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Announcement Roleplay Profile Update - June 12th, 2023

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Roleplay Profiles Update

Over the past month or two, the development team have been hard at work to release a greatly anticipated surprise update to SchoolRP!

After popular demand over the past year or so, we've finally created a system to allow players to store multiple roleplay profiles on one account! This includes your basics such as RPName, Description, Age, Biography Link, and Roles! For more details, see the rest of the update below.

How do profiles work?

There are two types of profiles that are available to you, there's Primary and Alternate. You currently receive 1 alternate profile slot for free, more are applied with donation ranks.

What are Primary Profiles?
A primary profile can hold any role possible on SchoolRP, from Principal to Grade-8; your regular roleplay information (RPNames, etc.) will automatically be migrated into this profile which you can switch from any time you like. Note that the Primary Profile is the only profile you can hold a faction position on, this includes Sports Teams, Club Leader, Council, Hospital, Police, Teacher, etc.

What are Secondary Profiles?
Secondary profiles are limited to certain roles to prevent players from occupying too many factions at one time. Players get 1 free alternate slot, and Omega rank receives and additional one as a part of their rank perks.

The following roles can be occupied by a 'Secondary' profile:
- Animal Whitelists​
- Adult (via the In-Character progression system, or faction experience)​
- Grade 7 to 12​
- College Bachelor, Master, and PHD​
- Expelled and Suspended​
What data is stored in profiles?
At the moment, just your regular roleplay information, however we aim to allow languages and other types of roleplay information to be per-profile to allow you to give your characters their own languages, rather than it being across all profiles.

How do I change my profile?
The switch between profiles, use /character. This command will then show you a GUI which will allow you to either create a profile if you have an empty slot, or switch into a profile you have created.
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