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Denied Muddy Paws | Shop Application (Nattyloo06)


Level 16

Muddy Paws Studio

Player Information

What is your Minecraft username?:


Do you have Discord (If so, what is your discord username?):
My discord is - natty6184

How old are you? (Optional):

What is your time zone?:
Pacific Daylight Time / PST (GMT -7)

Describe your activity on the server:
If I had to rate my activity from one to ten, I’d describe that my activity is most definitely a solid 7. I’m online every weekday (7 days a week / Monday-Friday) from 10am-7pm PST (Average). Although I can rarely be seen online during weekends as I do like to spend my weekends off my computer and with friends and family.

Have you ever been banned (If yes, when and why?):
No, not that I can remember, my slate is clear here.

Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive, you will be demoted?:
Yes, and I can assure you it won’t happen. As I stated before, I am quite devoted to SRP (It has been a fun obsession <3) and don’t see that changing in the next year or even further as this community is dear to me.

Link(s) to any previous applications and appeals on the server:

Are all my previous applications

What are your current role(s) on the server? (If you're in college, specify your degree level):
I’m going to be using an alternate account from the one I’m seen most often using. The substitute character is, age 18, grade 12. Simply just a student.

Shop Information

What shop are you applying for?:

Unowned Strays
Shopkeeper: ???
Category: Restaurant

I’d Like to apply for Strays, as it is the only shop available at the moment and I’d like to take my shot to apply ownership over it.

Name of the shop you’d like
I would like to rename it Muddy Paws.

Why do you want to become a Shopkeeper?:
My close aunt owns a beautiful self-employed shop in her garage called Muddy Paws. I’ve spent many hours there with her, bathing and grooming some of the sweetest, shy, and even aggressive dogs. When in the shop, I’ve always felt grounded / at home. Music is played and loud machines screaming doesn’t sound so comfortable, I know but for me, it’s something I’d prefer spending my life doing as my family and I all love animals, even those in my family who act strict, stern, or on guard- they too, always end up having very close connections with any pet introduced into our family. It would be so special to see my aunt's shop implemented into a community I spend a lot of my hours and time in. If this were implemented it’d be such an honor to own the shop and an exciting experience. I’ve also always struggled to get hired into shops, so I would like to have my own shop and have the opportunity to implement ways to give everyone who applies a chance at working for me.

What do you plan to do with your shop, and what makes it unique?
I plan to make this shop a very fun experience for anyone who enters. This shop will offer...
  • To groom dogs and cats as long as either is well-trained
  • Pet supplies / Pet food
  • Animal adoption slots
  • Animal daycare
  • Pet furniture
The theme of the store is already exciting as there are no pet stores currently in Karakura. The roleplay opportunities it will bring will, I’m sure, make many look forward to its openings.

How do you plan to make all of this work?

This shop will have a lot of roleplay opportunities inside, especially for players with animal morphs. Some cool things to look forward to in the shop are listed as…

- Pet Daycare -
Customers may drop their pets off to play and meet other animals.

- Animal adoption slots -
For people playing as stray animals to sit in during openings in order to be adopted or just for the fun of the experience. The players participating will be payed. (Jobs for people playing as animals.)

- Dog Grooming -
Employees will be trained and taught the OOCLY process of bathing, and trimming a dog ICLY as I want this to be fun for others and to also learn something from working with me. They will follow these actions in their own unique twist.
Grooming example

The bell hung on the door would twinkle as a customer walked into Muddy Paws pet store. . .

[Shopkeeper] “Hello! How may I help you today?”

She’d say as a tall woman parked herself and her young canine in front of the cashier.

[Customer] “Yes I’d like to ask if there was space for grooming today, Sophie here had a bit too much fun at the beach and now has sticky ice cream stuck in her fur!”

[Shopkeeper] “Oh dear . . . well at the moment we have three pups being ******* but I don’t mind stepping into the grooming studio and doing . . . Sophie was it?- myself!”

[Customer] “Oh would you? I don’t mind paying extra as well if needed.”

[Shopkeeper] “No need dear! I will get started right away, you can return in 3 hours and Sophie will be in the daycare pen with the other pups for ya!”

[Customer] “Sounds good, thank you.”

The customer handed the shopkeeper her dog's leash before crouching down at her dog, Sophie’s level. The customer would place her fingertips on sophies forehead, giving her pup a pat on the head before walking out the store door.

The shopkeeper noticed the dog looked rather uneasy, she’d grab a treat from the front pocket of her uniform and hold it out to the dog, the dog gently grabbing it with her teeth and beginning to chew on it. Now looking a bit more comfortable, the shopkeeper would bring Sofia to the studio and with struggle, plopped the canine on the dog grooming table.

Next, she’d pull the safety lasso over the dog's head and trim any impurities, pulling the lasso from the pup’s head afterward and heading to a free washing station.

At the washing station, the shopkeeper would drench the canine in lukewarm water, stopping at any time when the dog needed a break or got scared to take time to distract Sophie before proceeding. She’d then grab out the dog shampoo and smear it on the dog's soft coat, scrubbing it in before washing it off and then bringing Sweet Sophie back to the grooming table.

The shopkeeper would flick on the dryer, the wind in produced was soft and warm, not to rough or frighting for Sophies first time at Muddy Paws. When seeing her owner, she felt like a new pup!

What will you sell in your shop?:

How many employees do you plan to have?:
I plan to have 3-4 employees as there will probably only be 3-4 grooming stations, 3-4 cashier stations as well.

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