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Staff & Community Guidelines

Principles Preface

Welcome, one and all, to the overview of Staff & Community responsibility!

There is always something that needs to be done with every passing second: A question to be answered, concerns to be alleviated, or bugs to be patched, and these tasks all fall under the care of Staff and our community representatives!

No matter what community you come from or engage in, you should always know that staff is there to make your experience a fun & enriching one. The staff and community representatives work tirelessly to bring you answers for your problems and features for you to experience.

Regardless of which staff team you communicate with on Roleplay Hub, we all share the same ethical foundation through our Code of Conduct. As with varying communities in the Roleplay Hub, our Code of Conduct provides staff with the groundwork they need to provide you with an everlasting experience. In order to act as good community representatives, we embody these three overarching values.

Leadership, Community, and Responsibility

This document is tailored with the purpose of helping you become familiar with our values of Leadership, Community, and Responsibility. The Code of Conduct, along with various other staff structures and duties, will be displayed here in the event that you want to become more well-versed with Roleplay Hub values, as a normal player, or as a prospective recruit to the staff team!



Here in the Roleplay Hub administration, we care about providing the players with the best experience possible according to our values. As well, we absolutely encourage the players to take upon community roles and introduce new and novel ideas as that corresponds directly with the values we uphold.

If these players can lead and create positive influences amongst the Roleplay Hub communities, it is all the better as this follows the three I-values that we utilise as staff and wish for the players to adopt as well.

Initiative, Integrity, and Influence.

To be a community representative, you must have the initiative to do act, the integrity to stand for what you do, and to influence the community in a positive fashion.These are values not just associated with being staff amongst Roleplay Hub, but values associated with being good people.

Don’t just consume; create.



It is important to us in Roleplay Hub Administration that our staff and players have a good sense of community. To not exist within the community, but to give back as well.

On the Roleplay Hub staff team, transparency and sympathy is key.

When lending a hand to the players, we want to be clear and kind in what we do. The ultimate goal for us as community representatives is to serve as potential role models for the players, and what better way to do that than mingling with the players?

Communication with the player-base is critical to establishing and prolonging the trust in Staff, however communication with your peers amongst the staff & community teams is just as important.

As much talent as one person may have, they cannot do everything by their lonesome. You will have to depend on your peers from time to time in order to get things done efficiently and to a degree of quality.

When staff does mingle among the player base, they may do so through various ways! Whether it's dropping into a voice call discussion or leaving a comment on an art post, staff can be seen anywhere in the community, as they too, are players like yourself!

Being players just like yourself, they are still part of the experience that Staff seeks to provide you with. Thus hounding them while they are role-playing is largely discouraged. Please direct your concerns and questions to /help or the help channel on the Roleplay Hub Discord and an active-duty staff member will be able to help you out!



Your position in the community begins with your unique commitment(s):
Each member of the staff deserves a meaningful responsibility. A personal burden that they can bear.

Every valued corner of Roleplay Hub needs a caretaker, someone to guide players into having the intended experience of RPHub. Of course, this isn’t limited to only staff as fellow players also have a duty to each other.

The absolute first priority is to establish what responsibilities you will personally guarantee & are satisfied doing. We recommend choosing something you have interest in and perhaps are passionate for, you will then be appointed a position there as long as you are deemed fit for the role.

The formal staff responsibilities aside, every player has a responsibility to themselves to improve, to reach for another level of growth.

No matter if you are a staff-member or a casual player, you must not remain stagnant or idle, for as the server grows, so does our playerbase. You must grow with it and achieve better things, not just for the server, but for yourself as a person.



Your role, whether it's in the staff or community team, will ultimately determine what more formal responsibilities you hold. These duties and responsibilities will become your regular routine on the server as long as you remain on the either team.

Remember, your role is important.

Even if another person can cover what you are capable of, you are designated to that specific task to keep things orderly, otherwise there’d be chaos in task assignment and a shirking of duties. We will provide disclaimers about various key aspects of the administrative experience, aspects involving permissions, communications, cooperation, activity, and resignation.

You are an essential cog in Roleplay Hub’s functioning system, and while you may feel separated from the playerbase at times, remember your roots as a player and bring about the changes you’d like to see.​

Permissions & Opportunities
For community staff, they are granted the opportunity to contribute directly to the experience of the server. Whether it is lore, builds, or media, these players are responsible for breathing life into the server as normal players with a passion to present. Staff, on the other hand, are granted more administrative abilities based on their role.

As staff, you are expected to know better and to use them responsibly. We understand that your roleplay time may be limited through your duties as staff, however you should never try to use your position to gain an IC advantage over other players. You should not bend the rules to your favor nor void things for your character if they would not make sense for other normal players. You keep the order, but you yourself must abide by it too.

When you are initiated as staff, you will go through a trial-period. This is your chance to learn the ropes and shadow other staff to see how they get their tasks done effectively and how they influence Roleplay Hub in a positive fashion. If you are lacking permissions, abilities, etc that you believe your role should have, please contact senior administration to resolve the issue.

If you believe another staff member is misusing their abilities or abusing their authority over others, please contact senior administration with evidence. If you believe senior administration to be doing this, please contact one of the owners with evidence.

Communication & Cooperation
Of course, as staff, you should act appropriately at all times.

This means you should act cordial and professional among the playerbase. We do not want our staff-team to be taken as a group of loosey-goosey individuals who you would not be able to trust with serious matters. If you are to converse with friends, you of course can act naturally, however if your demeanor is problematic, we expect it to be resolved after warnings.

Target the issues at their core and strive to be objective and factual. However, that is not to say you should remain heartless, if a player is having an issue do hear them out and provide a custom solution if you believe you can.

We expect a certain level of restraint and control as a staff and community staff. You should not be acting off of impulse nor a bias towards friends. Discussion of sensitive and potentially confidential material with others beyond those involved and senior administration is strictly forbidden as we do not wish to instigate nor prolong conflict. That is not to say you should ignore it, if something happens, please inform senior administration.

If other staff or community team members make errors or are acting in suspicious fashion, please address them first. In the case they do not amend their ways or seek to grow, please inform senior administration. If it is a senior administration who has erred, please contact an owner with evidence.

Your role as staff is to help the player base but you should also help each other when you can! If you require help, do not be afraid to ask. Likewise, if someone on your team requests help, please help in where you are capable. If you have concerns that are not private or confidential, there will be regular staff meetings in order to voice these concerns.

Communication is key. We are a team and we must remain cooperative.

Consequences & Punishments
When dealing with server offences, staff are expected to render fair judgement and fair punishments. All punishments issued for offences should follow what is set in the rules and there should not be biases towards those who are familiar with you as a staff.

If this happens, another will be called to deal with the situation and you may be issued a consequence as well.

While staff should issue punishments to rule-breakers, at times there are conditions where staff may make an offence of their own. This will not go unpunished as they are still players of Roleplay Hub and must abide by the rules. There are no exceptions.

Cases where staff may be punished are:
  • Abuse of given powers
  • Oversight / Bias for friends
  • Irresponsible & Poor Behaviour
  • Sparking/Engaging in unwarranted conflict
  • Lack of cooperation with fellow staff
  • Unwarranted & Malicious Discrimination
  • Breaking any listed rule
Punishments for staff are issued by the owners and the consequences vary based on the offence. In some cases, a warning will be given. In other more severe cases, a complete removal from the team is possible.

Staff does not allow you to act as if Roleplay Hub was your playground, you still have a duty to other players to play fair and to play nice.

Inactivity Logging
If for whatever reason you must take a temporary hiatus from your role, please notify your team coordinator. There will be an inactivity-log as well for you to fill with a reason and approximate length of time you will be gone.

If you must leave for a large period of time for whatever reason, Senior Administration may have to revoke your rank and find another to fulfil the position. However, if you were to return, if you held good communication and cooperation with the rest of the team, you may be allowed to resume your post if you go through the necessary procedures once more.

If you grow to be fatigued, tense, or irate, please declare a hiatus in inactivity logs and take a few days of break. Please be aware that if this is a common occurrence without good reason, coordinators may have to remove you from your position until you are ready to resume and reapply.

If for whatever reason you decide you want to resign from the staff or community teams, please inform whomever is your coordinator/in-charge of your decision and reason why.

However, if this is due to a concern please voice the concern before you decide to resign.

~ Im6, Hobbits, Mythweavers
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