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tfyo | Reporter Application


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Out of Character | Basic information
What is your in-game name?:
Matías Narvaez
Do you have discord? (If so, what is your username):
Do you have a microphone?
I do have a microphone.
List your timezone and country:
CST Timezone | USA
How active are you on the server?:
I've only recently been getting back onto the server, but so far I've been playing more than I used too.
At the moment, I'd say I'm about 7 - 10 on an activity scale.
Do you have any previous bans? (If so, link your appeals):
[ Ban Appeal ]
- [ Ban Appeal ]
- [ Ban Appeal ]
Link any past applications below:
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[ Reporter Application ]
Out of Character | Morals & ideas
What position are you applying for?:
News Reporter Role
What is your motivation for applying?:
The motivation I have for applying cause from my previous experiences as a news reporter. Around a year ago, I was apart of the news reporter team before it turned into the journalist club. I was apart of the news reporter team until I quit the job for personal reasons. Although I have been apart of many jobs on SchoolRP, the news reporter team was the job that I felt I loved the most. Many other jobs interest me, but the chance to become a news reporter once again is just an opportunity I felt I couldn't let go.

Becoming a news reporter is as if you're able to display hidden news that citizens may not know have or is going on. Big events and small events all have their significance and being able to report on each one is a reporter's job. Some people rarely even read the news on SchoolRP and because of that, they miss out on huge opportunities that can expand their experience on SchoolRP. Now that SchoolRP has many more events that continue to happen on the server, I'd like to be able to have that opportunity to write about what is happening and help my character develop along with helping myself gain better roleplay experience.
Do you have any experience in this work?
- I do have experience in this work. As stated, around a year ago I applied to become a news reporter before it turned into the journalist club. Once I was accepted, it felt surreal to be a news reporter, especially with the events that had been happening at that time. I was able to report on huge events such as the KPD protest or when the KVA began to come back into the scene. It was amazing being able to report on events such as these and looking back at it and
looking at my reports just makes me want to become a news reporter again once more.

I understand the responsibilities that come with becoming a news reporter and I'd like to be able to show that I am capable of once more being able to fulfil those responsibilities. A reporter's job comes with many rules and such that they must follow. With my experience, I believe my knowledge could be helpful to those who might need it.

Are you aware of the rules each person must follow?:
I am aware of the rules each person must follow and completely understand them. If I had any questions about these rules, I'd say something so I could get an understanding of what to do. At the moment, I understand everything. Each person has the same set of rules / around that area. Some roles have different rules they must follow but they all fall in the same little branch.
Why should you be accepted over others?
I believe I should be accepted over the other applicants as I have previous experience of being a News Reporter. I don't know how many others were previous news reporters or have the same experience as me, but I understand we all have the same chances of getting the role. I'd like to display my experience by helping out with the news reporter role and being able to express the events that go on in Karakura with my news reports.

I'd like to be able to hook in whoever is reading my news reports and in doing so, I'd like to show that I am completely capable of what I was able to do when I used to be a news reporter. To be able to report on whatever goes on in the server is intriguing on it's own.
Do you have a good understanding of this position?:

- I do have a good understanding of this position. With my experience and passion to become a news reporter, I believe I'd be the perfect candidate for the job seeing as I understand this position well and was previously a news reporter on the server. The job comes with many things and ideologies you must understand and in doing so, I feel as if I will be able to fulfil any role and any responsibility handed to me in this job.
Summarize what your position does in the town:
A News Reporter's job is to express and report on the activities that go on in the town. For Karakura, these reporters are obligated to be the first to report on anything, small or big, that occurs in the city. A News Reporter is a citizen who knows full well that their job comes at a price. Not everyone would like to hear the truth, but it is their job to expose the truth no matter how bad it is. Reporter's should know first hand what responsibilities come with their job and no matter how they are seen, they must follow the rules of being a reporter.

Reporters want to spread the truth, they want the citizens to know what is happening in their city and how they can prepare themselves for any event big or small for what's to come. Others may not think a Reporter's job is important, but with reporters, who would be there to report on incidents when something goes wrong? Who would be there when a big event is about to happen and nobody knew about it?

As a reporter on SchoolRP, you and the server benefit from your reports. The people can learn more about events that are being held or anything that has happened in Karakura. Every job on SchoolRP serves a purpose, being a reporter extremely assist the players in understanding the small and the big events that go on inside the city.
In Character | Questionnaire
Pretend that it is as if your character is filling this out, not yourself
Full Name:
Matías Narvaez
Preferred name & Title:
- Matías
- Mr Narvaez
Current age? (25+):
Past job experiences?:
How would you describe yourself?

- I would describe myself as a more lenient person. I could be serious when it is a serious time, though I don't feel as if every situation you must be so serious. To me, I'd say I'm a pretty calm person, I don't enjoy getting angry as I don't know what I could spit out and how it could affect others. Though, I am a pretty talkative person when it comes to small talk, I could talk my heart out on such a simple subject. I'd say that's a con of mine as some would say talking a lot get's pretty annoying and repetitive.

Other than that, I believe in all, a pretty nice person. Unless it comes to something serious then my personality would change, not much but to the point where I'd take it seriously.
What sort of things would you write about?
I don't want to be limited to just one specific thing I'd write. I want to be able to expand my writing talents to any subject and any topic. If given the opportunity, I won't just limit myself to a specific topic as I would like to be able to spread anything I hear that the citizens might want to hear.

Although, my most favorable subject to write about is law. Law has only recently become something I've been interested in writing about, though I need to practice on more what to say in that topic instead of just enjoying writing about it because maybe soon I might have to write about a situation which includes law. I wouldn't want to be stuck on words as I don't know what to do. Not just this topic, I'd like to study every topic so I will always be able to speak to the heart's of the citizens through my words on the subject.
What jobs will you execute with this position?
- In this position, I'd execute many jobs. For example, as a News Reporter, we are obligated to spread the whole truth and any events that occur in Karakura. I'd like to be able to spread the truth I can uncover in Karakura through my reporting. As a reporter, I want to be able to take my word to people all around the world and spread the lovely events that go on in Karakura. This job comes with many responsibilities and roles that we must fulfil and I believe I could execute all of the jobs if given the chance.

Even if my reports must start small, we all start somewhere and hopefully I can take my talent even further in this career. It doesn't have to always start with such big reports on big events, you must start small to slowly make a name for yourself and soon make reports on things such as court details or huge events that involve sports. Main goal is to be patient and fulfil the jobs you are given before going big.
Do you practice any sort of religion?:
- Christianity
Do you have a criminal record? If so, list your crimes:
- No Criminal Record
Nationality & Born location:
- Born Puerto Rico

Fluent languages (Underline your native):
- Korean
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- Thanks for taking the time to apply however after reviewing your application it has been denied

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