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LORE | "Why won't you sonder?"


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None of the information below can be taken IC unless learned about through IC interactions.
For anyone who might have trouble reading cursive fonts, there is a transcript with the text in regular Arial font below.

Resonating in silence, Iwai kept to himself. Only paying half attention to the rather boring questions the attorney was asking a witness, after all, he did not care for the plaintiff, only the defence. Both of his parents were on trial, surely, it was a sight to see. What emotions might have flown through him? Sadness, fear, stress? The answer was anger. With disgrace expressed clearly on his face, he listened as his parents each made a final statement for today's hearing. This was one of many, but it turned out it also was the final one. The jury spoke out and declared the case dismissed via two consecutive 'non-guilty' votes by an, and I quote, "Majority unanimous vote." Iwai scoffed. Whilst others cheered, and yelled, Iwai remained silent and rose from his seat, marching himself out.

That night he sat behind his desk. Glancing at the piece of paper in front of him, and the bottle of ink beside him. With pen in hand, he thought about it all: what they had done wrong, how they most likely influenced the verdict themselves. No right mind would let his parents roam free? Such ill and evil beings. Thinking back to their final statements to the judge, a question resurfaced in Iwai's mind. Something that in court himself, and the moments following up until now, left him wondering and longing for an answer. Whilst he might know the answer to his question already, for he already knows his truth, hearing his parents speak out about such a thing would only do him more good; hearing them acknowledge their delusions. How could one possibly neglect the world this much?

Empty letter.png
A neat, and old envelope is what Iwai sealed off a small piece of paper. He did not need to write much to express everything he wished to say.
His letter stated the following:

Schermafbeelding 2024-04-20 om 14.30.59.png

Dear Mother, and Father.
I have witnessed your recent court victories. I am astonished, and starstruck, by the verdict the jury had put forth. After all, I am no stranger to you both, and I know what you have done; everything fell in line with both of your characteristics, doing whatever you could to expand and save your ‘empires’ as you loved to call them. I do not write to you to congratulate you, nor to accuse you of your possible influence in such a verdict, and the overall twist of your stories in such unfathomable ways they seem acceptable in the slightest. I write to you with a question, one that originated within my mind and sprung to life after hearing multiple of your court statements. One that has led me to a path of perpetual wonder, curiosity, and lingering mystery. So, dare you answer me, Mother, and Father; Why won’t you sonder? How can one not resonate with their mind in silence, and realize what wrongings you have committed for pure ill intent? How can neither of you realize that such atrocities cannot and will not go unnoticed? It has left me wondering, seriously, how much your world must have been filled with delusions and lies. Hiding away the truth you fail to acknowledge, which you purposefully neglect. And no, you cannot hide behind your facade of ‘good deeds’ - ones you only purposefully executed to hide away your wrongdoings and to give yourself a better outlook to the unbeknownst person. Neither can you hide behind my words; You know me and I know you, my words on leadership, and how one can be a proper, true, and viable politician, do not apply to you. For a politician, a good politician speaks for the province, country, and world. Making inhumane decisions, being morally conflicted and having to resort to cruelty for the province, country, and world, is what sets the difference. For you both did it for your gain, your ill intent. I have always wondered if you realized how terrible it was what you both were doing, however at the same time I believe you two do not know at all; perhaps hidden away by your lies, the ones you tell yourself every day as you wake up. Or perhaps you simply cannot see such things, short sighted and minded is how you both pass through life. Unbeknownst to everything that lies outside of your view and past the horizon.

I dare you to answer. Unless you are afraid to face the reality you neglect. Either way, I know my truth.
Iwai Mitake.


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This is intense and interesting. Are there any more documents related to this story?

Oh also simplez. Another incredible W. Thanks for writing this.

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