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shu's introduction


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Rich Kid++
here, duck


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awooga. gorlws.
despite me being on the server for about a year now, almost two this year, I believe not a whole lot of ppl know me!
So here I am, with an introduction.

If you don't know yet, I'm known as Frances. under the online name Shu, call me whatever, I don't really mind any names.

I am Asian American, my mother is full Filipino and my late stepfather was American.
I do not have an accent, My mother taught me English first rather than Tagalog, hence why I don't understand my country's language very well..
I think I remember going to America at one or two years old, however, I do not recall what my father looks like. all I know his name was Dave..
he didn't come back after getting milk. :(

I would like to point out, I AM A GIRL. the number of times, people (7) you know who you are, have misgendered me and I'm used to it at this point :pensive:
I'm also known for roleplaying as male characters, hence why people misgender me a lot hmph

I like to express myself in my very detailed /me's and actions, mostly RomanceRP but I could do any Roleplay in most sense.

I'm not talented in art unlike the beautiful artists in SRP, I'm also not musically blessed so I cannot be as talented as Levi and his drumming skills. However, in my case, I can be of help to other simplistic things such as advice and others.

uhhh, I like penguins, weasels, and anything that is cute.
and I'm 100% into girls, however, questionable because I'm into kpop boys and anime boys, could be either though I'm sure I'm into girls.
(i am also taken, not that yall care but)
I like any music genre EXCEPT, jazz. (sorry parker)
I've recently been listening to a playlist Levi has recommended to me as it includes guitars, despite me not being musically talented, I ABSOLUTELY. love guitars, bass guitars specifically, oh, and acoustics too.

my aesthetic would be... a mix of grunge and comfortable, my wardrobe contains mostly BLACK shirts, literally, I have like only one white shirt and one blue hehe.
THO I'm not an egirl, I was confirmed not an egirl >:(

I suppose that's all for my introduction. a lot of people know what I sound and look like so I suppose there's no point in revealing~
oh, & my age-- is fourteen turning fifteen. :)

growling thaeknk you!!11

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