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What is your Minecraft username?:

Do you have Discord?:

What is your time zone?:

Describe your activity on the server:
On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate myself at a solid six or seven to describe my activity. As I am a part of the EMS faction on one of my alternative accounts, I log on to indulge in roleplay on that account, along my other two. Although I do not log on every day in the week, I do log on about three out of seven days and stay online and active for a minimum of two to three hours when I do.

Have you ever been banned?:
No bans as of recent years.

Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?:
Yes I do!

Link(s) to any previous applications and appeals on the server:

What are your current role(s) on the server?:
College Bachelor’s - etsue
Journalist, Cheerleader - etsew
Psychiatrist - yishxi
Grade 12 - etsuho (rarely touched)



What shop are you applying for?:
I’ll be applying for Strays, the restaurant as a preferred location. . but I am okay with anything as long as it's spacious enough to fit a restaurant setting inside.

Why do you want to become a Shopkeeper?:
I would like to become a shopkeeper because I’ve been previously granted a snippet of what it was like to be a manager in a SRP shop, so it would be enjoyable for me to experience the full extent of the role. Not only this, but this specific shop design is something that I’ve wanted to see on the server for quite a while.. I’ve implemented some ideas that I wished to see on the server with the hopes that they will be accepted, or if not - possibly implemented with someone else. As for a more personal reason for being a shopkeeper, I’ve always enjoyed being in a managerial position as leadership is one of my active strong suits! Lastly, I believe I can speak for myself and a good majority of other players on the server.. Despite the 12 opening quota, it feels as though restaurants do not open as much or as conveniently as we would like. Most people do wait for restaurants to open for dates, parties and the like.

What do you plan to do with your shop, and what makes it unique?:
To begin, I’d like to give this restaurant a rename. Despite ‘Strays’ being such a sleek and fitting name, I believe the design and idea I’m going for ‘Dear Karakura’ would fit it best. As for an idea of what the shop is like, imagine a place such as Johnny Rockets or Stewart’s Restaurants.. With these shops in mind, one can realize that the old aesthetic from the early 50s-70s was kept around. Take a spot such as that with loveable music, heartwarming waiters, down to the overall environment of the place with a Japanese sleek design style twist on it. We plan to bring that rather unique aesthetic into the shop. Also, to mention: the workers are placed on skates! All workers are placed on black or white skates (depending on the uniform they choose to wear that night) that they use to make their swift way around the restaurant, due to this fact, the interview process for Dear Karakura is rather more hands-on than it is verbal. And with the restaurant, we will have a drive-up (not a drive-thru), since most people in Karakura do have cars. With this added feature, people can drive up to the shop and wait outside in their cars for their order to be delivered out to them.
There are two ways food services will be provided, first, sitting in as per usual. The various parties coming to the restaurant will be met by a waiter/waitress, led to a seating area either in a private room, at the bar, or at a 3+ table with mats. The second way would be with the drive-up at the front of the store, where individuals can either call in their order beforehand - or an on-call waiter will be waiting outside of the store for an individual who was looking to place their order there and then. Due to the street being rather far from the actual building, there will be a few on-call waiters located outside waiting to take orders. If possible, it would be aesthetically pleasing to have a small booth area (similar to the appearance of a valet booth, or the server's fisherman hut for an in-game reference) for those on-call waiters to be based at. Or even a simple bench. . ! Just somewhere for the on-call waiters to be based outside of the restaurant. As for the menu, there are a few items that I already have in mind, along with them already being categorized. They will be located towards the end of the application.
Our fine establishment puts on a show with (almost) every opening on a schedule at the center stage of the diner. Most shows are interactive as the entertainers move around the restaurant, sing, dance, tell jokes, etc, to the customers while they might also even serve as a waiter and deliver meals. Potential ‘Special Entertainment’ guests may even be out-of-house guests who have come to grace Dear Karakura for a night, such as various sports teams, government officials, etc. Every night of a show, a theme will be provided (will also be mentioned in the opening advertisement), some of the already thought out themes include: Blackout theme, ‘the Skater Bunch’, ‘Maid-Sama’, ‘Game-Night’, ‘Playboys’, ‘Cherry Lovers’ and some surprise themes that may only come around when ‘in season’ (i.e: ‘Secret Santa’ only during the month of December). The skates that employees wear tend to make it easier and more entertaining for customers to watch the various performances.
Despite all that has already been mentioned, our diner will be entirely unique compared to a vast majority of other restaurants due to it mainly being revolved around night entertainment and the unique experience of an old school diner, yet in a Japanese setting, having the largest burgers and the sweetest milkshakes to waitresses rolling around in their skates bring a smile to your face with a trick or two they might pull on the way to deliver your meal, but don’t worry! Our workers are trained on their skates to avoid any dropping accidents. (I plan to have IC meetings with the management team along with workers for IC bonding events such as training, meetings, entertainment practice, etc.) Students can use this restaurant as a hangout joint to have gossip amongst one another in a whole new hangout spot. Families can come in and enjoy a meal together while they enjoy the night’s entertainment. Along with this, as most restaurants do, we plan on having our restaurant open for reservations for private parties, dates, etc. Due to our active staff, almost every private request will be approved (with a 24 OOC hour notice.. or if asked to me directly, I may allow a reservation on the spot for dates, parties, etc).
NOTE: Dear Karakura does offer a 15% discount on the first and last opening of the month (will be specified in the advertisement) to workers, KPD, EMS, Government Workers and School Faculty, granted that they've come with their ID.

Luxury Minimalist Elegant Sushi Restaurant Typography Logo (1).png
Dear Karakura’s story begins with a young girl in highschool, wanting to make it big. Sadashi, a self-proclaimed business woman, had for years carried herself in this distinguishable manner.. Holding her nose up higher than she could even see. It wasn’t until an entrepreneur indulged her, answering her request to shadow someone in a business managerial type position, in which she took her on as an intern. Moreso, a coffee runner. Despite this, Sadashi was with this woman through various meetings, flights, and ideas - having to write more than she had in school. When the entrepreneur decided to settle down in Karakura once again, they ventured upon an empty lot.. A barren land just waiting to be taken and brought to true fruition once again. With all that she had learned, Sadashi was placed in charge of managing the establishment from designs, menus, workers, advertisements and the like. Everything wasn’t a challenge for Sadashi, except one thing.. The name. Troubled by her previous life as a delinquent, a captain, an early-set wife, and overall confusing being - Sadashi didn’t know where exactly to pull a heartfelt name out from. One night, as suggested by her psychiatrist, she took a seat and began to write a letter to her past self. The letter was riddled with things such as advice for studying, people to avoid, advice for family issues, etc.. Though the thing that closed off the letter was a simple phrase: ‘Dear Karakura, we meet again.’ The restaurant, Dear Karakura, is a memoir from Sadashi to an island she had mixed feelings for. An uncertain love, yet a strong hate, mixed in with memories of pure gold and misery. Sadashi has returned to leave a stain on the town, a final ‘hoorah’ for herself as the woman she always dreamed of being.

For the exterior design, I plan on having rich cultural heritage by incorporating Japanese inspired architecture while still including modern day aesthetics.1686161697725.png
As for the interior design, I plan on keeping the same sleek cultural design with cool tones.. mats on the floor as seating, private rooms with mats as well, and booths here and there with regular chair seating. There will also be a small shoe rack for customers to place their shoes and slip into comfortable slippers.
NOTE: As I have not stepped inside of the current building to see the size of the restaurant I am unsure of how well everything will be able to be sized and fitted into the building, but (if accepted) things can be easily adjusted as everything listed in this application are all based on my ideas!
For the uniform, I am thinking of a blazer type top for both women and men, the lining being gold.. As for the bottoms, workers will be able to decide between dress pants or a knee length skirt with a slight slit in it. The brim of the skirt will also have a gold design.

What will you sell in your shop?:
*mainly from the current Strays menu*
Lightning Tequila
Plum Sake
Hanako Sake
Crystal Shōchū
Crystal Merlot
Crystal Rose
Sōbetsu Beer Can
Sōbetsu Whiskey
Monaco ****tail Can
Water Bottle
Fantasy Juicebox
Fresh Orange Juice
Strawberry Milk
Banana Milk
French Fries
Sushi Box
Beef Curry
Lamb Donburi
Yakuza Noodles
Golden Steak
Plain/Ketchu/Mustard Hotdog
Bento Box
Egg & Bacon Toastie
Molten Choco Cake
Ice Cream Cone
Blue Lolly
*This list may be subject to change since I am STILL not 100% certain on every single food item that is available to be sold at restaurants on the server. I do want there to be a bit of regality (in some aspects) to the appearance of the food items being served to the customers.

hk cake.png

How many employees do you plan to have?:
*Including the Shopkeeper and Managers, there will be around twenty-two workers in Dear Karakura.
Shopkeeper :: 1
Evidently, this role will be filled by myself as I am the one that manages all employees both OOCly and ICly, handling taxes, stocks, and even the interview process. The Shopkeeper is basically the individual that oversees everything as they are the owner of the establishment and desire for everything to be kept in line to begin with.
Managers :: 2
Managers serve as mini shopkeepers if the Shopkeeper themself is unavailable or has their hands full at the moment. During an active shift, the managers will be in charge of answering queries from employees, ensuring an opening is running smoothly, and overall being the Shopkeeper’s second pair of eyes let a mishap occur or even as preventive care/caution.
Waiter/Waitresses :: ~12-16
Waiters are the main gears behind the establishment as they are the ones running around to take orders, deliver orders, check on parties as they check in and out, and handle money with short notice. Each waiter will be in charge of keeping track of how many tables they are in charge of for a night, along with what parties check in and out of each table - along with wiping them down to ensure that they are clean for the next incoming party. It should be noted that the above number does include ‘on-call’ workers.
Special Entertainment :: 3
Lastly, this role is secured by three individuals (or a group with one person being marked as their representative) that are not waiters/waitresses that will be placed on schedule to perform at one of the twelve various openings of the restaurant. Their performance may vary between late night jazz, opera singing, a dance routine, comedy, or even general interaction and indulgence of the crowd for the night.


Additional notes about your application:
Do you have any questions?:
All of them were previously asked.
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Thank you for applying!
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