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Announcement Patch Notes - October 13th, 2022

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Patch Notes • 3.59

Over the last month, we've made necessary changes and optimizations to our resource pack (further optimizations will be made in the near future) to allow the pack to load faster and prevent several client-side errors and crashes. Updating our resource pack also enables us to continue to add more assets to the pack for the foreseeable future. Because of this update, we've sadly had to drop support for versions below 1.14 due to those versions not supporting custom model data.

We're still working on the back-end of ONRAIN, due to unforeseen circumstances. We've also moved our new Exams system into development, meaning more opportunities for students to progress through the system will be available in the near future.

Server Changes

Below is a list of implemented changes made to SchoolRP within the last month.

- ALL in-game items have been moved from the old system to custom model data.
- Version support for any version below 1.14 has been dropped in favour of 1.14's custom model data.
- In-Character taxes for factions and model payments have been completely re-worked.
- New prefixes/tags have been added to the chat and name tag system.
- ALL rank prefixes have been updated to the new system to better fit the new style we've adopted over the last year.
- The tag "BUILDING" now appears when a player is in Creative/Edit mode.
- The tag "AFK" now appears when a player has been idle for 10 minutes.
- Donators now get a new announcement when their donation has been processed.
- After being processed, celebratory firework is set off, and a fancy new message displays in chat.
- The chat can no longer be flooded with donation messages.
- The AFK system has been changed.
- AFK status is now shown in nametags.
- Whenever a staff member/you try to contact each other whilst AFK, the sender will receive a warning that the receiver is AFK.
- The player now receives a title screen when entering and exiting AFK mode.
- A /grab command has been added which has a 50% success-rate.
- The Hub server now has a Discord Synchronisation command, /syncdiscord <@mention>​
- Tickets now have 'Daily IDs' which are more friendly to players and staff than the long ID supplied by the plugin.
- The resource pack message upon joining the server has been updated to include new information.
- The glowing effect is no longer given to those in Property Editmode.
- A new rule has been added to the rule book #6.10

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Hexadecimal colour codes not parsing in player descriptions.
- Fixed and moved groups to a new database system.
- Fixed Basketballs being duplicated/used outside of the court.
- Fixed phantom vehicles being spawned after restart.
- Fixed the restart announcement not sending properly.
- Fixed the vending machine giving the icon item instead of the food/drink.
- Fixed water guns registering hits for entities incorrectly.
- Fixed bug with profile data not loading properly.
- Fixed links not working when replying to staff via /reply.
Found a bug? Report it here.

Faction & Community Changes

Below is a list of changes made to server factions within the last month by our faction leaders.

School Factions
- The Summer Exams were hosted on the 17th of September, the results of which will be announced on the 15th of October due to the large amounts of marking.
- The Summer Dance was hosted last month, the next dance entitled 'Fright Night Dance' will be held at the end of October.
- The next Masters to PHD opportunity is coming soon; projects will be due by the 4th of November.​
- All school rooms have been updated (Art, Broadcast, Media, Spartan Lounge, etc.).​
- Seasonal specials have been re-added to the school's cafeteria.​
- Tutors and Teachers once again receive some topics from the exam paper being used in the upcoming exam to help newer players.​
- Debate club has become Music club.​
- Literature club has returned to the club roster.​
City Factions
- Pepper spray cooldown has been shortened to ten seconds as this item has only 3 uses.​
- The Police force now have their own sewer entrance.​
- Reconstruction of parts of the sewers has began.​
- IKAGI has joined the Criminal Business roster.​
- 'Adobansu' has joined the Verified Gangs roster.​
- Hospital Staff must now pay a tax on items they sell in the Pharmacy.​
- Hirathex has been promoted to Hospital faction lead.​
- Marriages can now be legally recognised through a similar system to verifying a business.​
- Shrine staff can now do Tarot card readings​
- cloud_divider has been promoted to Shrine faction lead.​
- flowersak has been promoted to Shop faction lead.​
- Taxes for Shopkeepers now vary based on income thresholds to make it fairer for low-income shops.​
- Glossier, Heart Sunglasses, and Flower Earrings are now considered public items and will likely be available in more shops soon.​
Community & Staff Team
- The Lore for the History of Karakura has been released.​
- The Districts and Roads of Karakura have been named in a Lore document.​
- Modellers are now working with the custom model data system.​
- The Media team has been dissolved and replaced with a new system.​
- Lizalopod has been brought on as a Moderator after passing their trial period.​
- cloud_divider has been brought on as a Moderator after passing their trial period.​

A huge thank you to our Community Teams, Faction Leads and Staff for all of their hard work this month.

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