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Yonio's 5-year due Introduction


Level 328
This is quite possibly the worst timing to make an introduction, but I'd like to make this post as a farewell to the staff team and to welcome this new stage, which I consider a "Renaissance" of sorts, as I'm going back to my origins as a player, save for the fact I now know much more people that I can rely on.

My online identity's Yonio. I'm a 21-year old spanish content creator, as well as a linguistics student at the time of writing this application. My hobbies are 3D-modelling, playing Roblox, and as you might assume, roleplaying. I remember back in 2017 when I came across SchoolRP after I gave myself a break from Minecraft roleplay. I still remember back when SchoolRP (which wasn't a network) had its old logo. Here, have a look at it yourself!


Back in 2017, there wasn't much to do for me, mainly because there was so much content that I felt quite overwhelmed. My memories from back then were kind of blurry, as I was playing alone with nobody to guide me through it. After I died to a now-patched bug and lost all my items, I decided to "rage-quit" even though I was more like "Oh rip" and left.

Fast-forward a couple of years, I was hanging around some discord friends, bored as we had nothing to do. It was then when we came across the server again in a website. I mentioned how I had already joined the server, and decided to give it a try. It was thanks to @Tatot_Tot that we were actually able to open up to other friend groups and slowly make our way up in the server. Here are some screenshots of that


And then 2020 arrived! After a lot of hesitation, I decided to apply for my first faction: Employee! I remember spending hours and hours inside the library, back when the Tutoring room didn't exist. That's when I started meeting co-workers and other people I still talk to up to this day, including @oceanawa and @Shadonk !

And the rest... well, I'm sure you already know what happened. on October 2020, I decided to get the courage to finally apply for KPD. I remember seeing an event where a bunch of people raided the KPD over some cheerleaders. That was... certainly something I wanted to be a part of! I honestly don't even know how I got accepted, as I wasn't that well-known in 2020, but it was thanks to it that I was able to become who I am now.

I've met countless people in the emergency factions. I remember all those days when KPD and EMS would have beef over not being online, or when the Hospital discord was merged with the Police one. There were a lot of rocks in the way, sure, but eventually the old faction leads were able to ease the tensions and transform the factions into what they are today.

And then 2021 came. I initially applied for staff because their availability wasn't that great, specially in terms of Police support, so I wanted to help with that as much as possible. And the rest is history!

Here are some questions I've been asked, or just a bunch of stuff I came up with while writing this post
- No, I didn't get demoted. I resigned willingly as a result of college catching up. Don't feel guilty for taking a break from SRP or your faction because of real-life matters! Your sanity must always come before some silly roleplay
- As a staff member who's been around for three years, I can confirm that each staff member has their own lives. They are human beings, and they certainly have the right to also enjoy roleplay themselves. This is a voluntary position, meaning that they aren't getting anything out of this. Please keep this in mind when asking for staff support.
- SchoolRP's feedback is surprisingly active compared to other servers. Most other communities barely ever check their players' suggestions, whereas SRP makes sure that each and every single suggestion is reviewed by all staff members and collectively agreed or disagreed upon.
- If you want to be friends with staff, don't send clingy messages in OOC, or approach them just to say "hi" in LOOC just because you wanna be friends. Don't get me wrong, they're as willing to make friends as everyone else. But if you really want to start being friends with them, don't force it. If you approach them, make sure to do so casually and not just because they have a fancy red tag. Try applying for their faction, or maybe join in a conversation and treat them equally!
- There will never be a new map, sorry
- Staff is not biased, and they do not abuse their power when reviewing GangRP situations. They can't care less when determining who wins and who loses. Their only "duty" is to make sure that they apply the rulebook to this situation specifically. If you say they're biased, you are most definitely getting banned; not because they're biased, but because you're acting like a child.

Anyway, I'm not leaving the community as a whole! I'm simply staying around as a normal player to continue my roleplay continuity, and perhaps I'll apply for a community team to help out wherever I can. See you around! o7


Level 36
I’m so glad to have been a part of your faction. SRP loves you!! You’ll always be an inspiration.


Level 105
Welcome to the server YonioTheNacho! Please familiarize yourself with the server rules and learn about the resource pack & the commands! We hope you have a good time playing on the server!


Level 125
(づ ՞ਊ ՞ )づ
nice to meet you Yobio!
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact your fellow players (or staff)!
Have fun and welcome to SRP!


Level 106
Nice to meet you! Hope you have fun in the toxic community :333
Don’t be afraid to talk to me or the staff who are err… special.

Have fun in srp!


Level 16
It’s cool to see that you are still sticking around! I was wondering though, are you going to stick with KPD or are you planning to join other factions?

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