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DontThrow's Lore Team Application

Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by DontThrow, Dec 8, 2020.

  1. DontThrow

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    Mar 21, 2020
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    What is your discord name and tag (name#0000)?:


    What is your timezone/What country are you from?:

    Est, America.

    Do you have a microphone and are able to speak VIA discord?:

    Yes, I am able to speak on discord on a regular basis with a working and decent quality microphone

    Have you applied for a community team? If so, link your previous apps:

    Both of those applications in my opinion, were not to my full potential and I believe this application better demonstrates my skill and who I am

    Do you recognize you could be removed from the community team?

    As with everything on this server, violation of rules could result in a termination of anyone’s status. I do recognize I can be removed, however I promise I will not violate any rules and maintain peace throughout the team. I will acknowledge every single rule that is given to me and follow them accordingly.

    List a few things that may obstruct your progress/development on the Lore Team.

    I like this question, it’s deep and really makes me pause and think about my flaws. The truth is even though I believe I am a pretty fluid, and strong writer I still struggle with grammatical errors and following punctuation issues. This can be fixed from having my work edited, and work in tandem with fellow lore team members and have them help me improve as a writer learning from those mistakes. Another thing that could obstruct it is my activity on the server, recently has been very high but it really varies on how I feel IRL, however I believe joining the lore team I think will be able to give me the motivation to continue on the server with really high activity. A few other minor things, could include having a small event that doesn’t give me enough to write about, having no resources to write anything with no background to what is going on and/or having nobody to edit my work in order to confirm my validity in what I am writing. I will do everything I can to overcome my barriers, I always love finding ways to improve myself and become a better writer. I take criticism constructively and listen to every comment whole heartedly and try to improve myself to be the best person I can be. If someone thinks I can do something better, I will consider their suggestion and do everything in my power to improve it.

    What makes you different from other applicants?:

    What would make me different from other writers is my motivation towards writing, ever since I started playing SRP and IRL I have found a deep motivation for writing. Anybody you can talk to or anybody I have RPed with before can assure and confirm my deep passion for the subject of writing. Whether it’s typing multiple paragraph actions for a kiss in romanceRP, or typing multiple paragraph’s for doing a naruto run, I love describing simplicity and turning into a vivid mental image that will take everyone else to another place. I believe my writing style paints pictures of how I feel and how I immerse myself in every story. I believe I can vividly describe something to the point that someone can just imagine what I'm saying based on my words. I’m also very active on the server, able to get on for multiple hours a day, able to dedicate hours to lore and writing. I would do my best to take constructive criticism from the team working hard to constantly improve my writing. I believe my activity, and my motivation sets me aside from everyone else.

    What makes you passionate about writing?:

    Ah, my passion for writing has originated in my love for detailRP and in my old seventh grade english class. I had this teacher who just made me want to write and write and write, about every single topic I could possibly imagine. The way painting vivid images in people’s heads just from writing details amazed me. However, it wasn’t always like that for me, writing dumb book essay’s still annoys me and it’s my roadblock in writing. However when my reigns are let free and my creativity juices, flow I just have this burning passion to write and write for hours. Writing for me, is an immersive experience that allows me to explain myself in words that my actions could not justify. It’s a sensation and nostalgia that just lets me be me, taking me to places I could never imagine, and puts me in a relaxed place. It’s just honestly the nostalgic feeling that could get me typing about a 4 page paper about a plastic bag, or a grain of sand. The creativity and limitlessness in writing inspires me and the freedom it gives me is why I enjoy it so much. It just brings out my personality and shows who I am, through my character and through me

    Do you have any previous experience with writing lore or creative writing as a general aspect?:

    Yes, I have previous experiences kind of writing lore per say in particular, but I’ve written about events that were fictional and never happened, and reasoning behind them. I have written SRP lore, or like roleplay related lore. I have written many family lores, and many character backstories and other things I don’t even remember writing that had to do with schoolrp. I technically have written lore behind my own creative event ideas. Creative writing is what I thrive on so yes, I have experience in that regard. Whether it’s writing about snow falling from the sky, or the crashing waves at the beach, I enjoy writing about just anything. I enjoy writing to the extent where I just chill at the beach IRL and write random shit and listen to music I just sit for hours and write and write. I honestly believe by creative writing you mean writing about just random fictional things and that’s honestly up to the person what they loosely define creative writing as so yes, I think I have wrote in styles that are creative, and wrote about creative topics.

    What is lore to you?:

    Lore is when a background of a event, place or thing is given in a story-like format. Lore is what happened as a predecessor to the event and how some things came to be. For example the lore of my family the Reese family in short starts something like this


    1984: A British american family the reese’s were preparing for the usual move- Their father was switching jobs again, and they had to move this time from the UK to America, money was never an issue so the move was a little bit confusing. Their father got a job as a school janitor however they mysteriously always had a ton of money running around in the family..(In short not even a full paragraph of our lore just a snippet)



    Write a 200-800 word story for a day in the world of Karakura.

    Jackson N. Reese:

    The dark sky flourished with combusted grey clouds that erupted with a loud clash of thunder, that was followed by quick flashes of blinding lightning. This was March 22nd the birthday of 20 year old, Jackson Reese. Quite frightened by the lightning as she was experiencing a terrifying nightmare, Jackson’s younger sister dashed into his room as she’d pound his door to wake him up at exactly 4:34 am, to start Jackson’s day. Jackson would attempt to console his sister, confirming that nothing was wrong as he’d embrace her in a tight warming hug, ensuring to her that everything was going to be okay. Once he calmed her down, she would return to her room and Jackson would begin his morning routine. Jackson plugged in his JBL speakers as he’d turn the volume of the latest Drake album (Dark lane Demo tapes) on a ear piercing volume, to the point where he could barely comprehend the words that they were saying, while listening he’d get dressed in his normal outfit of a black leather jacket and a pair of ripped jeans, finishing it off with some Dior Shades and a silver chain. Since, it was his birthday all 8 of his siblings, his parents and his extended family gathered at the table for breakfast. There was something off about this though as he’d examine his phone almost like he was about to break off in a panic attack. It was- It was-. . . . his train of thought began to diminish as his fists began to clench when he realized his demeanor around his family not wanting to upset anyone. Again, he was receiving constant hate on social media, realizing #cancelJacksonReese was trending again. It was something about every day of hate he got, that made him realize he wanted everything to be fixed, he wanted his family to not be bashed for his drama, and something that made him want to just let everything go and be peaceful just for once. So he slammed his phone down on the table as he’d flick the power button off. He’d look up at everyone apologizing for his outbursts, as he’d smile and ensure them today was going to be the best day he had in a long time. It was the weekend, so he’d do what he did every weekend: head to the beach, write and play volleyball till the courts were closed. It was then he and his friends began to retire back home to end the day but before they’d go they’d always ascend to the top of the lighthouse to watch the sunset. There was something special about the oranges, the purples, the reds and the yellow’s in the sunset, they all came together as one to make this mesmerizing image that just inspired the young group of college students. They’d always joke to each other that one day they’d all be up there with girlfriends to watch the sunset together however none of them really came through to that promise. As they’d walk home the day would come to an end. They ended the day with a nice BBQ dinner cooked by the one and only school janitor, the Reese father, Cameron Reese. The barbecue’s smell sifted through the air as the Oakwood’s exhaust filled the air of smoke. The fall-off of the bone, mouthwatering pork made everyone salivate, as they were served it, and quickly wolfed it down till there was no more to be consumed. As the day came to a close Jackson would end his day with a daily journal entry, still hoping that everything would end up ok one day, improving for him and his family. He’d pull his blinds shut as he’d lock his door spending the last few minutes before he went to bed saying a short little prayer to God. His last words before he retired for the night were “If everyday could be like today, peaceful and serene why isn’t every day like that.” That was the question he’d always have before he drifted off to sleep.


    Write about your favorite physical aspect of Karakura (things like classrooms/gardens etc.) Why? What makes it special?

    The alluring azure blue water glimmered in the bright hot sun, as the waves crashed loudly in a repetitive fashion. Some people spend their time soaking the sun up, others kicking back with a nice book reading and others diving with an excessive amount of bare skin showing as they’d dive and spike during a nice game of beach volleyball. Other people swam in the water, some enjoying the roaring water’s as they rode the large waves and yelled in euphoria as the strong current tugged them underneath. The laughter and joy of the family picnics and the ear piercing noise of young children yelling at their parents for money for ice-cream that would melt in 5 minutes in the massive heat stroke that was surrounding them. The sun was so hot and bright it tinted in everyone’s sunglasses causing a auburn tan that struck many unprepared citizens down.

    The stands? Overpriced souvenirs, lured young children constantly convincing their parents to drop tens of thousands of yen on an oversized stuffed animal that was probably marked up and overpriced just so that they could make their child happy. Bar stools lined up perfectly, marked each food booth as the adults would sit and drink the day away as their children swam in the water, cashing out for alcohol to quench their thirst that the hot weather depleted them from. The water slides were filled of children as the life-guards clamored and shouted as they attempted to keep the children under control. The reclining lounge chairs were lined with various arrays of colored towels, as peopled sloppily laid their belongings upon the chairs constantly trying to remember what chair was theirs as there were so many matching objects, and everything laid in a cluster.

    This place was Karakura Waterpark, and during the summer it was one of the best places that possibly existed, and one of my favorite places to hang out. It was only during open summer, and that brought something more special to it, that one season was a constant relief during the hot, sweltering heat of Karakura. The Lazy-river was filled with loads of obese human beings that felt like doing nothing, and getting zero exercise running or swimming, however that was okay as they were just having fun and enjoying the sun! Floaties clashed against each other as teenage boys constantly tried to flirt with girls jumping on their floaties or tipping them over, and splashed them as ear-piercing shrieks would be heard throughout the park. The rays of the sun with proper suntan location allowed the resting Karakura citizens to maintain and achieve a golden-brown color that all the ‘popular and pretty girls’ decided they wanted to flaunt around to all the male football players. There wasn’t a cloud in the general vicinity of anyone. The day was absolutely perfect, and it’s how most summer days went in Karakura.

    The waterpark to me brings magical memories, to everyone, as it is only open seasonally. The seasonal, temporary aspect makes it even more desirable every time it opens. People want what they can’t have and for me what I want is Karakura water park. I could go on writing for hours about the water park but I’d rather keep my application concise as i'm sure you have plenty to go through

    Thank you for reading my application and I look forward to working with you all in the future,

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  2. Yume_

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    Dec 11, 2017
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    I apologize for the latency on our end, the original plan was to mark apps when the new map was out- which has been delayed. Thank you for being patient with us. Your application has been denied after a vote was taken, as well as taking into account your history.​
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