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Hello fellow humans!


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I'm Anie, at least, that is what I go by online by most all platforms. It's amazing to meet you all. A bit to know about me (I don't mind sharing much info,)

- I'm 18, wanting to get into carpentry eventually as a career.
- I'm open for Minecraft/Discord roleplays sometimes, but due to the load of schoolwork I have I might not be able to be around nearly as much as I'd like.
- Simply put, I just love Minecraft in general, though I really love mods with it like Pam's Harvestcraft, Cooking with Blockheads, and Decocraft/Crayfish/Macaw/Bibliocraft. It's just amazing all around.

I hope to get to meet you all, and it's been nice to tell people about myself. See you in-game, I suppose.


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why carpentry?
Well, I've always felt my calling was to that. I took a Construction class during my Sophomore and Junior year of Highschool, and despite how painstaking it was to pick up boards or when I wanted to just go back to bed when I nailed something in wrong, it never failed to capture my heart.

In other words: I have no idea, I'm just going along with what I think I might enjoy. :)


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I love how u remember names of mods LMAO
Thank you! I've had an amazing experience on it, though I feel a bit awkward in some roleplay scenes due to how casual it is and how easy it is for me to start mentally panicking because I don't know if they are just acting as their characters or if they are being serious (such as for love confessions, which is just awkward.)

Enough about that though, that's a 'me' problem here! Happy to receive such a warm welcome though to this place. The only reason I remember the names of mods is due to how many times I've had to reinstall and update them! Hope to see you around the map though!

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