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    HATOLA's suggestion 2

    -1 It's not that deep, just report it if you happen to see people being way too gorey, a ban is just kind of exaggerate.
  2. suu

    Veterinarian Suggestion

    -1 Why the negative point? It's simply unneeded. We do not need another role that will potentially be as inactive as most of EMS workers, plus we'd need more pets in the server and that's not the case.
  3. suu

    [Mega Thread] Criminal Roleplay Systematical Reforms — GangRP, Faction Supervision, Factions Info Sub-Forums, Rule 10, Staff Reception, Projects & +

    +1 Finally a thread that actually makes sense and provides solutions to the current state of GangRP. I've said this myself: GangRP is fun as long as it's done properly, and clearly gangrpers became toxic because the head of crime is missing something, and that's the amount of pointless...
  4. suu

    SUGGESTION/RANT | GangRP is ruining the server

    Well said, this is the best answer so far and depicts what a good amount of players might think regarding the lack of proper administration in GangRP area. This answer is nothing but mere facts.
  5. suu

    SUGGESTION/RANT | GangRP is ruining the server

    +1 Most of gangrpers don't like to acknowledge they are not ruining the server by "doing it because it's fun", I was one of those, however now I have realized that GangRP is the joke of SRP due to players not properly roleplaying, at least not realistically. When you're seen around the...
  6. suu

    The one who hacked my acc i know you play here, dm suu!#5775 if you wanna come to a deal <3

    The one who hacked my acc i know you play here, dm suu!#5775 if you wanna come to a deal <3
  7. suu

    Adults rolling

    +1 As it's been stated, have you ever seen a 32 y/o adult being beaten up by a 18 kid? It doesn't make sense at all since an adult is physically more developed than a highschooler and of course, more experienced. This should be changed indeed.
  8. suu

    Cooldown for grabbing?

    This is actually a thing already
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    Snitching changes

    +1^60000 I do agree that FearRPing weapons is completely valid since realistically you don't try and disarm a dude with a long katana looking at you, however the easiest way one can hand out KPs is by snitching, and while there are people well versed in GangRP who know how to hide with proper IC...
  11. suu

    Hanazono Sakaba || Shop Application

    IGN: TanoshiiDaysAlt Discord: suu!#5775 Describe your activity on the server: I am very active, almost every day, logging in as soon as I get back home from work, though I might have a few more affairs in my life so my activity on the server may decrease just a bit, though I will always find a...
  12. suu

    School Warning Point System

    -1 If you need to issue warnings to students breaking school rules, you can just do a verbal warning asking them to stop whatever they are doing. However, if they refused to listen you can threaten detention only IF the 3 verbal warnings criteria has been met. If they continued to nos listen to...
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    /me is proud
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    Adoption Suggestion

    +1 I met several 18 y/o kids having a daughter their same age, then saying "they're my biological child" and it's like how???? We need this implemented already.
  15. suu

    |Phone Suggestion| -Rosiebug9067

    -1 The main focus should not be releasing new models, but focusing on common glitches and errors in the server such as clones or the disconnected thing.