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Official TOWN | The Constitution of Karakura

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OOC Note: The majority of the articles listed below are either based off or from the real-world constitution of Japan. Some may have alterations or be made entirely out of fabrication to better fit the world of SchoolRP. This document is subject to change, being updated over time as legislation is introduced or removed by the government In-Character.

Article 1.
As a citizen of Karakura your human rights will never be infringed upon, and they will be guaranteed to each and every citizen equally.

Article 2.
The freedoms & rights written here in this constitution have been decided upon by the Government of Karakura, and any Government officials will refrain from abusing any of the freedoms listed, and they will be responsible for upholding these listed rights.

Article 3.
Everyone in Karakura will be treated & respected as Individuals. They will maintain their right to life, happiness and whatever they see fit will not be infringed upon, unless they interfere with public welfare & safety as these are our primary concerns.

Article 4.
Everyone are seen as equals under the law & nobody shall be discriminated upon based on race, creed, sex, social status or family origin.

Article 5.
Freedom of thought, religion, conscience & speech shall not be violated unless found in violation of Karakura’s laws.

Article 6.
Marriage shall be based only on the mutual consent of both parties and it shall be maintained through mutual cooperation with the equal rights of both parties involved. No unlawful discrimination shall come to same-sex marriages.

Article 7.
Any person 16 years of age or above has the right to work and earn a wage.

Article 8.
Any business, corporation, or establishment that generates an income through the local economy shall be liable to taxation as provided by law.

Article 9.
No person shall be deprived of life or liberty, nor shall any other criminal penalty be imposed unless the decision has been made by a Jury or the punishment is appropriate in accordance with Karakura’s laws.

Article 10.
Every person shall have the right to petition, whether that be for redress of damage, for the removal of public officials, for the enactment, repeal or amendment of laws, ordinances or regulations and for other matters. No person shall also be discriminated upon for sponsoring any of these petitions

  • All citizens have a right to protection from police misconduct. Any unwarranted or excessive use of force will result in a felony to law enforcement involved, including to law enforcement that obstruct or fail to report said misconduct.
  • All citizens have a right to protection from an EMS worker’s negligence. Any unwarranted or excessive use of force will result in a felony to the perpetrator, including to law enforcement that obstruct or fail to report said misconduct.

Article 11.
The people have the inalienable right to dismiss a public official representing them on their own trial either in favor of a different one or in opportunity to represent themselves where applicable.

Article 12.
No person nor property shall be searched unless there is reasonable suspicion by an individual breaking a law relating to possession of Major Illegal Contraband, or in the case of a written warrant issued by a Judge or Mayor detailing the reasons upon why the individual/residence should be searched.

Article 13.
No person shall be searched, arrested or detained without being informed with the detail of probable cause or charge(s) against them.

Article 14.
Every person has the right to remain silent upon being detained, questioned, or interrogated. All people have a right to hire an attorney under these circumstances. It is the responsibility of law enforcement to inform any person undergoing these procedures.

Article 15.
No person shall be compelled to testify against themselves. Confessions made under compulsion, torture or threat, or after prolonged arrest shall not be admitted into evidence.

Article 16.
If any person is sentenced to die by the court or on executive order, they have the inalienable right to a painless, humane death.

Article 17.
Upon an individual being arrested by an officer of the KPD, they have the unequivocal right to plead Not-Guilty to a crime, and have a chance for a court case to be held for them to plead their innocence.
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