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Announcement Vehicle Update

Vehicle Update Release

After the poll we hosted in November to choose the upcoming updates, we've completed most anticipated update of the three. We're excited to announce the release of our all-new custom vehicle system. From fuel to upgrading your cars, there's plenty of new content to explore if you own a vehicle in-game, or you're looking to get one from the Mechanic NPC.

Upgrade System

Fuel Upgrade
The only attribute fuel tanks offer is Tank Capacity, it'll display the exact capacity you'll receive upon upgrading, e.g. 75L. Tried of refuelling your car all of the time? Grab this upgrade!

Engine Upgrade
On an engine upgrade, you'll notice 3-4 attributes which each change the way you drive.

- Accelerator Chance - Every 10 seconds, a Random Number Generator decides if you can accelerate; the higher the chance, the more often you'll be able to accelerate.​
- Fuel Usage - As you can imagine, fuel usage indicates how much fuel you use when the vehicle is moving. A negative fuel usage (e.g. -10%) means you'll use more fuel, whereas a positive one (e.g. +10%) means you'll use less fuel.​
- Reverse Speed - This increases the speed at which you can reverse your vehicle.​
- Max Speed - This increases the overall speed at which you can drive your vehicle.​

Brake Upgrade
On a brake upgrade, you'll find 3 attributes which change the way your car brakes.

- Brake Friction - This increases the speed at which your car brakes, as a stock brake will take a second to come to a full stop with your SPACE key.​
- Friction - Friction will increase how quickly your car can take off.​
- Turn Speed - This will increase the speed at which you turn with A and D keys.​

Mechanic Rework

For quite a while, the Mechanic's Vehicle prices have been quite high. To help make vehicles more accessible, we've lowered the prices of all publicly sold vehicles which means you'll be able to buy a car for as little as ¥750,000 compared to the millions of yen before. We've also lowered the cost of bicycles, meaning if you can't afford a car just yet, you can always get a bicycle.

We've also added Toyota Prius and Honda N-Box to the Mechanic NPC, both of which are sold cheaper than sports vehicles previously available.


We've added Fuel to our vehicles. Whilst this does sound fairly worrying for some of you, the stock fuel tank (50L) will allow you to drive around the make approximately 34 times before you run out of fuel. In addition to this, you can choose to upgrade to an Economy Engine which will decrease fuel consumption along with a bigger fuel tank of up to 100L.

Fuel prices fluctuate, however they are typically between ¥75 and ¥120 per 5L of fuel, so a full tank would cost a maximum of ¥1,200.


/vehicle pickupall - Pick up all of your active vehicles.
/vehicle add - Add a driver.
/vehicle remove - Remove a driver.
/vehicle list - List all drivers.
/vehicle lock - Lock your doors to prevent unwanted passengers.

Announcement Autumn Release

Autumn Release

It is with great excitement that I announce the new ‘Seasonal Releases’ posts which is a collection of all the wonderful things myself, the community team and staff produce within the previous season. This will replace our previous ‘Patch Notes’ and even include a video for you to watch if you prefer. Whilst we are scrapping monthly update posts, we will continue to announce large scale updates in a similar format on the forums and via Discord. This article will include all of the updates from June - August.

Along with this, we now have a new way to keep track of all of our ongoing projects which you may be interested in! The projects we include on this page range from Map Updates, Large Bug Fixes, and Features. Check it out at You can also receive a notification when a new sneak peek has been released, giving you more information of what's to come via our Discord in #sneak-peeks.

Similar to last year, we will be hosting a poll to decide on what our developers work on next, this will include three options for you to choose from and the winner will be prioritised.

Vote for the next update here:
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Tutorial Rework

It's come to our attention over the years that our previous tutorial room gave far too much information far too quickly, leaving a lot of players to just skip the tutorial entirely without understanding what SchoolRP is about and what they can do around Karakura. To remedy this, new players will now be shown a slideshow to get a brief taste of what they can experience. After completing the slideshow, the player should speak with 'Tom Brown'; your friend found at spawn. New players will be prompted to create an RPName and test out /me, giving them the very basics of roleplay which in turn allows them to experience and free-roam the server to learn by experience.

Any regular player who has completed the tutorial will now be offered 'Streaks' which are Yen rewards given every day for 7 days which will give you a chance to earn a bit of money for playing SchoolRP every day.

Auction Rework

Ever since the release of the Auction House, we felt that the user experience when selling and managing your listings wasn't up to the standard we aim for. Because of this, we decided it would be best to design a brand-new User Interface standard for the server which can be seen in every single new UI produced (all older UIs will be updated as we release further changes and reworks).

Aside from the UI changes, we changed the way that auction fees worked. Originally, you would be forced to give up 10% of your profits, but now you can 'upgrade' your membership with Yuasa's Auction House from Fledgling Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur, and Business Person; each will give you perks, including more auction slots, the ability to search listings and the possibility to have no fees on your auctions at all!

After popular suggestion, we've also added a mail system which allows you to send a hand-written letter to any permitting recipient for a price via the Mailman. Along with this, we've also made back-end changes to our package system to improve their functionality for future features.

Animal Whitelist Rework

We’re proud to finally release the Animal Changes a lot of you have requested over the last year. This includes the all-new universal animal language system which sees that all animals have a chance to verbally roleplay with any animal species (including their own, of course). This system will replace /lang from being used for animals, meaning the commands purpose will only be for human languages moving forward.

Along with this, due to popular demand after the recent Zoo event, we’ve released a Goat whitelist which is found in the forest and surrounding mountains.

Furniture Rework

Ever since initial release, our Furniture system has unfortunately seen many bugs, today that all changes. We are happy to announce that our Furniture system has had a complete re-vamp with new features and fixes which will prevent it from failing in the future.

Our first change is within the code itself. Due to complications, we have completely moved our Furniture system to use player packets, rather than our initial solution which had some impact on server performance as well as your own. This now means that furniture will stay loaded depending on your own render distance. Secondly, we’ve released our Dyeable system to the public via the new Furniture Shop UI which is accessed when speaking to Fernando found in the Karakea NPC Shop. This allows you even more customisability with the aesthetic you create in your residences. A simple chair can now be coloured using 9 pre-set colours, or millions of other custom colours using a Hexadecimal code, exclusive to players with Fundraiser or above.

All of the initial functionality we haven’t mentioned, aside from the way we save and load furniture hasn’t been changed.

Business Park Update

As I’m sure all of you have had a chance to explore already, we released our Business Park update which saw a brand-new Hospital front and centre as well as over 350 new apartments, some of which are still available to rent today! Other updates to the area include the brand-new NPC Nightclub which will be open every weekend from 10pm till 5am, a great place to party or meet new people (planned this autumn). You can also find the new Arcade, Library and Movie theatre, three places we’ve added to Karakura to give you more options and places to roleplay with friends.

Computer & Shift System

The Computer update is our first ever functional piece of furniture and will be used for things such as accessing auction house and much more from home in the near future. For now, this system is specifically used for faction purposes, some of which can be seen below!

- Our School Librarians now have access to the library database from the SchoolRP server, enabling them to hand out functional Library Cards and track a student’s borrowing. The library system itself orders a library book which can be collected by a librarian in school which provides the role with a real purpose, something which we will be focussing on with many other roles.​
- The Hospital and School Nurses can now create Medical Records for your characters which can be read and uploaded from the computer after a consultation with notes and information about what was discussed, this adds an additional immersive feature and improves the workflow for medical roles.​
- The Police Department now also have their own computer system for Arrest Logs which contains accurate information and automatically calculates a bail for jailed characters.​
- The final role to receive a feature this update is the Receptionist which can now log Reward Token redemptions through the computer.​

Miscellaneous Changes

We've also made several changes to the server which aren't a part of a larger update. See the list below for more information:

- We added Newspapers which allow you to access all of our News Faction's awesome reports from the comfort of the SchoolRP server; the Newspaper item contains all of the reports ever created since its release.​
- We made the Hospital's Midazolam item functional, giving the EMS the ability to stun players similar to the KPD.​
- We removed the 'Glock' and replaced it with a Tranquilizer which shoots arrows, with effectively the same functionality as a Bow with the added stun.​
- We added the new Omega+ rank which has all kinds of new perks, one of the more important ones being the Omega+ Prefix itself which can be changed to match any previous rank colour.​
- We added the possibility for more than one type of Book and Quill and Sign Book, meaning you could now request Custom signable books and they could be functional. Current functional books include; paper, diploma, prescription, and hard-cover books.​
- Fixed the match point system for Volleyball games.​
- Fixed the scoreboard being seen outside of Volleyball courts.​
- Fixed the saving and loading of the Wardrobe system.​
- Fixed the saving and loading of the Auction system.​
- Fixed dyable furniture losing their colour upon picking them up.​

Autumn Gesture Pack, 2023

A brand-new Gesture Pack has been released for Autumn! This pack will be available until the 22nd of December, at which point another new set of exclusive gestures will be released.

Faction Updates

School Factions
- The Teacher Format has been updated.
- RexLobo has been appointed as Teacher Faction Lead.
- MuffinCat has been appointed as Professor Faction Lead.
- gotsnapped has been appointed as Council Faction Lead.
- NoZinth has been appointed as Highschool Sports faction Lead.
- GangRP is now prohibited whilst on School Teams.
- Employees has been given their own shift system where they can log shifts using /shift start|end, this also allows them to see how many hours they've completed that month, and logs it similar to Teacher and Professor.
- Receptionist has been given a system to redeem reward tokens without the need of a restock, also destroying the used reward token forever.
- Librarians now have their own fully-fledged library system with library cards.
- Librarians are now required to collect books from the book shelves themselves, rather than from a chest for add immersion and duties.
- Caretaker now has access to all CCTV cameras around the school using the same system the KPD have available to them.
- Counselors and Nurses can now fill in 'Patient Logs' which allows the employee to see previous consultations and notes about the player in order to better assist them with their issues.
- Sports faction has been split into two factions again, Highschool and College.
- Customable is now Club Faction Lead.
- New Club Leads for Debate, and Cooking Club.
- 'Theatre Club' has been updated to 'Performing Arts Club'.
- 'Fashion Club' has been swapped with 'Light Music Club'.
- Journalism roster slots have been updated to 20.
City Factions
- Arrests are now logged and monitored in-game instead of using a spreadsheet.
- Tranquilizers are now a part of police higher-up equipment to immobilize targets at long range.​
- Riot Shields have been re-added and made accessible to all officers for high-risk situations.​
- The Stun Blaster's cooldown has been reduced.​
- The Police Radio can now be worn as a hat piece to make room for more equipment.​
- Guilt pleas no longer reduce an inmate's bail.​
- Pleading not guilty will cost 25,000. This money is returned if a judge finds you innocent.​
- By default, all felony offenders won't have authorization to be visited.​
- The amount of time an inmate must wait to be bailed out has been reduced to 3 days for all arrests.​
- Zaldoria has been appointed as Government Faction Lead​
- Pay for all Government roles have been increased by 50,000.​
- A new Attorney General has been promoted within the Government.​
- Revamped the Verified Business process.​
- The death penalty has been completed abolished.​
- The News faction now has their own physical building, found in the business park.​
- The News faction slots have been upped to 15.​
- A Newspaper item has been created in-game and are sold by the News faction (and soon shops), this will give you all of the latest stories in-game.​
- A brand-new News Van has been implemented for events.​
- News Reporter IDs have been fixed.​
- The Shrine hosted the Tanabata Festival.​
- Bears are no longer allowed to loiter around the Shrine's entrance.​
- Valhalla has been promoted to Verified Gang status.​
- Verified Gang slots have been decreased to 3.​
- Unverified Gang slots have been decreased to 4.​
- Black Market Dealers can now purchase pepperspray for their own usage on the job.​
- Custom Weapons are now exclusively sold in-game through the Black Market.​
- The Black Market Dealer roster has increased to 6 slots.​
- Hirathex has been appointed Black Market Faction Lead.​
Community Team
- Lore Team has written descriptions for all publicly-sold items.
- The Kaigan's Guardian Lore has been completed.
- The Kindness and Hatred Lore has been completed.
- The Districts, Roads, and Landmarks document has been updated.​
- The Geography of Karakura document has been updated.​
- A Pride Month Event was hosted.​
- A Waterpark Trip Event was hosted.​
- The Tanabata Festival Event was hosted.​
- A Lantern Festival Event was hosted.​
- A series of Monsoon Events were hosted over August.​
- The Event Team application format has been updated.​
- We've brought back Custom Phone Ringtones which are requested and made, similar to items.​
- The Media Team has been working on new furniture items which you can find inside of the Furniture Shop in-game; more coming soon.​
- The Media Team are working on modelling the remaining items for cooking levels up to 100, this will be 15 items total.​
- The Build Team have completed the updates to the Business Park.​
- The Build Team have completed the new Jinsei Zen Garden.​
- The Development team is now posting 'Sneak Peeks' which are snippets and spoilers of updates to come in our SchoolRP Discord as well as​
- MuffinCat has passed their Trial period and joined the Staff Team as a Moderator.​
- RexLobo has passed their Trial period and joined the Staff Team as a Moderator.​
- atoki has passed their Trial period and joined the Staff Team as a Moderator.​
- DivingBlues has passed their Trial period and joined the Staff Team as a Moderator.​
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Announcement Roleplay Profile Update - June 12th, 2023

Roleplay Profiles Update

Over the past month or two, the development team have been hard at work to release a greatly anticipated surprise update to SchoolRP!

After popular demand over the past year or so, we've finally created a system to allow players to store multiple roleplay profiles on one account! This includes your basics such as RPName, Description, Age, Biography Link, and Roles! For more details, see the rest of the update below.

How do profiles work?

There are two types of profiles that are available to you, there's Primary and Alternate. You currently receive 1 alternate profile slot for free, more are applied with donation ranks.

What are Primary Profiles?
A primary profile can hold any role possible on SchoolRP, from Principal to Grade-8; your regular roleplay information (RPNames, etc.) will automatically be migrated into this profile which you can switch from any time you like. Note that the Primary Profile is the only profile you can hold a faction position on, this includes Sports Teams, Club Leader, Council, Hospital, Police, Teacher, etc.

What are Secondary Profiles?
Secondary profiles are limited to certain roles to prevent players from occupying too many factions at one time. Players get 1 free alternate slot, and Omega rank receives and additional one as a part of their rank perks.

The following roles can be occupied by a 'Secondary' profile:
- Animal Whitelists​
- Adult (via the In-Character progression system, or faction experience)​
- Grade 7 to 12​
- College Bachelor, Master, and PHD​
- Expelled and Suspended​
What data is stored in profiles?
At the moment, just your regular roleplay information, however we aim to allow languages and other types of roleplay information to be per-profile to allow you to give your characters their own languages, rather than it being across all profiles.

How do I change my profile?
The switch between profiles, use /character. This command will then show you a GUI which will allow you to either create a profile if you have an empty slot, or switch into a profile you have created.