football-Teams must follow, But unofficial teams may make and practice their own rules.

4 Block Rule - Players must keep a distance of 4 Blocks

Hammering - Players must not speed-click the ball into the goal

Dribble - The action of juggling the ball above your head across the pitch

Game Mechanics & Functions

SchoolRP’s Football Plugin provides fun and different football physics for Players to enjoy. From Shooting to Passing you can find different ways to practice the plugins mechanics to your benefit.

To enter a game you simply have to walk onto the Pitch / Field and you will be automatically placed onto either team. Depending on how many Players are on a team it will always attempt to make the game balanced. Your inventory will be cleared whilst on the field but all items will return once you step off.

You will be notified in chat of which team you have joined. You may also look at your armour to see which team you are on. You may also select which team you wish to join by selecting one of the 2 signs found near the field.

Normal Kick -

(Left-Click the ball in the direction you wish to shoot at)
- Pass Kick

(Right-Click the ball in the direction you wish to shoot at)
High Kick -

(Left-Click the ball + Pushing your cursor up in the direction you wish to shoot at)
- Curve Ball

(Left-Click the ball + Pushing your cursor left or right)

Positions & Formations

SchoolRP's Football Plugin attempts to keep the fundamental principal of realistic Football but keeps it fair and fun. The positions are the same in a normal game of Football, but the formations are quite different.

Striker / Offense -
A Striker is a position given to a Player that will take charge in making goals in the oppositions goal. A Striker has to have great control over the ball and fast click-speed to keep the ball over the defense. It is also important for them to keep good communication between their teammates.

Defender / Defense -
A Defender's job is to keep the ball away from the goal post. The Player's job is to keep the ball going up the field to the oppositions side. A full game requires 2 Defenders although you can have 1 Defender Mid-Field, Left Field or Right Field.

Goalkeeper / Goalie -
A Goalkeeper has to block all shots attempted by the other team. They also have to throw the ball out further down the pitch for the Defenders or Strikers to take control. Goalies can jump in the box.

Within SchoolRP we use the format 0,0,0 starting with Strikers all the way down to the Goalie. A Normal / Full Game formation is to be labelled as (2,2,1). This shows the game consists of 2 Strikers, 2 Defenders, 1 Goalie. Depending on how many Players come to a Practice / Game the formation may be edited. The other formations that can be used are; (2, 1, 1) which shows 2 Strikers, 1 Defender, 1 Goalie. (1,1,1) which is 1 Striker, 1 Defender, 1 Goalie. (1,0,1) This is the last formation that can be accepted, although you may play a game with (1,0,0) although this formation lacks team skill.

Game Rules
The rules for the Plugin are kept simple for normal games. These rules are in place to better keep the game fair and neat. Players aren't forced to follow the rules shown, although if you are looking into trying out for a Football-Team you should revise these rules.

- Roll Out Of 3
Before a game can start each Striker starting at Centre-Field must roll out of 3. The Player that gets the highest gets First Kick.

- Stay in Formation
Players must stay in their correct positions. When the whistle and the first kick has commenced all Players may then move.

- 4 Block Rule
Players must keep a rough distance of 4 Blocks from their teammates; communicating properly before attempting anything. This is to better prevent Players from crowding the ball.

- Whistle
You cannot start the game until the whistle has been blown. You must wait for the pitch to be clear of the referee until first kick off.

- Jumping
You cannot run & jump whilst on the pitch, although you may jump as long as you are stationary.

- Centre-Field Face Off
Once a score has been made the opposite team must get the first kick.

- 'Hammering'
When attempting to make a goal you must not spam-click the ball into the goals. You must slow down your clicking before reaching the box to allow the Goalkeeper to have a fair chance at defending the goal post.

- Halfway, Defense & Goal Line

Halfway Line -
The large white line in the middle of the Field. Strikers cannot pass this line beyond +1 block of the large white line and step on their side of the field.

Defense Line - This line is marked with Red & Blue flags. Defenders must not pass this line and stay back with the Goalkeeper.

Goal Line - Also known as the 'Goalies Box' Strikers & Defenders cannot step into the goal box.

Centre Line - This is more of a guideline to prevent players from breaking formation; you should keep this in mind when playing, however crossing it by a block or two is not against the rules, though over-crossing it is.

- Two Minutes
If a team decides to timeout for whatever reason they may only do so for 2 Minutes. This may only happen twice within a full game

- Subs
Teams can only make a sub when called to the referee, each team can make 2 subs per match. However, teams are allowed to completely change a line-up during half-time.

- Rule-breaking
If a player has 3 infractions (individual verbal warnings), they'll be removed and banned from competing in the season's tournament.



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