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Toshihiro Ezureya | Biography


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○ ~ Toshihiro (Koraru) Ezureya ~ ○



Basic Information

First Name:




Toshi / Tosh / Toe / Hiro


19 years old (as of currently)



Toshihiro would possess a rather slim-average type of athletic build. His torso would also appear somewhat more rectangular in shape.

Screenshot 2022-11-20 120830.png

Skin Color:
The base of his skin tone would be made up mostly of a very warm ivory complexion, with a noticeable facial mole just below his left eye.

Eye Color:
Chestnut Brown.

Hair Style:
His hair would primarily appear curly and wavy, yet a bit messy in some areas.

Hair Color:
Mainly dark brown blended in with a hint of magenta, along with a small portion of his hair that possesses a lighter, yet more distinct hue of brown, and a few streaks which each branch off individual sides of his scalp.


Date of Birth:
August 26th, 2004

Place of Birth:
Tokyo, Japan



Sexual Orientation:

Religious Beliefs:

Political Beliefs:

General Appearance

• w.i.p


Image (w.i.p):
Fairly Attractive & Approachable + Markedly Appealing in Fashion

Personality (w.i.p):
Toshihiro would often be portrayed as being a periodically soft-spoken and quiet individual on the outside, yet in truth, he is appreciably friendly, compassionate, easygoing, and humourous in nature, especially towards those to who he cares most for and looks up to. Despite occasionally being quite self-critical, he still attempts to give his all in situations where he feels inclined to meet decent expectations that he wishes to achieve for not only himself but his family/friends who he passionately cherishes as well.



Character Voice:
In terms of his voice, it'd probably mostly resemble that of Tatsuka Hatanaka (Japanese) & Kyle Phillips (English), but a little more soft-spoken and soothing in tone.




A special beaded bracelet that he wears on his left wrist which symbolizes a very close friendship he had with someone since early childhood.

• He often enjoys wearing Casual Street Attire, Traditional/Semi-Formal Fits, & Comfy Everyday Garments.

Traditional Drawing, Tailoring, Writing, Listening to Music, Occasionally Exercising, Indulging in sports-related activities, etc.

Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities:
Depression / (Social) Anxiety - { Evident }
ADHD - Somewhat Cured { Occasionally Evident }

• Considering his experience in the creative field, he's most adaptable towards drawing and tailoring.

• He's especially quite agile and persistent whenever he's exercising or participating in any sort of sports-related activity.

• Also is quite knowledgable with knowing how to properly communicate with sign language (a.k.a JSL).

Despite appearing mature and periodically level-headed, his behavior patterns would involve him sometimes exaggerating in a particular stress-inducing scenario, subsequently transitioning into an odd, emotional-like state, then suddenly bouncing back to his original mature self after it's been resolved.

• Occasionally has his moments where he behaves somewhat of the same way, except more light-hearted and pleasant in nature, almost like a child would behave.

• He especially has a small, yet seemingly inevitable habit of sounding discouraged or not entirely sure about something by reusing words/phrases such as, "maybe", "probably", "sorta", "possibly", & "kinda", which very closely ties into his history of not having much confidence in himself and underestimating his own abilities, most especially when interacting or communicating with others.


Family & Friends

Relatives/Guardians (Biological):

Nomura Chibasoka - Mother { Deceased }

Fukuda Ezureya - Father {
ALIVE - not present }

Hiroko Ezureya - Sister {
ALIVE - not present }

(Current) Associated Families:

○ ~ Koraru & Corvid ~

Rini K. Corvid - (Former) Adoptive Mother

Neo K. Corvid - (Former) Adoptive Father

Other Relations:

Mizuno Hiromi - (Former) Caretaker { ALIVE - not present }

Natsumi Sanō - Childhood Companion { ALIVE - occassionally present }

Friends & Close Companions:

Kenshi Tsushima - luctwer

Arisa Oishi - ItzJustAurora

Adaeze Tsukumo - maiussy

Sayori Bell - qmaini

Rini K. Corvid - DivingBlues

Nevaeh Bonheur - Zesedia

Virgil Dot - Nyreox

Ash T. Minaki - zClovdz

Rivi'ma Kuroiwa - l8tley

Myeong Faheem - jackertyl

M. 'Yari' C. Aemi - baeisliddy

Bee /// - Zoey159

Mitsuri Tokugawa - withyofatha

Aliana Tokugawa - withyomama

Emiko Tokugawa - Roosian

Sheldon Tokugawa - Goob2920

Hibiki Giovanni - HeyImLieu

Gryaz' R. Voronin - cynicxal

Nozomi Omori - Tatsunoto

Mei Adashi - ILoveeUrMom

Zieke Anzen Chitai - Zeroy1

Misha A.C. Ivanovski -

(+ more which have yet to be listed.)


Backstory (to be edited furthermore):

Early - Late Childhood:
Born to a family of an exceptionally wealthy degree, Toshihiro first grew up in Tokyo, Japan as an only child who, during his early childhood years, was often content and greatly loved by both his parents. His mother (Nomura Chibasoka) and father (Fukuda Ezureya) were always regarded as memorable and significant figures in his life, especially considering how his mom was extraordinarily skilled in the creative field, leading her to become a highly successful traditional media artist. Additionally, his father was remarkably knowledgeable in cooking which led to him opening his very own business, even if small, in the culinary industry. From this, Toshihiro would be heavily inspired by both his mom and dad whom he always looked up to, and during their free time, his parents would lecture and introduce him to their own careers/specialties which he passionately chose to follow under. Although cooking didn't exactly turn out to be of his highest caliber, the same couldn't be said about drawing considering how profoundly enveloped and immersed he became in practice, eventually turning it into a primary hobby of his, besides sometimes still taking cooking lessons from his father. With time, drawing became one of, if not the most cherished aspect of Toshihiro's life that strengthened the bond he had with his mother, who he typically enjoyed being around in most cases, especially due to the considerably gentle, warm, and sentimental aura she always gave off while she was around him. Later down the line, when Toshihiro was in his late child-like years (10 years old), his mother gave birth to his new little sister (Hiroko Ezureya) who he affectionately adored and cared for with all his heart, just as his parents did.

While Toshihiro and the rest of his family were already happy and healthy with where they were and the lives they lived, it sadly came to an abrupt halt. One fateful day, a tragedy struck just before Toshihiro became a young teenager (12 years old). This incident would, unfortunately, change his life altogether, as it involved both his parents being caught up in a deadly car accident by a drunk driver. Though his father luckily made it out without being too injured, it appallingly left his mother in a critical state of paralysis which therefore put her life in jeopardy. Afterward, it'd cause his father to be put in what seemed like an indefinite state of petrified despair and agony. From this point on, Toshihiro and his sister would often be neglected by their own father, who later resorted to drinking alcohol and using it as his escape from anguish. Sometimes when Toshihiro would attempt to approach his father, rather than talk to him rationally, he'd instead lash out at his son, and in return weakening the bond he shared with his father who was once a cherished figure in his life. Because he often was in pain over the current state of his wife, it ended up interfering with his ability to work and grow his business which became more complex with time. Between now and into the future, Toshihiro would gradually develop immense depression and social anxiety which proceeded to take a toll on him and his school life, making it far more difficult for him to properly communicate and express himself towards others besides hobbies which he often used as an advantage to help him cope with all that was already going for him.
Additionally, he'd begin to gradually show intense signs of ADHD that, in most instances, would prohibit him from being able to pay attention to lectures and finish school work, therefore lowering his self-esteem as well as his reputation as a hard-working student. In other situations, he'd be bullied and humiliated by other kids his age regarding his inability and struggle to portray proper communication skills with others, as well as insulting his family name which slowly changed the way he treated and viewed others around him. In one particular scenario, Toshihiro would suddenly snap and physically assault one of the other kids upon them provoking him, consequently leading to him becoming temporarily suspended and homeschooled for some time.

Early - Late Teens:
Eventually, when Toshihiro turned 13 years old, his mother was revealed to have passed away in the hospital, leading Toshihiro & his family's life to take a downward spiral. Eventually, his father finally made the decision to temporarily shut down his business and move to Karakura in order to start a new life, bringing Toshihiro & his sister along, as he would be transferring over to Karakura Highschool. However, even despite this, his father still carried sorrow along with him, as did Toshihiro. It wasn't until a little later on in his life (14 years old) that would come to the realization that he couldn't properly take care of Toshihiro and his sister in his current state, and therefore proceeded to hire a caretaker who would be responsible for looking after the two while he became absent from both their lives for a prolonged period of time, sometimes visiting them at least once or twice each month to keep them in check as he worked on bettering himself as a father figure regardless of Toshihiro almost no longer admiring him as much as he once did. While their caretaker (Mizuno Hiromi) did everything in her power to look after the two, especially Toshihiro, in most cases he would only be locked in a state of gloom and desolation. Even in spite of his caretaker closely reminding him and resembling his mother who he was very close to in regards to the immensely similar aura she gave off, he knew with utmost certainty that they weren't biologically related which came between his ability to share a bond with someone he also didn't know too well yet but did all they could to relieve him from his pain of losing somebody close to him. Within the next few months, however, Toshihiro would slowly but surely begin developing a friendly and healthy relationship with his caretaker, specifically by becoming involved with writing and tailoring, which she periodically spends time coaching him and used as her own coping mechanism to deal with stress earlier in her younger days. Just like with art, he used these as outlets that allowed him to express himself through another means of communication and creativity with the world which eventually led to him becoming less mute and more gratified over time. As a result of this, he combined drawing, as well as his newly found hobby of tailoring into a fashion design occupation that he frequently uses as a stress reducer and feeling the same sentimentalism that he derived from learning about art from his mother. Following the next couple of weeks, Toshihiro would try to exit his comfort zone by looking further into other potential hobbies he could pursue, two of which were exercising and sports. He would often enjoy spectating and participating in all various kinds of activities that involved track, basketball, and volleyball. On top of this, he would train himself to consistently exercise not only to cope with his stress but also to build a healthier body and mindset which at the time he didn't have. Eventually, when Toshihiro turned 15 years old (1 year later), his father would come back into his life as a fully improved man who no longer expressed sorrow over the past, however, the fact of his father coming back into his life only much later on didn't sit right with Toshihiro, seeing how it only shifted his overall view of his him within the timespan of his absence. Even with this, however, he was able to accept his father back into his life once more, subsequently making Toshihiro emotional upon saying goodbye to his caretaker which whom he developed a very close connection with during the time he had spent with her.

Fast forwarding to the present day (19 years of age), he attends Karakura High. Still, he partakes in these hobbies/outlets which to this day he uses not just as a way to enjoy but also to express himself as a human being better while his father continues to look after his little sister back at home.

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