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ellohahah | Pyschiatrist Application

Discussion in 'Reviewed Applications' started by ShuGamingg, Sep 3, 2020.

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    I will be part-taking this role on my main account, ellohahah.
    (When the time comes, I will be changing it to sshuuu.)

    What timezone are you in?:
    Currently, I live in the Philippines.
    but for the sake of your convenience,
    I’ll be adding the relative time to EST and BST.
    GMT +8 | EST +12 | BST +7

    Do you have Discord? If you do, list it here:
    Yes, I do, It is Shu#

    How long have you been on the server for?:
    I’ve been playing SchoolRP since late 2015 and early 2016, however, I only started officially playing since 2017 and My way of roleplay has drastically changed and I am still improving on a lot of things and hoping to get more and more experience every day.

    Do you have any previous bans or kicks?:
    Yes, I have been banned for Major OOC Toxicity back in the past and I have reflected on this and have realized my past mistakes and wish to avoid anything that may lead to another scenario such as the following. Everything has been explained down below.

    List your past and current applications:




    What’s your motivation for applying?:
    Well, I have been on SRP for a long time however I’ve never really experienced DoctorRP or have ever had the thought to apply. But since it is 2020, I might as well apply.
    I would like to experience a new dynamic in roleplay since there is still a lot I do not know and still a lot to improve over the years I have while I am still playing on SchoolRP.

    What are you applying for?:
    I am applying for the role, Psychiatrist.

    What do you know about the role you’re applying for?:
    Within the hospital and the city holistically, psychiatrists are one of the most paramount jobs as they take care of the noetic state of patients. Their job is to orchestrate sessions with patients who are in desideratum of avail due to their unstable phrenic state and avail them to overcome their troubles.
    If a patient or one of the patients requires a prescription for a drug, medicine, or in need of medical attention it is their job to give them the right prescription which will avail them get preponderant.

    Psychiatrists are medical doctors who are experts in mental health. They specialize in diagnosing and treating people with mental illness.
    Psychiatrists have a deep understanding of physical and mental health – and how they affect each other.
    They help people with mental health conditions such as schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and addiction.
    Psychiatrists assess all of your mental and physical symptoms.
    They make a diagnosis and work with you to develop a management plan for your treatment and recovery.

    Do you know the basic Color Codes for medical emergencies?:
    Code Blue - A Medical Emergency.
    Code Red - Fire or smoke.
    Code Black - Bomb threats or suspicious objects.
    Code Pink - Infant or child abduction.
    Code Orange - Hazmat spill.
    Code Silver - Active shooter.
    Code Violet - Violent or combative individual.
    Code Yellow - Disaster.
    Code Brown - Severe weather.
    Code White - Evacuation.
    Code Green - Emergency Activation.

    Are you aware that each position has a set minimum age limit?
    I am very much aware of this.

    Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?:
    Certainly, I can guarantee I will be on every day.
    It just depends if I have things to do in my daily life, I will inform the higher-ups if I have something to do on that day and will be unable to get on because of it.

    What do you know about basic medical knowledge?:
    I have not been trained professionally about medical studies, but I know the basics and the amount of pressure will be unbearable as a person’s life is on the line.
    However, I have watched those Medical Shows online, and have participated in Medical events in my school back in the past.
    (How to do CPR, and what to do if someone is in danger etcetera.)

    I would also like to expand my knowledge about the importance of this since I have witnessed death in front of my eyes and it was not a pretty sight.
    So I want to help those who are in need and contribute everything that I have for them to live their second chance.

    List all the EMS roles and their jobs:
    Head Physician - The head medico or physician is a person who is in charge of running the hospital and making decisions. They're in sanction of the Administration, alongside running the Hospital.

    Clinical Manager - Clinical managers are fundamentally the 2nd head of the hospital. They orchestrate meetings and ascertain that everything is going smoothly on the hospital grounds.

    Clinical Leads - They have the authority and are in charge of keeping an eye on each position in the Hospital, most likely ensuring each position is doing their job correctly and organized.

    Surgeon - The person who does surgery on patients in the desideratum of it. This role is one of the most vital jobs on the force and it requires a plethora of experience, since life is at stake in their hands, one mistake can lead to anything.

    Doctor - Medicos / Doctors are required to prescribe medications, visually perceive to those who are ill, and additionally visually perceive to people who may have mandatory injuries.
    (such as bruises, knee scrapes, and etcetera.)

    And they are to be in charge if there are no available Surgeons there to avail the patient.

    Nurse - A nurse is required to treat those with very minor medical injuries.
    (Cuts, Light wounds, etcetera.)

    And of course, to ascertain a patient is a serene while at the hospital.
    They can avail during surgeries if needed.
    In other words, they are like a doctor, however, assisted and configured with most likely, a female Doctor or Staff.
    And of course, get knowledge along the way when training, to avoid any mistakes happening if there is no available Doctor in the area.

    Psychiatrist - Psychiatrists assess all of your mental and physical symptoms.
    They make a diagnosis and work with you to develop a management plan for your treatment and recovery.
    Psychiatrists provide psychological treatment, prescribe medications, and do procedures such as electroconvulsive therapy.

    As part of their work, a psychiatrist can:
    • provide urgent care for a sudden mental illness
    • help you to manage a long-term mental health condition
    • provide advice about lifestyle changes
    • work with you individually, or with you and your partner, family or carers
    • provide second opinions and advice to other doctors and health professionals
    • refer you to other health professionals
    • admit you to the hospital if required.


    How are you like during and off shift?:
    Sebastian would try his best to help those who are in need of mental support, giving his all during his duty. As he passes by or sees another one of his co-workers, he would immediately give them a smile, reassuring them with it as he is focusing on his therapy lessons to those who have mental issues. Sebastian at first does not look like a person who has a “heart” to help others, but deep inside he wants to return the favor of those who helped him when he was a young boy, especially to his Older-Sister, and his siblings.

    Sebastian may be a bit homesick but he doesn’t take many breaks and often just over-times whenever he feels like it and basically kills time. After taking a break, he would go back to his shift and continue working, preparing himself for another lesson and trying his best to help the patients, and improving his lessons along the way.

    How would you describe your personality in summary?:
    He has a constitutive and apologetic personality, if he does something wrong he immediately apologizes and tries his best to improve it to their liking.
    And to him, he wants to achieve his goal more than anything, with his hard work and his motivation.

    How would you describe your appearance?
    Towering before you is a male who stands at a depicted height (7'1"), matching with his intimidating features incl. His semi-long maroon hair, dark red eyes. Opening his mouth, you would clearly see his sharp vampire-like fangs, Coming out of his mouth would be a raspy, deep- tone, In a nonchalant way.
    Interacting with him, he would give off a rather strong fragrance, as if it was mesmerizing you, and you were being hypnotized by this smell.
    It would be Frédéric Malle Dawn Eau De Parfum.
    He has a faded 3rd-degree burn on his left eye.



    Do you have any mental or physical illnesses we should be aware of?
    He no longer has physical injuries.
    He is allergic to cats.
    I suppose him apologizing a lot for his mistakes would be aware-worthy.
    But I suppose for now it is no problem.


    A male born on February 16th, the year 1997.
    Sebastian was adopted into the Blackburn family, as one of the youngest children. At this time, Sebastian went through a tough childhood, his parents dying when he was 4, going to an orphanage, and being so confused and unaware of everything that was planned for him.
    It's now March 7th, Sebastian's day to be adopted.
    He sat there on the chair, expressionless. Until he finally looked up and saw someone with long red hair, green eyes, and scars on her face.
    Then he just- burst his tears out.

    It had been another 2 years since then, and he was in another unfamiliar place.
    But he felt safe, reassured, and comfortable.
    He met many others again, different ages, and different faces. But he felt like he was one of them.

    He is now 22, he was informed that his sister, Akane' Blackburn was going to marry one of the Surgeons at Karakura Hospital. He went over there and looked for him, but he was nowhere to be seen.

    He eventually met this man and was surprised. Sebastian instantly felt this shiver go down his spine as he continued to stare down at the male, he was scary. But this didn’t Scare Sebastian, instead he- looked up to the male.
    The male’s name was- “Mr. Saiky”
    Even His name was cool too.

    He looked up to his future brother-in-law and wanted to work with him, somehow.
    And finally, after a lot of debating, he wanted to work as a Psychiatrist at the same Hospital this male was staying at.
    Sebastian ended up researching a whole lot and realized that he was like this when he was a child, wanting to help other people with their mental illnesses and needs, He was very helpful to those kids back in the Orphanage and tried his best to be the big brother figure they all looked up to back at the Orphanage.

    He hopes to get even more medical knowledge than he’s ever known before with the help of the other staff members that will be shortly introduced into his life and getting to finally work alongside Mr. Saiky.



    SECTION 1: Personal Details
    Full Name:
    Sebastian Albrecht Blackburn.

    Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss):
    Preferably Sebastian, but if formalities are a must, then Mister.

    Given Name(s):
    "Mr. Blackburn"

    Preferred Name:

    Dr. Blackburn.

    He is currently twenty-five.

    He is a male.

    Religious Denomination:
    Satanism, incl. Lucifer.

    Marital Status:
    He is Single.

    German Korean.

    Current Location:
    Karakura, Japan.


    SECTION 2: Academic Details

    Years of Residency: A year and a half.
    Working Experience: He has been working part-time for a while, let’s say 3 years.
    Academic Degree: He graduated College with a certificate titled: “Doctor of Philosophy”, in Psychiatry.

    Year of Graduation: The year 2018.
    Major(s): Psychiatry, Personality Psychology, and Biopsychology.
    Minor(s): Mathematics, Chemistry, Psychopathology.

    Native Languages: German, Korean, and Japanese.
    Other Languages: English.


    Thank you for going over into scrutiny on my analysis. :D
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