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Lydiaax's Nurse App

Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by Alenai, Feb 27, 2021.

  1. Alenai

    Alenai United Kingdom Level 3

    Feb 8, 2020
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    2:36 AM
    In Game Name:

    Do you have discord?

    I do, It’s ItsLydia#2780

    Have you ever been banned, If yes when and why?:

    My memory tells me that i have not had any past bans that i can remember.

    Describe your activity on the server & on the forums?:

    On the server, I'm extremely active around 4-6hrs on the server. I always check the rosters of different places and then do stuff accordingly. I'm usually hanging out with my friends and I'm always going to different events on the server and sometimes. I like to spend time on the server and spend time with my friends and talk to new people around!

    School Employee Role you are Applying For:

    School nurse.

    In as much detail as possible, describe the role of your chosen school employee:

    A Nurse is to support or help a student, whom is injured or feeling unwell, due to their lack of physical health or mental health, this shows that not only a nurse is to just say ‘drink water’ like any other nurse in school, which is a lack of effort, because people will think that you’re lazy. A nurse is to help, be a service to the patient whenever they need something.

    Do you recognise that you can be ICly fired?:

    Yes I do.

    What experience, in general, do you have in roleplay?:

    I have decent amount of experience of Roleplaying, during 2018-2021, I've been doing semi-literate roleplays in different servers and I've been improving since then and I've been trying out different types of roleplays so that I can have a basic knowledge of what it is like and the types of roleplays, I've tried out are non-literate, meaning it is not as detailed and it is more of a simplified form. For example: Walks down the road while humming, that is simplified and not as detailed, another type is, literate, meaning it is detailed but not third person and it's a little simplified. For example: I walk down the road as i sway my head while I hum happily. This is a simple form of roleplaying but in detail of first person. The last roleplay style is semi-literate, meaning it is very detailed and not realy simple to read or to type which give in depth of the reader. For example: She walks down the road slowly as she sighed whilst she listens to relaxing and soft music as she hums. These types of roleplaying styles made me improve a lot from before, I started SchoolRP.

    Link(s) to any previous applications on the server?: (Denied)


    During a work-shift a student starts cursing at you for being pathetic, how do you react?:

    I would instantly warn them, but if they do not listen to me, I will have to warn them again. If they still do not comply of what I’ve said. I will report to the Principal about their behaviour but if the Principal isn’t around. I will find the Vice-Principal and speak about the certain student, who was misbehaving.

    You are doing a hazardous job requested by the School Principal, how do you react?:

    I would politely accept the job, and if there is any requirements that is needed, I would try to get to the requirements and then I would prepare myself before anything happens. I will check my safety and my health, if it is a really hazardous job. I will have to be prepared, like I said, I will be confident of myself. I will get do the job immediately before someone or something gets hurt or damaged.

    Another school employee is doing something very dangerous on the job or acting out of order, how do you react?:

    I would ask the school employee to stop with this behaviour, if not, I will warn them again, but if they do not listen. I will have to take my actions to warn them. If they do not follow or comply with what I’ve said, I will report to the Principal, but if the Principal is not around, I will go straight to the Vice Principal.

    When in the employee break room, how does your character act?
    I would seem relaxed and I would look around to see, if anyone is in the room and i would seem quite tired as I would be studying new medicines, since I would be still new. If I see another school employee, I would socialise with them and talk about the school and about the students, because it would be stressful if that school employee would be a teacher. If not, we would socialise about how they are and what they're up to, during the day. I would be quite social towards others in the break room.

    Provide us with at least 3 detailed /me's of your character whilst on your chosen role:

    /me She would place her hand against the student’s forehead as she seemed to think thoroughly as Avery moves her hand away, she would gently apply a wet and cold towel to the students forehead.

    She would raise an eyebrow, thinking as she noted in her mind what the student was stating to her.

    She would fetch a water bottle, gently passing it to them with a comforting yet worried smile. As they sipped the water she would try to figure out what illness they have, noticing they were shockingly pale.

    In-Character Section

    Full Name: Avery L. Eliana

    Age (Minimum age is 25):

    Title (Mr,Mrs,Miss):

    Academic Degree: Master's Degree

    Year of Graduation: 2019

    Major(s): Art, History

    Minors: Math, Drama, English


    When Avery was little and short , she and her whole entire family lived a normal middle class life through elementary and 7th grade and was very normal like any other kid, until her mother and father left her when she was asleep at the age of 14. She aged up , homeless and she and her few remaining sisters lost a lot of money due to this happening to them. Avery one day started to play guitar and sing. She would be very deep and serious about playing it and would normally ask for some tips to keep her family living. She didnt get much each day but she would be pleased no matter what amount she got. But soon she found out that it wasnt her true passion, it was just a hobby. So she went to search..

    Once Avery turned 18, she moved to Karakura, Japan. She made lots of new friends but in her busy and curios mind, she also was sad her remaining family did not come. She focused hard on her classes, doing great in art and history.

    She then went to college with the spare change she made from playing her guitar and singing on the streets she kept playing with hard work, keeping up enough money to pay for her college bills.

    Avery graduated at a a fair age (19). Soon after she graduated she found her true passion. Nursing. She absolutely loved helping out people with their injuries and making them feel better after a bad day they had. She adored the nurses at the Karakura school and then started studying with all her effort to become a nurse. She got worn out by this but always treated herself with a healthy and correct attitude so she would get enough sleep and be energetic for the next, oncoming day!

    Motivation for Joining KHS:
    As a young woman, Avery loved the nurses work at school and wanted to help since she knew sometimes a lot of people could come over sick, a bit overwhelming for all the nurses. She wanted to help comfort and treat the children who had had a rough/bad day and had either become upset or injured. She has put so much effort into trying to help people already and wants to fur-fill her dream - to become a school nurse.

    Why should you be accepted over the other applicants?:

    I should be accepted because not only, I choose to put in the effort. I put the effort to listen and to care to those who are in need. I do not care, if it isn’t a requirement. I will show that I have the potential to do as I am told. I shall not give up, if someone has hatred towards me, I will show that I have something that others don’t. I will try my best to show that I have got the requirements for the job. And I will try my best always to be on time at KHS.


    Additional notes about your application (if any):
    - I do not have any additional notes.
    Do you have any questions?: - No.
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  2. KimiNoUso

    KimiNoUso United Kingdom Level 323 Senior Administrator

    Oct 3, 2019
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    2:36 AM
    Thank you for applying, however, your School Employee application won't be accepted today.

    After carefully reading through your application, I have found a few errors that could be improved upon should you decide to re-apply:
    This format is outdated, meaning your application is either copied from a previous one or very very old. Please use the new and updated School Employee format.

    DM me on Discord if you have any questions regarding your application: @KimiNoUso#9999
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