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TotallyN0tEli || BMD application


Level 8
[ALT] OnlyyEli | [Grade-10] Yumi Yamashita
[MAIN] JusstElii | [Grade-12] Seikatsu Ato Monet
[APPLICANT][ [ALT] TotallyN0tEli | [Adult] Seo-Jun Y. Kobashigawa
[INACTIVE] JusstEli | ????

Previous bans/warns/kicks:
I don't quite remember if I have any warnings on this account. Although for my JusstElii I have a warning for glitching/metagaming. For the glitching part, I had forgotten that getting on top of the school roof VIA a bird account wasn’t allowed. I thought that there was a way to get up there normally without abusing cosmetics or anything and my friend was helping me hide. For the metagaming, I was unfamiliar with the perm rules and for some reason it ran through my mind that I automatically knew that they had perms on me after I acted on my own perms.
For the JusstEli I had two warnings for I believe failrp. The first warning was because I was not home and my computer was unlocked. This was a few years ago, and I have learned from my mistakes. Although my computer was unlocked, and my cousin and aunt had been coming over to do something for my family and I. My cousin had gotten onto my computer and opened up minecraft logging into SRP. I was unaware of this until I came home and saw that my computer obviously had been touched(Multiple minecraft windows were open seeing as they had never played on minecraft as well as the computer ran slow… Whereas I knew to close tabs and what not after opening them if I wasn’t using them.) The second warning for failrp I am unsure of what I did as I cannot remember, although I do know it was for failrp. As well as I had another warning which I am unsure as to what it was labeled, although it was for ‘combat’ in a safezone. Basically back with spawn was a safezone, I acted to slap one of my friends and someone had reported me for it. Although combat wasn’t my intention as I didn’t even know what combatrp was at the time.

List any applications you have created on the forums:
Moderation Application [WAITING]
JSL application(Third language application | JusstElii)[ACCEPTED]
Third language application attempt #2 [ACCEPTED]
Third language application. [DENIED]
Korean Application[ACCEPTED].
Russian application[ACCEPTED].
Art-Teacher application[ACCEPTED].
Shrine maiden application[ACCEPTED].
JSL application[ACCEPTED].
Replacing Hawaiian language with Korean[ACCEPTED].

Describe your activity on the server:
I’d say my activity is 8.5/10. The minimum I play for is 3 hours, as the max is most likely 12 hours. Although I have taken multiple breaks throughout the years from SRP, I do not believe I will be taking any more breaks. As I have made lovely friends and I am pretty happy with the groups I am involved with now. I’ve been trying different things for SRP, like different roles or different things I can be involved with. Recently I have been attempting to learn how to tailor, so I normally spend my time roleplaying as well as tailoring. Having character development and creating lore for said characters is such a cool concept and I highly enjoy it.

Specify your Discord name and discriminator (USER#????) and if you have a microphone:
My discord is Eli<3#9347, and I do indeed have a microphone.

Specify your country of origin and time zone:
My country of origin is the U.S and my timezone is EST.

What are your motivations in applying for the black market dealer role?:
Being a part of the BMD has always been something I look forward to. It has such a cool concept that affects things both ICly, and OOCly. It’s inspiring to see someone come up with something as sick, and cool as the BMD. I’ve always been drawn to any form of combat rp. Whenever the fight club opened I was always curious to what happened down there. Seeing as my computer wasn’t the best so the crowd of people somewhat killed it, if you will. I’ve only recently been able to really see what happens in fight club, and it’s so incredibly cool with how they have everything set up. Not to mention the amount of time I have on my hands. I can be incredibly active due to this, which can allow me to open whenever needed or wanted as a BMD dealer. I tend to just try and have fun with things, so bringing some positivity and fun to the BMD staff would be awesome I feel. Yes, I do understand that there can and will be serious times. I act appropriately depending on the situation I am thrown into, although it’s good to have some fun and not always be so serious.
I’ve never done something like this before. Normally I try to stick to the small things and do my best. Although as of these past three months I have been trying new things, things that are different. I am a pretty quick learner, so grasping the context of something new is in some ways, easy. Moving outside of my comfort zone is really helpful, personally. I’ve come a long way from when I first joined SRP. Honestly, being a part of some of the things on SRP has helped me OOCly as well. I feel as if becoming a BMD dealer would help me even more, not to mention I think the dealers themselves have such cool characters and their energies are fun to be around.

What helps you to stand out from other applicants & what can you uniquely provide to the team?:
What helps me stand out from other applicants is I can be fully honest, as well as understanding. If you need something answered honestly, then I will answer honestly. I see no point in lying as it doesn’t really get you anywhere. If there is an issue, I have the patience and time to get it resolved. As I stated before, I have a bit of extra time to deal with. Allowing me to be active whenever needed, as my schedule OOCly is incredibly flexible. I have spent quite a lot of time on SRP having character development or just making friends. I’ve been involved with a gang or two, and still am. Over my duration of being involved with said gang, I have learned quite a lot through it. I may still have a bit to learn, although I am willing to do so as I go.
I can provide communication to the team. I am very aware as to how important communication is, which is why I would be able to help provide some to the team if I were to be accepted. Next, I’d also be able to provide opinions on things. For example, if someone wanted an opinion on how something looked or how they should react I would be able to assist them. Lastly, I personally am able to provide trust. I would say I am a trustworthy person as I am honest. I’ve learned to back up those who I am acquainted with, and have the things that must be kept concealed, concealed.

What previous experience do you have in working with a team?:
I have been a part of a few teams on SRP. Both being unrelated and related to any form of combat rp and or gangrp. For starters, I used to always want to be more involved with things on SRP. A few months ago I decided to finally get involved after my year break. I decided to go for shrine maiden, which was a lovely experience within itself. Moving on to becoming a writer for a few servers, as well as a tailor. Then I decided to apply for shops. For example, AUFFALLEN. Not having the shop-keeper role or anything, although just working for the store itself. I’ve learned a lot just from those over a period of time, and I am willing to keep on learning as much as I can.
On the other hand, I eventually had got more involved with gang rp seeing as combat rp was a passion of mine I have had since way before my break. I’d say joining a gang was probably one of the best decisions I could’ve ever made on SRP, thanks to someone for informing me about a certain gang. I am pretty active within the gang both OOcly and ICly, as I have been getting more and more involved with it all slowly.

What suggestions do you have to help better the crime faction?:
I only have one suggestion that would help better the crime faction. The one suggestion being, adding more events for unverified gangs to prove their gang better. As I understand there are possibilities with the powerplant, turfs, sprays, etc. I feel things could be organized differently.
Adding more ‘areas’ around Karakura whether it’s above ground or in the sewers would be helpful. Giving unverified gangs more ‘flash-events’ would be able to help, especially making them lengthy enough to give the members character development and experience within itself.

Are you familiar with all rules pertaining to weapon profiles, combat, permissions, and player conduct on the server?:
Yes, I have done my research and familiarized myself with all rules pertaining to weapon profiles, combat, permissions, and player conduct for the server.
Are you familiar with that if you leave the black market at any point, the black market lead will have permanent kill permissions on your character?:
Yes, and I am completely fine with this. It is understandable as to why the BMD lead will have kill perms on my character if I were to leave at any given point in time.
Are you familiar with that if your character(s) is/are killed or permanently arrested twice, you will be removed from the black market?:
Yes. Being removed because of a character death or permanent arrest makes complete sense.
Are you familiar with that you cannot reveal any out-of-character plans or potential addition to the black market to others?:
I am familiar with being unable to reveal any out-of-character plans or potential addition of the BMD to others, yes.



Full Legal Name:

Seo-Jun Yasuo Kobashigawa

Criminal Alias:

Age & Occupation:
28, Adult.

Gender & Marital Status:
Female. Significant other is deceased, so widowed.

Ethnicity & Race:

Known Languages:
Korean and JSL

Former Associations/Occupations:
Seo-Jun used to be a Surgeon in her hometown, although she no longer is. This causes her to not be a part of any form of gang, although she is very interested with the dangers Karakura holds.

Highest Level of Education:
Masters degree.

Physical/Mental Ailments:
Seo-Jun has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia and PTSD.

Known Family Members:
Ichiro Kobashigawa [SECOND OLDEST-SIBLING]
Yuri Kobashigawa [MIDDLE-SIBLING]
Takeshi Kobashigawa [YOUNGEST-SIBLING]

Describe your character's appearance to the greatest detail:
Seo-Jun is a female who stands 6’5 and weighs 187lbs. She had wavy half jet black half iris purple hair, which fell just underneath her chest. Her hair bounced as she walked, as it was also tied up in space buns. She wore a black crop top which had a purple tank top underneath. A pair of black shorts that complimented her wonky socks as they connected to the pair of shorts she wore. Seo-Jun had unique iris purple eyes, her gaze could pierce someone's soul with a simple glance. She spoke in a stern yet calm monotone voice. Her voice commanded respect.
She had an athletic build, and a slim body. Seo-Jun had a little pip into her walk which allowed her hips to sway as she moved. She gave a menacing grin, a scar rested on her lips going vertical through the left.

Describe your character's personality to the greatest detail:
Seo-Jun is a brave, confident, menace to society. She is able to control herself, keeping her tone stern, and serious. Although she is known to love pranks, jokes, and risks, she still likes to keep her humor on the DL. She holds a high ego, as she has a lot of self-confidence. The female never fails to stay on task or keep up to date with events. She’s pretty nosy, so being on top of things is her whole ordeal.
Treat her how you want to be treated. She takes feelings pretty seriously, as well as attitude. If you speak to her in a non-respectful way, expect for her to snap back and correct your manners. Though, she’ll never throw hands when it comes to it. Being the bigger person in an argument is her responsibility. Randomly causing a fight is not something she looks forward to, as she likes to use communication to work things out. She believes violence doesn’t solve anything, it just creates more issues.

Describe your character's backstory to the greatest detail: (300+ words minimum)
Seo-Jun was the oldest of four siblings, born on April 5th, 1995. She was raised mainly by her mother up until she reached the age of 11. As her mother raised her, she taught her how to be pretty feminine. Although Seo-Jun wasn’t really all that interested. Her mother taught her how to cook, clean, stand up straight, dress proper and formal, etc. Seo-Jun was disgusted by this, as she admired her father. He was a brave man, who was very optimistic and confident. Not only that, but he was strong. He was trained in combat, including self defense. Seo-Jun would often catch him practicing by himself, and it always made her eyes sparkle. She was intrigued by the fighting her father had been practicing. She’d watch him in secret after reaching the age of 11, slowly memorizing the moves and practicing them in her room at ungodly hours of the night.

When Seo-Jun reached the age of 17, she decided to actually speak to her father about his so-called skills. She was sick of her mother bossing her around to be an independent woman and a proper lady. Carefully approaching her father, she’d ask him what he knew about combat and self-defense. He bit the inside of his cheek before taking her to where he had been practicing. He quietly, and slowly began to explain. After he saw how intrigued Seo-Jun was, he began quietly training her whilst her mother was either asleep, or away. He did this up until she reached the age of 18 when she was sent to the city of Karakura to study at Karakura high.

Seo-Jun was interested in the smallest things in Karakura. At first she had just gone there to become a surgeon and become educated in the Medical facility. Although she slowly began to notice the amount of crime that happened within the town. She came across things she definitely shouldn’t’ve come across. Finding strange areas in the sewers, examining the power plant, noticing the spray paintings all around, etc. This caught her eye completely, she was interested in the so-called crime that had been happening in Karakura. Of course, being nosy she began to look into it. She took the time between studying medical care to studying the history of Karakura and learning the most she could about it. This all led up to where she is now, studying medical care, and learning about the small events that have been happening around Karakura as of recently.

Describe an interaction that your character may have as a black market dealer:
Seo-Jun would glare at the individual in the sewers as they began to approach her. She’d have her hands shoved into her pockets. The jet black ballistic mask covering her face, muffling her voice. Once they reached the female, she’d tilt her head back examining them. Not once daring to take her eyes off them. She’d stand on guard listening to the tiny noises appearing around them. Giving the area a glance around she’d lean forward a tad staring at the person.
“I take it you’re the one who I came in contact with, yeah? Well.” She’d pause mid sentence, taking another glance around. She spoke in a hushed voice, as she stared into the person's soul who stood in front of her. “I have what you need, you do have what I need correct?” She’d glance down at their hands, awaiting for them to give their payment.
“Of course, you hand over the katana and then I will hand over the money.” They said, a small smirk appearing on their face. Having to look up at Seo-Jun, they’d rustle around in their pocket.
Seo-Jun would scoff as the kid spoke, rolling her eyes under her mask. She’d place her left hand on her left hip. “Listen, kiddo. I don’t have the time for your shena****ns. Either give me the money, and I will give you the Katana. Or scram.” She spoke in a demanding tone. Annoyed at how the kid had been wasting her time.
“Tsk, whatever. Take my money and give me the stupid Katana.” The person quickly pulled out their wallet, rummaging through pulling out ¥250,000. Seo-Jun would then let out a low chuckle, roughly grabbing the money. She’d go to hand them the Katana, although pulling it away when they went to reach for it. “Next time, pull whatever this is, and you won’t get anything in return. If you aren't going to show us respect, nor be nice then you won’t be getting anything in return. Now take this, and scram.” She’d shove the Katana towards them, taking 5 steps backwards before turning around and making her way away from the person.

Describe any other additional information that is notable in considering your character for the role of a black market dealer:


Level 111

Thank you for taking the time to apply for the black market dealer role; unfortunately, we (as a collective decision) have chosen to deny your application.

- The amount of detail in this application is greatly appreciated! However, your application does not stand out compared to the other applicants and your suggestion is merely "more events." This is something we're already working on (as I am an event manager) and already has been suggested on several occasions, both in the Crime Discord, in the Feedback section of the forums, and in other applicants of this same forum. If you choose to re-apply, work on making your application more unique — but definitely apply the same amount of detail as you have now! It is greatly appreciated! Take care.​

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