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Subject Change | Teacher App

Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by HighlightedTwin, Aug 27, 2020.

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    Out-Of-Character Information

    What is your Minecraft username?: HighlightedTwin

    How old are you?: 16

    Do you have any previous bans?:
    Banned for ERP. Appeal here (Accepted):

    What Country are you from?:
    I’m from the United States and my time zone is EST.

    Do you have Discord (if so, what is your discord username?):
    Yes, I have discord. It is, HighlightedTwin#8826.

    Do you understand that most answers are found in the roleplay documents?:

    Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?:
    Yes, I am aware of this.

    Do you understand that all classroom activity must be documented on the "Teacher Roster" thread?:
    Yes, I understand and I have no issue documenting classes.

    Describe your activity on the server & on the forums?:
    As stated in my previous application, I'm pretty much mainly active during the weekends or during holiday breaks. Versus being active on weekdays when I have school though school is closed due to the virus so more active nowadays.

    Link(s) to any previous applications on the server?: - [Accepted] - [Accepted] - [Denied] - [Accepted] - [Accepted]


    What is your motivation for becoming a teacher?:
    Since I am already a teacher, I will explain my motivation for changing the subject I currently teach. Throughout my history of teaching Science, I feel as though I have personally taught nearly all the things I learned in school myself. Even though it's fun to teach science and do experiments, I am ready to move on and try teaching different subjects that I would find more amusement in teaching. This is just another way of me stepping outside my comfort zone to try newer things. Yes, I enjoyed teaching Science in the long run but I believe it is time to discover what else I have potential in doing.

    Do you have any experience in Roleplaying?:
    My roleplay experiences started on this server and I eventually sprouted and tried different types of roleplays. I have most of the knowledge written down and I already know what to expect especially when roleplaying in a classroom.

    Have you read the Faculty Handbook?:
    I have read the handbook and I have a good understanding of the policies and the "DOs" and "DONTs".

    What are the classroom logs and why is it important?:
    The classroom logs are for teachers to document the classes they did for that day. It is helpful for teachers as they are able to keep track of how many classes they have done, how many they need to do, and what lessons they should teach in the future. This also applies to other staff as they may see which teachers are active versus the ones that aren't while also keeping track of how many classes each teacher has done. The logs are proof/evidence that a teacher is doing their job and are able to be paid properly.

    You want to start a school field trip; how do you do that?:
    Starting a school field trip is simple, all you would need to do is, of course, plan where and when the field trip will be held and what the students can learn from the trip. Then present the plans to the vice-principal or principal either through DMs (ooc) or in-person (ic). Finally, waiting for their approval of the field trip to then introduce all the students to be able to go on the trip.

    As a teacher, what are the strict rules when being in a class?:
    These are prime rules that are introduced to the class:

    1. No phones are allowed in the classroom. You will be given 3 warnings before it is taken away and will be given back after class.

    2. There shall be no violence or profanity in the classroom. If this rule is violated you will be given detention or be put in the vice principal's office.

    3. Respect others and their privacy/personal space. That also includes the teacher or any other adult that enters the class.

    4. Please refrain from getting up from your seat too much. Raise your hand and ask for permission to move.

    5. Raise your hand to be given permission to speak or to ask a question.

    6. Make sure your area is clean before you leave.

    7. Always try to do your best in the class before giving up.

    Summarize your previous RP experience's (both in general and on SchoolRP):
    My roleplay experience in SchoolRP had its ups and downs. Some of it was favorable and enjoyable while other moments were sad or frustrating to deal with. Overall I was able to experience different types of role plays via the roles I had. Outside of SchoolRP it was pretty much the same deal but with fewer restrictions via the rules. There were chaotic times during those roleplays but I still managed to get by those moments.

    Describe the ranking system of teachers:
    - HD: Stands for Head of Department. They are considered highly skilled teachers of the subject and oversee the lower-skilled teachers classes, specifically the new teachers.

    - QTLS: Stands for Qualified Teacher of Learning Skills. They are considered certified skillful teachers of the subject and are able to teach their class without much help.

    - NQT: Stands for Newly Qualified Teacher. They are brand new to the teaching job. They may also seek advice from the Head of Department and be watched by them to verify that they are teaching their class correctly.

    Teacher Knowledge

    Present to us your knowledge about Teachers in-game and out-of-game, what purpose do teachers serve. What salary do they get? Include a paragraph about the way teachers teach, what they do in their spare time in general.
    Teachers in-game are very similar if not identical to teachers out-of-game. They plan their lessons ahead of time, prepare their workspace, wait for the students to enter their class, start their lesson, and by the end of the day grade their student’s work. Once on break, they are either planning their next lesson in the teachers’ lounge or grading papers. Possibly even talking to other teachers about their day or how the class went. They teach needed subjects such as English, Maths, Science, History, and elective subjects (what they call them in my country) such as Art, Technology, or Theatre. A teacher may teach only one subject, however, where I’m from some teachers would teach a needed subject such as English and teach an elective subject such as Art in different periods. Teachers, where I'm from, are usually underpaid and gradually get more pay depending on how much they work. In-game teachers are paid depending on how many classes they teach and log, 250k being our base pay for 15 classes, and 50k extra for 5 more classes we teach.

    Why are teachers important to a SchoolRP server?:
    It wouldn't be much of a school without the teachers as they are needed to teach the students. Teachers are also supposed to be the role models for the students as they are a prime example of what a mature and educated person would be like. They are primarily the decision-makers of students being able to pass their class and determine if a student is excelling in the subject they teach.

    What lesson planning system does the school work on?:
    The lesson planning system the school works on is the “Must have, Could have, Should have” system.

    Character Knowledge

    Tell us everything you know about the character you will be playing in a few paragraphs. How does he look like? What makes him unique and different? What is his outlook on Students? What about the other teachers? What is his personality like? What is his plan for the future?
    Iris Cortez is a short blue hair lady that stands at 5'4. She has emerald eyes that compliment her gentle smile. As someone who may seem innocent, she has a fierce side to her and she doesn't back away from an argument unless she needs to. Some may call this being arrogant, annoying, while she sees it as standing up for your own opinions and ideas.

    Iris expects her students to not know too much about the subject she’s teaching and therefore would understand if they struggle a bit with the work provided. However, she believes with enough lessons being taught they could become better than they already are, sprouting with their true potential. She sees her fellow coworkers/teachers (especially those who are higher in rank) as someone she must follow to be one of the best teachers of Karakura High. Being able to learn from them while also adapting some of her own techniques to handling students inside and outside the classroom.

    Iris has many uncertain or unfinished plans for her future. Her base plan would be to teach until she can no longer do so or if she finds another job that would also interest her. Her goals in life would be to make those around you happy and to make money. With these two goals in mind, her priority would be to make sure she's happy as well. With the future being uncertain, the need for planning too far ahead would deem to be unnecessary to her as she would just live in the moment.


    You find a gang of delinquents in the hallway cursing and swearing, what do you do?:
    I will tell them to calm down and warn them to not curse in the hallways as it may influence those around them to do the same. If they continue this will eventually lead to me giving them detention and a possible visit to the vice principal's office.

    No one in your class is listening to a word you say, what do you do?:
    If students fail to pay attention, warnings will be given to the entire class such as failing the class, detention, or a possible suspension. If a student comes in the classroom to waste time, take up oxygen, and deprive Iris of energy, they are to be kicked out of the classroom without question.

    When in the teacher's lounge, how does your character act?:
    In the teacher's lounge, she would most likely be preparing the material for her next class. The teacher's lounge would be a great place for her to also plan the next lesson as well as grade assignments. During these times, she could run into other teachers and greet them accordingly, seeing as she has a friendly bond with some already.

    Provide at least 5 detailed /me's of your character inside a classroom:
    /me she’d stand at the front of the class, greeting every student with a good morning as they sat down in their seats

    /me she’d patiently wait for a student to raise their hand with a smile to answer the question that was given just a few seconds ago

    /me she'd stand firmly at the front of the room, giving a staggering glare towards the students who are being disruptive during the lesson

    /me she’d sit at her neat and organized desk to grade a few assignments carefully while making sure the class is quiet while doing their work

    /me she’d stood up straight while introducing the lesson to the class, scanning each student to make sure they are paying attention


    In 1995, Iris was born in Seoul, South Korea. She lived in an orphanage with other children she called her family. She was soon adopted along with the other children into a family called the Cortez and was given their name. Iris grew up close to the head of the family, Oni. Oni was a teacher herself and Iris decided to be like her as well, believing it would be fun to teach her own class of students. Oni one day took Iris with her to view what it was like teaching and it sparked her motivation to become one as well.

    Going into middle school, Iris set her sights on being a teacher while also participating in school events and even helping come up with events as well. They called her "Little Star Student" due to her being shorter than the average girl at her age. She worked closely with her teachers, trying to learn as much as she could such as: what to do when the class isn't focused and how to deal with disruptive students. She was able to learn way much more once she got into high school. She took some classes that helped guide her thinking when being a teacher. She was able to learn what to do in certain situations while teaching is in session as well as how to handle students out of the classroom.

    The family decided to move to Japan, specifically Karakura, Japan as their family was slowly becoming toxic living in Korea. It was a fresh new start for everyone including Iris but it didn't change her mind about becoming a teacher. Years later, she got into college and decided to major in her favorite subject, science as it felt easy for her to do. She also took classes related to teaching and learned more about class setups, lesson planning, detentions, etc.

    Fast-forwarding she finally became a teacher at Karakura, a science teacher at that, and had many different experiences while teaching. Some of those experiences were good and some were stressful but her student's compliments about her lessons and the way she teaches kept her going. However, she eventually quit her job due to personal reasons and taught her last class which made a lot of her students sad. Her quitting gave her a lot of benefits as it gave her a bit of a break from all the stress and such. However, since nothing else was on her mind but teaching, part of her really missed teaching her students so after her break she decided to finally apply once again and continue doing her best!

    After some time of re-teaching science once again, Iris began to feel a little repetitive with her teaching style and lessons. Since she's already taught Science many times before, she wanted to take a step into another subject that she found to interest her. With the motivation and right mindset to change the subject she teaches, she applied for a subject change, awaiting her possible acceptance letter approving her.

    In-Character Information
    (Pretend your character is filling this out, not you)

    SECTION 1: Personal Details

    Full Name: Iris Rososora Cortez

    Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss): Miss Cortez

    Given Name(s): Iris, “Miss I”

    Preferred Name: Miss Cortez or Iris

    Age: 27

    Gender: Female

    Religious Denomination: Atheist

    Marital Status: Single

    Nationality: Korean

    Current Location: Karakura, Japan

    SECTION 2: Academic Details

    Teaching Experience (# of years): 2

    Working Experience (# of years): 3

    Academic Degree: Culinary Arts

    Year of Graduation: 2015

    Major(s): Cooking & English

    Minors: Baking & Pastry Arts and Writing

    Native Languages: Korean

    Other Languages: Japanese & English

    Do you have a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA Certificate?: Yes, I do.

    Preferred Teaching Subject: Design & Technology (Catering)

    Additional notes about your application (if any): N/A

    Do you have any questions?: N/A
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    -ˏˋ Congratulations! ˊˎ-

    - Lovely application - Same as your previous ones, they never fail to impress. :-)
    - Though I'm sure you already have, please ensure that you have joined this Discord-Server.
    - After you've done the step listed above, please shoot me a direct message at; Knot#6368 to get you set up with your new role!