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GMT + 2

Describe your activity on the server:
I would say that right now my activity on the server is fairly high. On my main account, I play as a nurse meaning I'm very active, and log on almost every day and play for a few hours. I doubt this will change soon as the school/exams period is far away for now and I don't see any other reason besides that which will cause a significant decrease in my activity

Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?:
Yes I acknowledge that

Link(s) to any previous applications and appeals on the server:
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What are your current role(s) on the server? (If you're in college, specify your degree level):


Shop Information


What shop are you applying for?:

Are you planning to rename the shop?
Yes to “Yume no Eitīzu” (夢の 80's) which translates as “Dream 80’s bar”

What's the reason for the change?
The main concept of the bar is to create an atmosphere that will allow adults to relive their best memories, and once again have a feel like they're in their carefree teenage years, the time when they had the most fun in their life. So therefor Dream 80s is supposed to resemble the best time they had

Why do you want to become a Shopkeeper?:
Ever since I started playing SRP a few years back, shopkeeper has always seemed like an interesting and unique role to me which I always wanted to try. I always kept pushing it back for different reasons whether it was because of no experience on the server or generally no time to run the shop.
A Shopkeeper chooses their own schedule, of when to open, do events, or just generally do anything regarding their shop. This is beneficial to me since with the upcoming hard school year, I assume my schedule will be very random and unlike some other roles, for example, school employees or EMS where you are dependent on school or have to attend training. Shopkeeper role allows you to have this some sort of ‘freedom’ and get the needed quota comfortably even with a tight schedule.

Another reason as mentioned above, is of course the uniqueness of the role and the new roleplay experiences it brings alongside. While most of my roles on the server were based around the school faction or the school itself, trying out a new role will definitely help me to experience new roleplay situations and, just generally help will help me to see other’s role perspective of the server and have more fun. After all, there is a limit to how much the same repetitive situations can be fun.

The desire to use my creativity and ideas for creating my own unique shop is another motive. I wanna make it more than just a bar where people hang out and buy drinks, I wanna make sure that everyone visiting there will experience different rp situations besides just sitting and chatting with their friends, a place that they will remember and enjoy at.

What do you plan to do with your shop, and what makes it unique?:
I got a few unique ideas for the shop, which I’m sure will improve and make it more interesting.

For starters, the bar’s theme will be set around the 80s. As briefly said above the main idea of the bar will be to only let those who are the legal age enter the bar. Although this will significantly limit the number of visitors, it will contribute to creating an unique atmosphere of only adults, that come to hang out and get some time away from their problems. With other adults who also just wanna get some quality time with people around their age group and feel as if they’re living their dream teenage years once again.

The main objective of the bar will be to mainly create interesting roleplay situations and a fun atmosphere. This will be done in a few ways. Firstly encouraging employees to extend the roleplay interaction with the customers, besides just serving them. For example, the barmen will be encouraged to do small talk with the customers sitting at the bar. Waitresses will be encouraged to do small mistakes, such as bringing the wrong order or spilling something down. In my opinion, this will result in more interaction and interesting situations

Of course, this means I will also be re-making the bar’s exterior and interior to fit the theme and needs of it! I want the bar to feel a little bit dark, while the stage is brightened, dragging everyone’s attention toward it! The seats will all be close to the stage to make sure everyone has a good view of what's going on as well as still being able to seat together and enjoy the drinks and meals! While the bar is on the side with the kitchen close to it behind it, in order to serve those sitting on the bar
The whole idea is to make the bar feel like its frozen in time and untouched since the mid 80's

The main attraction of the bar will be, a stage. On this stage, every night a group of performers will perform different performances and entertain the crowd below are a few examples

Singing night:
Few workers will go on stage, and simply sing or play on musical instruments, making a nice musical atmosphere around the bar. This performance will be very simple and straightforward, but will still make an impact on the vibe of the bar and the enjoyment of the customers. As an addition, the crowd can ask for a special song or something in that style!

80’s Karaoke Night:
Although Karaoke night is very common in some places, how can you not put it on this list?
One thing that will make it unique, is the fact that only old songs from the 80s can be used!. One employee will be acting as some sort of host, talking to the crowd and encouraging them to get up on stage and perform a song! As well as cheering them up, and making sure the vibe doesn't get dry and stays always positive!

Standup night:
In my opinion, this will be one of the more fun events! Once again a few workers will go on stage and act as hosts and once everyone has gotten their orders, start the night! They will open with a few jokes of their own, discussing different topics and establishing a positive vibe among the crowd! Eventually calling people, and offering them to tell a joke of their own and try and make the crowd laugh!

Those are just a few examples, of what stage can be used for, or what events can be hosted on it!
This all will add, and create a unique vibe to the bar of coming to have some quality time, instead of just eating or chatting!

Another thing that will make the bar unique is the special offers that will happen throughout the week, depending on what day it is!

Weekend specials:
Every weekend a different part of the menu will go on sale with a 15% discount
The menu will be divided into sections such as meals, drinks, opening meals, etc
The idea is to put on sale a different section of the menu every time the shop is open during the weekends making everything under that section go on a discount

Double Trouble Fridays:
"Double Trouble Fridays" is all about doubling up on the fun and doubling down on the prices! It's a night where we pair your favorite drinks with the best available offers! order 1 drink, and get the second one for just half the price!

Monthly specials
The idea will be to create a unique section in the menu that’s called “specials” where the drinks/meals will change every month! And will be available only for this specific month and replaced by another one next month
“indulge in the thrill of time-limited delight! Introducing our Monthly Special!”

These offers will make the menu feel fresh, and as if there’s is always something new to try every time you visit!

I do wanna explain a little bit about how everything will work from opening to closing:

All the needed employees will be called down to the bar
Which includes:
1 security
2 barmen
3 waitresses
2 hosts
(this is the number of employees needed for an opening)
From there everyone will get their uniforms, go over their part of the job, and ensure they’re ready to start the shift

As the shop has announced its opening via the advert, security will be instructed to open the waiting line, which will be outside the bar. As people gather, the door will still remain closed while the staff is making the last preparations towards the opening, making sure everything is in place, chests restocked, etc. Once the doors open, security will start checking everyone’s id, to ensure they are able to enter. Once the person entered one of the 3 waitresses will seat them down and go back
Once everyone is seated and has been given out a menu
The opening process will end

After the opening:
Waitresses will serve everyone their meals or drinks.
Once everyone got served and the place calms down a little bit, The hosts will go on stage and start the show! Depending on what's planned for the night, they will greet everyone as they slowly warm up the atmosphere and proceed on with the show!

After the hosts are done with the night’s performance, they will thank everyone and get down from the stage. At this point, the customers will have some time to chat with each other while the waitresses go around and offer the last drink/dessert. After some time the shopkeeper will come up on the stage, and thank everyone for coming, as well as announce the closing of the shop for the night.

In conclusion, the bar will have its own unique vibe and theme which no other place can offer! From a great performance of standup night on the main stage all the way to special offers during the week and interesting sales!

What will you sell in your shop?:
The bar will aim to sell anything it can in the direction of food and drinks! There will be a few sections which include, Alcoholic Drinks, None Alcoholic drinks, Mains, Secondaries, Specials, and Deserts. As of right now, I won’t be making a more detailed list of what will be on the menu since I wanna make the prices as fairly priced as I can, and without access to the pricing list or the list of items it's hard to do so

I also do plan later to buy off customs and fill the specials section.

How many employees do you plan to have?:
In total, I'm planning to have 15 employees

-Shopkeeper (1/1)
↳ Role:
Shopkeeper is the highest position in the shop, he’s responsible for running everything around the shop, restocking, handing out paychecks, and generally anything that’s related to the shop’s management. Besides making important decisions about the shop and running it, he will also be responsible for training the new employees, explaining to them their role and making sure they understand how to do it, as well as monitoring them on their shift and ensuring their professionality.

-Security (0/2)
↳ Role:
Security will be responsible for the ‘behavior’ of customers, meaning if any of them is causing too much trouble and acting inappropriately they will be responsible to ensure everyone in the bar is safe and removing them from the shop, asking them politely to leave. Besides the security of the bar, they will also be checking IDs at the entrance ensuring everyone is above the needed age to enter. And for the final, they will also be letting out those who wanna leave early, before the closing as well as also ensuring everyone will leave the bar after closing.

-Hosts (0/5)
↳ Role:
Hosts will be those who go up on the stage and perform the different shows/performances as mentioned above. Their main role will be to entertain the crowd, ensure a positive vibe is established, perform the singing shows/stand-ups, and make sure that everyone who’s at the bar that night, will have fun! Inviting guests on the stage and cheering them up during different events will also go under their role.

-Waitresses (0/6)
↳ Role:
As the shop opens, the waitresses will be standing at the entrance, guiding people to their table and sitting them down, as they serve them the menu and go back to continue with the other guests. Once everyone is seated the Waitresses will go and ask each table if they made up their mind and if they're ready to order. Once they got someone’s order, they will serve the table, collect the money and go on and start serving the next table. Once the hosts are ready to start the waitresses will get a break and stop serving for some time the guests, once the hosts are done and the stage is empty they will go on a second round asking any guests if they want to order second meals, deserts or even extra drinks. At the end of the shift, they will also have to log how much they have earned that night and re-count the stock logging it all.

-Barmen (0/4)
↳ Role:
Barmen, will be obviously at the bar they will act the same as waitresses, except they will only serve those who are sitting at the bar, handing them their meals, and drinks and generally chatting with the guests on the bar! Unlikely the waitresses, the barmen will always remain in their position allowing customers to order at any time extra drinks if they wish to. After the shift has ended, they will also have to count the stock and calculate inventory and log how much they have earned for the night just like the waitresses.

Although this may not seem like too many employees, the main idea is to keep their amount balanced and have just enough that will be active and able to attend whenever the shop is opening

Employee Uniform:
Almost every employee will get their own uniform which they gonna have to wear during work until the shift ends
Unfortunately, the outfits got a little delayed so I will only show the reference instead of the final result

A simple outfit, that still remains elegant and nice

The same idea applies to the waiter's outfit, simple and elegant. White color which will make them stand out in the crowd

As of right now, the hosts and security, are not restricted! Though they will be required to wear something professional or fitting the bar's theme

Store policy and terms of service:
As with any other shop, it will have a set of rules that everyone must obey. In case of refusing to obey them or breaking them, security will ask the customer politely to leave

1. No refunds:
Unless the order has some issues with it or anything in that direction, no refunds are available

2. No masks/weapons:
Any sort of masks or weapons are not allowed to be brought in

3. Act appropriately:
Use common sense, and don’t yell or start any fights. Behave during your stay and ensure that everyone is safe around you

4. Respect all staff and follow their instructions
The staff has the right to refuse your stay if they feel that you’re breaking any of the rules, act politely to them, and show respect.

5. No loitering:
Stay in the guest's area. Don’t go into staff-restricted sections and please leave the bar 15m after the closing is announced

Employee code of conduct:
Just like the customers, the bar’s staff will also have a set of rules they must obey during their shift. Ignorance of it may result in a warning/removal from the job

1. Professionalism:
Treat all customers with respect and act appropriately in your job. You must be understanding and patient towards them.

2. No stealing:
Do not touch any of the inventory without permission or take any items for yourself

3. Log all sales
Any transaction or sale must be logged

4. Get paid first
Firstly take the order, and get the money. Only after that serve the group or let them in

5. Being late or leaving in the middle
Try to be on time for your shift, and please remain till the end of it do not leave in the middle or it simply won’t count

Any planned events?
Yes, of course. Besides that stage that will host small-scale events during each opening, I also plan on bigger events that will happen once in a while! This will keep the bar an interesting place to come to and hang out at! Here are some of the ideas

Nostalgic night:
During this event, the whole menu will go on sale, the place will be decorated, and generally, the vibe of the bar will be positive! During the night the shopkeeper will come on stage and thank everyone for coming, he will start explaining how everything started, how the shop has opened, what challenges he had to face, and tell them his inspiring story! This event will not occur so often, but it will happen any time the shop hits a special milestone!

Employee night:
The employees also deserve some events too! Employee night will gather everyone in the bar and generally, have a talk with them about how they feel working here, what would they want to change and mainly give feedback on what things they want to be improved! After that every employee will get some sort of a voucher, allowing them to bring in their families for free and hang out with them!

No moderator night:
This night the shopkeeper couldn’t make it! This means no one is watching the employees! their smiles fade and their mood changes. They’re showing their true colors! The concept of this event is to make the employees rude, or just act like they know everything and are better, whether it's smoking in the customer’s face, or not even greeting them when taking their order. In my opinion, this event will be an interesting idea to make and organize!

Of course, there will be also seasonal events and much more!


SHOPbanner3.pngIn-character section

SECTION #1 - Personal Details

Full Name (First & Last only):
Asaori Yamada
Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss):
Religious Denomination:
Marital Status:
Single/not married
Current Location:
Japan, Karakura

SECTION #2 - Academic Details

Academic Degree:

Year of Graduation:
Business management

SECTION #3 - Other

What are your motives for opening a shop?

I've always had this urge to dive into my own thing, you know? College felt like a drag – medicine, biology, law, all that stuff. It's just not my thing. And don't even get me started on the constant comparisons to my cousin. The fam's always like, "Look at her, college champ," or "She's off living solo while you're chillin' in our attic at 24." But man, if I could roll my own business and make it happen, the pride would be off the charts, You feel me?

Name three qualities that show your competence as a shopkeeper.
Tough question,

My knack for selling things folks didn't even know they wanted? That's my secret weapon. Back in college, they dubbed me the go-to for needs you didn't know you had. I've got a feeling on what people crave!

And let's talk about the bar scene in Karakura. It's all flashy, modern joints like the big city forgot its roots. Old culture's fading, and grown-ups here, they're missing a spot to call their own, Ya feel me?

But here's the kicker: I'm a big ideas guy. My noggin's like a factory, churning out schemes. Instead of just following the usual playbook, I'm cooking up a plan. I'm taking this dump of a spot they call Strays and turning it into a hotbed of action that'll be the talk of the town.


Additional notes about your application:

Thanks for the time you have taken to read my application!
(sorry if some parts of the application felt a little bit repetitive, it was hard to pick up the right words)
Do you have any questions?:

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