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The following thread includes information about each private property residential or otherwise available throughout Karakura. It will also include information about available watercraft and residences in-game which you can purchase permanently for you and your friends to enjoy, or even rent to others in some cases. The options for private residential properties is ever-changing and this thread will be updated to reflect this.

Table of Contents
Houses, Dorms & Apartments

Houses and Apartments are the only rented properties found in Karakura. They can be found throughout every district in Karakura and typically range from ¥15,000 to ¥300,000 per month. All of these properties range in shapes and sizes, each house having its own unique floor, and each apartment being completely customisable. Whilst apartments are ideal for the everyday joe, a house is a ideal for families and large groups of friends, so shop around and find whatever suits your needs!

Dorms are only available to students of Karakura High & Community College, each available for just ¥1,000/hour for a maximum of 6 hours. Each interior comes pre-built and has a sleek design, similar to the beach houses; these are perfect for newer players, or players who cannot afford to purchase their own apartment just yet. Private Dorms are also available for School Sports Team members at ¥15,000/month.

You can see all available houses, share houses, and apartments in the Estate Agent in Karakura at 1770x 17y 1350z.


Estates are large plots of land owned by the most affluent and influential families in Karakura, their plots have typically been owned for generations and are admired for their beauty, symbolising wealth and tradition. All estates should have their own public areas which can host a multitude of events, some even dedicating their land to vast gardens making the ideal place to take a walk.
1. You must have an established family of at least 10 unique players.
1a. At least 10 players within a family must've played within the last 30 days.
2. Your family cannot be involved tied to a Gang, or similar (refer to the rules below, #2).
3. You must have the money to purchase the estate ready before contacting staff to purchase a plot.
3a. If an estate is for sale, it's first-come-first-serve, so long as the first player has met all of the requirements listed here.
4. Your family management (e.g. 'Co-Lead', 'Higher Up', or similar roles), must all be semi-reputable players, meaning they must have a somewhat clean history. This is in order to ensure stability in your family's estate.
5. You must have a general idea of what you wish to do with the estate before offering to purchase it.
5a. Your plans must include an area open to the public, as well as at least 1 property within the estate available that people outside of your family can rent, or live in for free.
1. Estates must have 15 residences at all times
1a. If for any reason an estate loses residents, the owner has 30 days to reach the threshold once more.
1b. Residents can include family members.
2. Estates are not allowed to be used by Gangs for criminal purposes.
3. All Estate owners must pay tax on rent received by residents, this is to discourage further money-making.
3a. Estate owners are not required to charge players rent.
3b. Estate owners are only permitted to charge a maximum of ¥200,000 rent per room/property.
3c. Estate owners can only rent to a maximum of 15 paying residents (this does not include residents who do not pay rent).
3d. Estate owners cannot sell rooms/properties to another player in its entirety, only the estate owner can permanently own the estate and property within it.
3e. In-Character, all paying residents are entitled to their own rights through the court system.
3ea. The owner of the estate must give you 7 OOC days notice before evicting you (eviction notice can be done in or out of character).
3eb. The owner of the estate must give you 7 OOC days notice before increasing rent.
4. All Estate builds must be deemed suitable for the location of which the property is, meaning a theme should be apparent throughout. Typically, all estates follow a traditional Japanese style.
4a. Estate owners cannot build basements deeper than 7 blocks and must reflect the dimensions of the property it is underneath, no matter where the property is.
4b. Building into the mountain is only permitted for small rooms and must be deemed realistic.
4c. All buildings must be realistically scaled, meaning you cannot build large towers or huge structures.
5. Estate owners cannot charge entrance fees to the public.​
6. Estate ownership can be transferred, however the owner of the estate must forfeit an additional 75% of the properties value (for example if the property is 100,000,000, they must pay 75,000,000), this is to keep it fair for the community.​
7. If an estate owner decides to 'sell' their property back to the estate agent, they will only receive 40% of what they originally paid (this includes transfer fees, e.g. if the last sale attached to a property was an ownership transfer, they property is now only worth a sale value of 40% of the transfer fee).​
8. Not logging online, or being "inactive" will lead to the estate being disowned without any form of compensation for the loss of property.​
8a. Being offline for more than 30 days may lead to an estate being disowned.​
8b. Having a play time of less than ~6 hours a month may lead to an estate being disowned, this rule is to prevent estate owners from coming online for short periods to prevent their estate from being disowned.​
9. An estate can have a maximum of 2 pets, all of which are NPCs that each cost ¥3,000,000.​
10. A property within an estate can have a custom nameplate, e.g. "Big House" for a cost of ¥1,000,000/nameplate​





Boats are a luxury residence used primarily for leisure purposes with various types of watercraft you can privately own, you can find the boat that's right for you and your friends; the boats available are Sailboat, Small Yacht, and Yacht. Yachts typically have 2-3 rooms and enough space for small groups to roleplay inside, or even host a party with friends.

Upon purchasing a boat with in-game money, you are guaranteed permanent ownership of it until you're offline for longer than 1 month in which case you may be at risk of losing your boat. Ownership of these watercrafts can be passed onto others for a transfer fee so that it's fair to the rest of the community who would be missing out on the opportunity to own the property due to its ownership change.
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