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✧・゚:✧・゚:Player Information✧・゚:✧・゚:

What is your Minecraft username?:
Main ~ whozits
Alt ~ Foive <- Applying for the role.

Do you have Discord (If so, what is your Discord username?):
I do, the username is whozits

How old are you? (Optional):
I am currently 17, turning 18 in March!

What is your time zone?:
PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Describe your activity on the server:
If given a scale from 1 - 10, I’d say my activity remains at around an 8.5 overall. I’m a relatively active player on SRP, having been so since late December when I first started playing SRP. I’m practically on every day, logging around 3 - 6 hours depending on the day. I do have a part-time job and do year-round school which may conflict with my schedule on occasion. I am always available between the time of 7 pm - 1 am PST, may that be on SRP or online in general.
In conclusion, my activity is a bit conflicted but manageable, and if accepted I will 100% be sure to make time for my job as a Shopkeeper. Being available for my employees or customers whenever needed, and overall being a person people can depend on.

Have you ever been banned (If yes, when and why?):
I have never been banned before and plan to keep it that way.

Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?:
Yes, I acknowledge that if I am inactive I will be demoted.

Link(s) to any previous applications and appeals on the server:
At the moment, I do not have any previous applications or appeals on the server. This is my first significant application.

What are your current role(s) on the server? (If you're in college, specify your degree level):
Main ~ whozits | [Grade-12]
Alt ~ Foive | [Grade-12] <- Applying for the role.

✧・゚:✧・゚:Shop Information✧・゚:✧・゚:

What shop are you applying for?:
I am applying for the shop Kansai.

Will you be renaming the shop? If so, why?:
I will be renaming the shop to Umisachi.

✧Umi (海)✧
‘Umi’ derives from the Japanese language, meaning sea. When you think of the word sea or the ocean, your mind usually drifts towards a sense of vastness, tranquility, and beauty. With this, the sea is also often associated with calmness, relaxation, and a sense of wonder. These are associations that I would like to bring to the shop. A safe place where you can just relax, listen to some music, and shop without worry.

✧Sachi (幸)✧
‘Sachi' also deriving from the Japanese language, means fortune. When thinking of the word fortune, your first thoughts are probably of huge sums of money. That is not the intention here; fortune can also be taken as a message of good luck, success, and positive outcomes. This shop will contain many fortunes and treasures you can both gain and buy. A place where good luck thrives, bringing positivity to your life as you wander throughout the shop.

✧Umisachi (海幸)✧
Combining both of these words, you get the shop’s name, Umisachi. A word that can be translated into Sea Delights, Sea Fortune, or even Bounty of the Sea. Umisachi symbolizes a journey from the vast sea (umi) of possibilities to the shores of good fortune (sachi). This being a shop, the customers enter an ocean of good fortune and treasures (items).
Being that the shop is ocean-themed, customers can expect a variety of products and services, ranging from sea-themed-inspired accessories you can flaunt to useful items such as bags you can carry your things in. In conclusion, Umisachi offers a diversity of treasures within its shop and a unique identity that sets it apart from other shops, all while leveraging the positive connotations of the sea and fortune.

Why do you want to become a Shopkeeper?:
When I first joined SRP in late December, a few days after I started playing, I noticed a notification in my chat with an advertisement for a new shop opening. Curiosity getting the best of me, I wandered around Karakura, and after a bit of struggle to find this shop, I walked in. I strolled about, seeing signs with items on them that you could buy with the in-game currency. Barely having any yen at the time, I was unable to buy anything. But my experience entering that shop, seeing the cashiers in their uniforms, the ambiance of the shop, and how wonderfully it was put together, motivated me to one day apply to be a Shopkeeper. That time is now.

One of my favorite things to do on SRP is go shopping. Funny, isn't it? Normally, one's favorite thing to do is roleplay, but in my case, it's shopping within this silly little block game. Being the hoarder I am, it brings me great joy to collect and purchase these items from these shops. Maybe when entering the shop, someone's waiting for you in the entryway. As you step in, you notice the tall aisles of items as your gaze wanders around this room of treasures. Simply visiting these shops has long encouraged me to open my own store. Seeing the crowds pour in and run about as they look around at all the products Just knowing you've created and are able to run this business provides you with a glimpse of reality.

From personal experience, although I do not currently work in retail, I do work part-time in the fast food industry, which at times can function as a shop in some circumstances. I've always thought it'd be fun to be in charge of a team of diligent workers, directing them through their tasks and ensuring that our customers are completely satisfied. Although I am not now able to do so in reality, I have the opportunity and capability to do so in SRP. As a Shopkeeper, I would be able to organize my own strong, hardworking, and friendly team of employees. Organizing enjoyable events for both employees and customers, primarily engaging with the SRP community. I've heard from people here and there that SRP isn't as much fun anymore and that there's nothing new going on lately. From owning this shop, I'd be able to bring some of my own fun to SRP, hosting events such as giveaways, parties, and many more at the shop, providing people with something to participate in together. One of the most crucial aspects of being a shopkeeper is engaging your community; it's what keeps people coming back.

In conclusion, I'd like to become a Shopkeeper to provide people with the chance to experience the nostalgia I experienced when first entering a shop in SRP. Bringing said experience to new players is one of my hopes, along with bringing old players more events and opportunities to engage with one another. From a dream of running a team of employees to meeting friends along the way, sponsoring community events, and so much more, I'd like to be a Shopkeeper. I hope that one day I will own a shop where people can go shopping for hot new items and most importantly, have fun.

Which character will you be using as Shopkeeper?:
I will be using Namiko Miura as my character for Shopkeeper.
Name: Namiko Miura
Age: 28
Backstory: Namiko grew up on Rishiri Island, near the northern tip of Hokkaido. A place offering beautiful hiking trails, coastal sceneries, and small fishing places. Namiko grew up right next to the ocean, her parent’s house, and a small gift shop sitting along the coastline. In her younger days, she spent her time wandering along the beach, collecting shells. She would put these shells in a jar, giving them to her mom to sell in the shop, the shop’s name being Umisachi.
As she grew older, she become a worker for Umisachi. Her mother grew ill, unable to help out, so Namiko took charge, helping her father. Her mother sadly, didn’t make it through the illness. She and her father grieved deeply, closing the shop once and for all.
Later on, being the young adult she was, she set out for new horizons. Moving to Karakura, she discovered the beach, seeing the shells built up along the shoreline she collected them once again. Gaining that nostalgia of helping her parents with Umisachi, wanting to open one of her own.
She found this spot rather close to the beach, the old shop’s name being ‘Kansai’. Could this be her destiny?
IB: vokaloid

What do you plan to do with your shop, and what makes it unique?:
Umisachi is your go-to accessories and gifts shop by the beach. As far as I’m aware, there’s no sea-themed shop or restaurant, which already makes it pretty unique. Umisachi relies on its sea theme, being right next to the beach, it’s your go-to stop before taking a trip to the beach. Need a pair of sunglasses, a backpack to carry your beach stuff in, or even a hat to block the sun? Stop by!
I’d like to incorporate things such as awareness of climate change, things we can do to help our oceans, and a way to send positive and inspirational messages within the store to inspire people to help out our oceans more, it can be taken ICly or OOCly. The message of Umisachi is to pick up your trashures. Don’t toss your trashure on the sand or in the ocean. Trashcans are always available at Umisachi. Keep our oceans clean, free of waste. Because there are creatures that live in the ocean, as we do on land.
What makes Umisachi unique is that it sends an important message to people, a message that’s been trying to make its way through people’s minds, but can’t succeed. Maybe it can convince people from a sea-themed shop named Umisachi, from a silly little block game.

What will you sell in your shop?:
I will most likely sell the majority of Kansai’s previous items, hopefully being able to exchange a few in and out to fit more with the sea theme of Umisachi. (Although, if I’m at all able to I’d like to do an entire restock of different items.)

Black Cowboy Hat

Black Cat Backpack
Fendi Backpack
Totoro Backpack
White Cat Backpack

Club Master Raybans
Dokusho Reading Glasses
Heart Sunglasses
Prada Decode Sunglasses
White Clout Goggles

Blue Smartphone
White Phone
White Smartphone

Neentendo DS
VR Headset

Catholic Rosary
Rose Ring

Shrimp Plushie

Purple Phoenix Umbrella

✧Summer Limited✧
Water Gun

I also plan to buy a few customs for the shop, fitting in with the sea theme of Umisachi. Along with using a custom from a friend of mine to sell. (It's a surprise.) Here are a few of those ideas.

Umisachi Customs.png

What will the aesthetic and atmosphere be within your shop?:
The overall aesthetic of Umisachi is very blue, containing colors of the ocean, and the sandy beach. Along with a few purple jellyfish! It has designs of shells, seaweed, coral, and anything you can think of from the ocean, it’s most likely there. It has an overall luxury look, but still being a fun little shop you can go and visit before your trip to the beach, sand is always welcome! The atmosphere is very chill, and relaxing, you’re free to roam around as the scent of the nearby ocean drifts in through the windows, some relaxing music accompanying you as you glance at items on the table.

✧Temporary Logo✧


The exterior consists of white, cyan, and blue. Having shell designs on either side, along with windows to see the models and luxury items presented within them. There are a few advertisement signs along the side, with some seating to sit and rest if you’d like.

Screenshot 2023-08-11 030140 (1).png

Most importantly, right smack in the middle of the shop is Blobby. Now, Blobby is your trash blob, he eats trash. And he reminds you every time you walk by the shop, to throw away your trash. Blobby is sick of seeing trash everywhere, so throw away your trash kids!

2023-08-11_02.59.13 (1).png

The interior primarily consists of a beach theme. The walls are all decorated like the beach, the sand touching the water, the foam in between. As you go further inside, on either side of you are where the models go. On the back wall, there are items propped up on some shelves, and in front of those shelves are three tables contained with items, purple jellyfish chandeliers hanging above each of them. To your right, there are three cashier lines each decorated to the fullest, ready to serve the sea-worthy items of Umisachi.

2023-08-11_03.07.04 (2).png

Music would be playing throughout the store, some in a different language, some relaxing, some upbeat, it switches every time! Enjoy your hunt for your treasure as some pleasant or maybe battle music plays in the background.

What events will your shop have?:
My shop will consist of many events, both public and private. Hopefully, at least one event every week if my schedule works for me. These events will be planned way ahead of time, as to be sure everything is prepared and on schedule. They will be announced both in-game and on the Discord server, having sign-ups for people to participate in. These events will consist of competition, community participation, helping our beaches, and most importantly having fun!

✧Event 1 - Trash Pickup✧
Uh oh! It looks like there’s been trash piling up on the beaches. Umisachi is hosting a trash pickup event to help clean our beaches. Please head on over to the beach if you’d like to participate, bring some gloves and a friend, don’t want your hands to get dirty! The first three to get the most trash win an item of this reasonable price! AND NO FIGHTING!

The shop owner, me, will be overlooking the event, along with a fellow manager. If possible I would like to collab with a builder, possibly tossing some chests here and there along the beach and the pier. Similar to a scavenger hunt, these will be very well hidden to make it more difficult. These chests would each hold a few pieces of trash, people can be greedy or leave some for others, it’s their choice. Players will be able to fight each other for items, not getting to the point of a knockout or perms, just a stealing type of thing. There will be a limited amount of trash, and whoever is the top three people to collect the most trash, get an item of their choice under a certain amount of yen as a prize. Afterward, people are free to enjoy themselves along the beach after a hard day of work.

✧Event 2 - Find Blobby✧
Blobby’s been getting a little greedy with the trash, looks like he’s got himself lost! Help Umisachi find their beloved mascot Blobby, he must’ve gone along the beach. Find him and receive a prize of yen for returning our loving friend!

I plan on having our mascot Blobby, played by an employee getting lost here and there along the beach. This employee will be dressed up with the skin and username Blobby, crouching somewhere along the beach. Again similar to a scavenger hunt, whoever finds Blobby gets a prize of yen for returning them, once he’s found, he’s found. May it be by one person or a group of people, the yen can be split between. It’d be a fun little event for people to participate in I believe, and we’ll hide Blobby very well.

✧Event 3: - Swimming Competition✧
Umisachi’s holding their first swimming competition! Think you have what it takes? Head on over to the beach and look for the blue flag! Make sure to grab a book with a number! Head on over to the shoreline right after, and wait for the countdown! Swim and head for the yacht, touch the boat, then head back on over. The first five who make it back first, get a prize!

For this event, people will be able to participate in a swimming competition. There’d be a booth with a huge chest full of numbers, each contestant gets a number to keep track of. After it reaches a limited amount of people, people will line up at the shoreline. We’ll have an employee ready at the yacht. This is because once the swimmers reach the yacht, they have to action to touch the yacht before swimming back, to make sure they don’t cheat. Once they come back, we’ll have multiple employees to keep an eye out for who makes it back first. The first five to make it back each get a sum of yen. This event is to get a huge group of people to the beach to mingle and hang out. An overall fun event for the community to participate in.

How many employees do you plan to have?:
I plan to have 28 employees in total. Although it may seem like a big team at first, I believe I’ll be able to manage it. Although being a regular shop, many roles need to be filled within it. I feel even with a bigger team, people will be able to get to know each other and perhaps even make new friends as they continue to work within Umisachi.
This will also help with availability. Considering most shop openings are inconsistent, not everyone’s always available, so it’s always good to have some extra people to fill in those spots when needed. I will do my best to adapt to everyone’s time zones, making sure everyone has the opportunity to make an opening, it has to be fair to everybody.

✧Owner (1/1)✧
As the owner of Umisachi, I will have a range of responsibilities that contribute to the successful operation and growth of Umisachi. I will be in charge of the business planning, setting goals for my team, and overall defining my shop’s strategic direction in which I’d like to go. I also have to manage the shop’s finances, making sure I have enough cash flow incoming, and enough going out to pay for the items within my shop.

✧Co-Owner (1/1)✧
There will be a co-owner of Umisachi. I planned it this way because I am not always available to open, and I plan to have dedicated days to open. Keeping a consistent schedule for both my employees and customers who are waiting to buy. The co-owner will be taking over in my spot, doing everything I would do. This will be someone who I trust and hand-selected, who also helped with the development of Umisachi.

✧Manager (0/2)✧
Directly under the co-owner, we have our lovely managers. These two people also who will be hand-selected after had working for a while at Umisachi, they will take on higher responsibilities. Once trusted well enough, they will be able to open on their own. In the meantime, either I or the co-owner will be teaching them how we run Umisachi, making sure they’re prepared to take on our responsibilities and open Umisachi to its fullest.

✧Senior Cashiers (0/4)✧
I do plan on having promotions for cashiers who’ve been working for a while at Umisachi, and these will be the senior cashiers. The main difference between the senior cashiers is that they will be making more than the average cashier. Because they’re dedicated cashiers, they deserve a bigger income within the shop. These people will most likely compete with each other to reach the responsibility of the role, of manager.

✧Cashiers (0/12)✧
Cashiers are one of our most important positions at Umisachi. They’re the ones who’ll be greeting the customers with a smile, tending to their wants and needs. Making sure that the customer pays the price correctly before handing over the item. These cashiers will be picked through applications, possessing the many skills required as a cashier at Umisachi. We want people who are kind, intelligent, skilled in multitasking, and overall hard-working person.

✧Models (0/4)✧
Models will be our way to show off items. This is to primarily make it easier for the cashiers so a customer doesn’t ask to see every single item in the shop. This is to keep the flow of the line going. The models will be positioned on the windows both placed at the front of the shop. People will be able to go up to them and ask to see specific items. The models will have a chest next to them, giving them access to all items.

✧Security (0/4)✧
Security is to keep Umisachi safe, may that be in the actual shop or at events to prevent fights. There will be two security people every shift, one placed inside the store, and one placed outside. This will help to prevent masked individuals who have a negative reason to enter Umisachi. Security will help with kicking people out, along with keeping our customers safe from harm. Security will be the only ones allowed to wear masks within the shop, to protect their identity. More security may be required for events.

How will your hiring process go?:
The hiring process will be quite simple. I will prepare everything from the Discord server, to the application form, to post a thread on the SRP website. Once everything is all set, I will send an advert within the server when it’s most active, probably on the weekend. This advert will say something along the lines that Umisachi is hiring, feel free to either stop by the store to check it out and pick up an application form, or if I’m able to, just send a link to the SRP thread forum in the advert. There, will be a link to both the Discord server and the application form itself. People will be able to join the Discord server, ask any questions they have from me or my co-owner, and we’ll help them to the best of our ability. Our goal is to find the best employees for our shop.

Will there be any uniforms?:
There will be uniforms. This is to make it easier for customers to differentiate the employees from everyone else if they need help with anything. From the owner to the role of the cashier, the uniforms will be the same. Models will be allowed to wear their own outfits, as they’re just showing off our shop items. Security will be provided with a uniform as well, separate from everyone else. In the future, if I have enough money, I may buy a custom specifically for our employees. This will be most likely an accessory you place on your head, just as a reward for being such a great employee at Umisachi. Along with a custom ballistic mask for security, fitting in with the theme of course, but still cool to wear.

✧Cashier Uniforms✧
Feminine and Masculine.
New Project.pngNew Project (1).png

✧Security Uniform✧
image (1).png

What will your adverts look like?:
Adverts will be very eye-catching, but easy and quick to read. They will most always have a funny joke with them, advertising at least two of Umisachi’s items.

Don't be a square, be a peng-winner! Get the Penguin Backpack 'Pengy' exclusively at Umisachi! Snatch a pair of Club Master Raybans while you're at it, and be cool with your new Pengy! Located at Block L! (1927 17 1330)

We're not done yet! Gallop on over to Umisachi for your Cowboy Black Hat of Ken RIZZ! Embrace the whimsical wonder of our Black Cat Backpack, it's time to pounce, MREOW! Located at Block L! (1927 17 1330)

Visit Umisachi today, where innovation meets inspiration! Unveil a universe of experiences with our VR Headset and embrace the enchanting allure of our Rose Ring! Located at Block L! (1927 17 1330)

We're still here, float on over to Umisachi today and treat yourself to a pair of Heart Sunglasses that'll make your world rosy! Don't miss out on the shrimptastic charm of our Shrimp Plushie! Located at Block L! (1927 17 1330)
IB: Haneshii

What rules will you have within your shop?:
I plan on having your basic and common sense rules. Here are some rules that I require both employees and customers to follow. More will follow along if accepted.

✧Customer Rules✧
1. There will be no masks allowed within the shop. This excludes religious or medical reasons. This is to protect the customers and to keep Umisachi an overall safe and relaxing place to shop. Security will guide you out if you refuse to take off your mask.
2. Along with masks, there will be no weapons or violence of any assort allowed within the shop. KPD will immediately be called if one is seen or a fight breaks out.
3. No yelling allowed, the shop isn’t the biggest and it can get very loud, very quickly. Security will guide you out if you continue to yell.
4. There will be no refunds, trades, or bribing allowed of any sort. What’s done is done.
5. There will be no stealing of any sort, if there is a report of minging OOCly please let an employee know.

✧Employee Rules✧
1. Do not serve anyone with masks, if someone does try to buy something with a mask, notify security.
2. Do not steal from the chests, if you purposefully steal items and are caught, you’ll be immediately fired.
3. Please be respectful and kind to everyone, if they’re rude, kill ‘em with kindness.
4. Once the shift is over be sure to log all your payments and send a screenshot of your inventory to either my direct messages or the designated Discord channel.
5. Please be honest at all times, we don’t need anyone lying about payments and things like that.
6. If you’d like to buy an item from the shop, please wait until after the shift to buy it from me. If you’d like to buy an item outside of shop hours, feel free to direct message me and we can set up a time!
7. There will be a designated item limit per opening, this is to make sure we have enough stock for everyone.


Additional notes about your application:
Thank you for taking the time and patience to read through my application! Whoever’s reading this I hope you have a wonderful day and/or night!

Do you have any questions?:
I currently do not have any questions. If I do, I will contact the faction lead about them!

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Thank you for applying!
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