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Level 25

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What is your Minecraft username?:


Do you have Discord (If so, what is your discord username?):
thecat3850 (the cat#3850)

How old are you? (Optional):

What is your time zone?:
BST (British Summer Time)

Describe your activity on the server:
I am an individual with no schooling or job currently, therefore I have 95% of my time awake free to do whatever I want, in this case I choose to spend my waking hours on SRP. On average I spend around 5-18 hours on SRP daily, there are times where I have to go touch grass because of real life stuff but that happens about 2-5 days a month. It is important that I mention the fact that even though I live in the UK, I have a nocturnal lifestyle meaning I am awake during the server's more populated times.

Have you ever been banned (If yes, when and why?):
I was falsely banned one time for bypassing a ban, this was back in the beginning of the year February time and it had happened because I was at the time sharing my dog account with a friend, that friend had gotten themselves banned and failed to inform me, I logged on and almost immediately got banned for bypassing which I later appealed for and was accepted pretty quickly. The dog account is no longer shared.

Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?:
This is both understandable and knowledgeable, if I am to be accepted then I shall inform a higher up about any concerns I have with inactivity. Of course I will be as active as I possibly can, even with other roles I have currently!

Link(s) to any previous applications and appeals on the server:

What are your current role(s) on the server? (If you're in college, specify your degree level):

Grades 8, 9, 10 & 12, College B, Bear, Dog, Cat, Qualified Teacher, HS-Swim co-captain (Grade-12).

Shop Information

What shop are you applying for?:

Strays restaurant/shop.

Why do you want to become a Shopkeeper?:
Because I, as an active and online individual would like to make it more convenient for others to visit a store/restaurant when it's open more frequently, I would also love to have the opportunity to have a little fun with it, the idea of running a store in SRP has always fascinated me and I personally believe it's important to enjoy working which is why I am applying. I would like to provide a more realistic and fun experience for customers, for example in Japan (as confirmed by a Japanese friend), Karaoke is a very popular theme in restaurants and is found in many of them around Japan.
I of course would love the opportunity to be able to play as an adult shopkeeper character, she'd run a fun business and have her kids help run it with her for their personal experience to help with their icly future. The idea of creating a fun and safe environment for not just the customers but for the workers as well sounds really fun, exciting and like a great opportunity for everyone involved!
I have a large amount of ideas for running a shop that I’d like to try out, this would work as the perfect opportunity to do so. This includes but is not limited to; Karaoke restaurant, 80’s themed sushi bar, arcade restaurant, Disco bar, many different themes and styles, much more! Applying and potentially being accepted for this role would increase realism since in Japan there are many karaoke places spread around the country (Again as confirmed by a Japanese friend), from what I’ve seen around the map of Karakura, there’s not many if any karaoke places.

What do you plan to do with your shop, and what makes it unique?:
  • Design​
    • The store/restaurant choice that we (Me and future employees) will be doing will include designs that reflect both an American retro diner set around the 80s and also neons to give a lounge set to Japanese culture via karaoke. The main room will be a public space for all of the customers to sing, eat and enjoy the 80s neon life with other competitive singers for fun. We intend to use the redstone lamps to let guests stay secluded to rented out rooms but still let our employees know they require our attention.​
    • In our store/restaurant we are going to be using a booth for people to select which songs they would like, set them into a queue for the guests to select for the public floor, and then have it broadcasted to a watch2gether for everyone.​
  • Menu​
    • While our menu will have food and drink items as many other restaurants would normally do, we will also offer custom sound blocking headphones to guests who are far more sensitive to sound to ensure their comfortability. This is a custom item that has already been requested that could be shared with the server by this store and make sense to be sold amongst the people even though it's an accessory.​
    • Since we plan on adding a bar area, we will include different kinds of alcoholic beverages for said bar, hopefully increasing popularity in the store.​
  • Employees​
    • The workers roster will include but aren’t limited to; from 4-10 waiters and waitresses for the obvious task of waiting the tables, 3 members of security for dealing with those who’re not as civilised as everyone else, 3 managers for managing different tasks such as financing, managing employees and more! Not including the owner of the store of course.​

What will you sell in your shop?:
As well as selling different kinds of food as a restaurant would of course do, we will be selling custom sound blocking headphones to help with loud noises for customers who need them! Since we plan on including a bar area, we will include alcoholic beverages as well.
I imagine this restaurant would attempt to sell American-style food and drinks such as burgers, fries and milkshakes to make it more unique and foreign! This would hopefully introduce a grown interest for the customers making them regulars. When it comes to items, I am both prepared for a denial or acceptance, therefore official pricing will be decided if this application is accepted with help from higher ups, depending on what items are decided entirely.
I plan on eventually purchasing more custom items for the shop if it is to be accepted, but of course I'd like to only purchase them if it's a guarantee I can use them in a shop that I own.

How many employees do you plan to have?:
A minimum of 10 and a maximum of 16 puts us at an average of 13 employees all together. Although of course all of the information is listed above this question.

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Additional notes about your application:
Do you have any questions?:
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