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Group class: Euclid
It is unknown if this group has commited crimes​

General description
Description: MID is an the Mainland Investigation Divsion. They appear to be centered around scientific experimentation and research. It has been confirmed that they come from the mainland.

History (Castle Operation)
Given that we don't know anything (and when I say anything I mean it), it is impossible to determine what is the foundation of this GOI and how it gained interest in Karakura. We are following all small moves these interesting individuals make.

Prelude (20/03/2024)
Next to the gas station. A dark gray truck appeared, in it's side the letters M.I.D. The truck is poorly parked and it contains inside some computers. KUERT was reluctant of it being just another truck, despite this, agents found no suspicious acitvity in the surrounding areas.

A new neighboor (21/03/2024)
Catching everyone by surprise. The MID truck drove towards ochiba forest and the group swiftly stablished an small "camp" between the forest cavins and the spartan shack. The inidividuals of the group where 6. Three sciencists and three guards. Seeing the surreal scene citizens started surrounding the camp and guards started to the fend them off. Trying to keep the perimeter clean from any outsider. While the guards kept people away, scientist extracted biological substances from individuals. From skin cells, going through hair and even blood samples were taken.

All circumstances surrounding the event were completly suspicious. Many stores opened at the same time at the shopping district during the night, while the group was preparing the camp. Another strange fact is that KPD was aparently not called nor present during this event, which is weird as the situation became certainly confrontional during some moments.

However a faction that did come by were some reporters, who found themselves following the MID truck into the depths of the forest. It is thanks to them and certain individuals that we were able to get at least some data on the group.

Once the sciencists considered that their duty was over they locked the samples collected in boxes. Then some of the boxes were taken away. With this last part of their job completed, the group simply vanished into the forest.

MID consolidates their base at Karakura (22/03/2024)
In the (22/03/2024) the follwing events happened, KUERT kept patrolling in the distance, keeping an eye on misterious activity in the area. However nothing was found. Later on a new truck came by and new equipment was provided. The base of MID now had a black tent with new computers, storing containers and new electronic devices.

In the (23/03/2024) a book page was leaked in an anonymous internet forum by [REDACTED]. This were the contents of the book.

With their operation and group names revealed we know dive deeper in the research of the group. We just need to solve for X.

What now? (24/03/2023-XX/03/2024)
We all know they are gonna stay here, they have been seen upgrading their camp, the Castle operation has just begun. Maybe they will keep doing experiments and act like weirdos, however chances are we are gonna find these people to be our new "weird neighboors". One thing is true, even when we thought we had explored all the depths of this city, we still find new places, this time we are diving into the sewers of the government.

It is still unclear what is MID purpose, however it is certain that Karakurians don't like weird Men in black walking cosplayers around their forest, in the end everyone seems to want to have their bit of land in the Ochiba forest region of Karakura, be it spirits, gangs who hunt the protected wildlife, mad arsonists and now what we think could be the a secret agency sent by the mainland. At this point we are not surprised.

Workers and group structure
MID group structure is also a complete mistery, however based on their operations we know that at least there are two types of workers and their faces. However their legal names are unknown.
  • Security guards: They wear black outfits and their job is clearly to protect the secrecy of the groups doings by protecting the scientists.
  • Scientists: They wear white lab coats, black troussers and an innner shirt with a tie. Their job was to extract biological samples from passer by citizens.

By the name of the group we know that they investigate for the mainland. However it is unknown what do they investigate.

Group relations
There is not an official list with any factions that they have interacted with. However here is a list with some possible relations. Of course this is just a theory
  • KPD: Some voices have claimed that the group could have managed to keep KPD out of the situation.
  • Karakura government: Being an event carried out by what we think is an official corporation, chances are they were informed about it and were told to turn a blind eye on the situation, however considering that this group is suboordinate to the mainland maybe they could have acted wihout the government even noticing their presence.
  • Mainland government: Thanks to the leak of the (23/03/2024) it was confirmed that the group was subordinate to the mainland. This means Japan has sent them to investigate something.

  • It has been published many times that the true name of the group is Mainland Investigation Division, in spite of this, we digress here is what MID truly stands for:
    • My Iguana Died
    • Meowing In Dorms
    • Men In Dark
    • Mental Instability Department
    • Man I Dontknow
    • Mindboggling Internet Dooodles
    • Midnight Intelligence Division
    • Man I am Dead
  • I really think they are not special, they are just MID.
  • You have not read this.
  • This is the only document whose access is reestricted to the public, only Ikigai users can see this!
  • Keep stalking until they cry, then stalk even more.
  • Tough sharker centarl
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Also guys I added the pictures of the agents. I am stalking you which is kinda a mid from me.

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