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Denied pvchiekisq's Strays Application


Level 4

Player Information

What is your Minecraft username?:

Do you have Discord (If so, what is your discord username?):

How old are you? (Optional):

What is your time zone?:


Describe your activity on the server:
As of right now, 8.5 out of 10 because of school, work, and other events that may happen. I am on at least a couple hours a day, mostly in the afternoon but if I have the time, I’ll be on in the mornings as well!!

Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?:
I do and I will make sure it does not happen without prior notice.

Link(s) to any previous applications and appeals on the server:
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Why my previous applications were denied:
Strays - slot was already taken.
Councilor - slot was already taken.
EMS - Application was too short and my playtime was low at the time.
Teaching Assistant - Application was too short and slot was already taken.
School Monitor - Slot was already taken.

What are your current role(s) on the server? (If you're in college, specify your degree level):
As of right now I have:
[Adult] - Lou Doisneau
[Grade-12] - Sada Hoshino
But if this were to get accepted, I'll be getting Omega rank to allow the shopkeeper role on this account as well.

Shop Information


“Excuse me! Can I get your attention, please! I would like to welcome you to Odin’s Tavern! Stop by and have yourself a beer while you enjoy the night’s atmosphere while you enjoy a live performance with the Tavern’s best foods!”

What shop are you applying for?:
I will be applying for Strays, but I would like to change the name to Odin’s Tavern!!

I got ‘Odin’s Tavern’ from simply placing two and two together, it didn’t take that much deep thinking due to the idea I have for the restaurant. Odin being the Greek god of Music comes into great play of the whole idea and vibe I have for Odin’s Tavern which will be explained later on!! Odin's Tavern is a perfect choice of a new name for this restaurant and a perfect name plays a huge part in the restaurant itself!

Why do you want to become a Shopkeeper?:
Though I would like to say it’s to ‘give me something else to do,’ It’s so much more than that! While I heard that being Shopkeeper was hard, I am ready to face these supposed challenges. Though I imagine being a shopkeeper has its moments, both good and bad, I am willing and more than ready to welcome them.
Being in the shopkeeper faction is something I have been wanting since the last time I’ve applied, and my reasoning still stands, to have an enjoyable experience in SRP and Karakura for all. Although it sounds cliche, it’s something I truly want to do and even though people don’t think a lot of these openings or adverts, the small chance of someone enjoying their time in something under my name brings me joy.
The community, because I do not have many opportunities to roleplay with new people due to situations and personal feelings that hold me back, so I want to use the shopkeeper faction and role to overstep my boundaries to open myself up more to SRP and Karakura.
I would also like to welcome this unique idea to the shopkeeper faction and Karakura. Seeing that this idea has not been brought up in some time, if at all, welcoming the idea of a magical restaurant to open the mind of many others! Having a magical themed restaurant will allow those who want to geek out, to geek out. Most restaurants and/or shops in the shopkeeper faction usually have a more modern theme and design which opens up the opportunity for me to make the perfect opening, to steal the chance of making a change, and I want to do that for the faction.

What do you plan to do with your shop, and what makes it unique?:

Odin’s Tavern will be… Well, a tavern, but it will be more of a medieval tavern! My inspiration will be Harry Potter and DND (dungeons and dragons), so very mythical and magical, having a very vast and unique style in decorating and feeling to the Tavern. I want the Tavern to give off the vibe of what most people think of when someone mentions 'Tavern,' beer drinking and rowdy drunkards, a rather homestead feeling. It’ll be vast, full of creativity for all, there will be private and open seating filled with painting and mythical creatures hung on the wall, creating a sense of earraticness. Seating size and number will range depending on how big the restaurant is and how much room I will have after everything else is complete. There will be many tables of different sizes to allowed groups of any size! The restaurant will be cozy and welcoming, allowing any and all characters to enjoy their time at the Tavern. There will be floating candles and books (of course, hung up by string), a dark but cozy atmosphere, there will be a bar that serves many liked drinks to those of age and delicious food, some of which is only served at the Tavern! It will look very rustic while still keeping a subtle hint of modernism. There will be a stage for those who want to use it, free of charge. First, customers will be brought backstage for any touch-ups and practices they may need before, when they're ready, hopping up on stage for a vast crowd to see. The stage is for any guests who want to show off their talents can at Odin’s Tavern! Simply talk to a worker about setting up a time and date and we’ll get you in! When a performance is not being played, soft, angelic instrumental music will play to completely tie in what the Tavern is meant to be.
The music will be something like this:
(6) Celtic, Medieval, Tavern Music - (non copyright) Vol. 3 - YouTube

The thing that makes Odin’s Tavern unique is mostly the atmosphere and the style!! Not many have done this idea before, if any at all. I believe how things will be run and how the restaurant will look will be completely different and will bring a new look to the shopkeeper faction!! Odin's Tavern will be a new change to Karakura, adding a magical touch to the modern world. Odin's Tavern will be a place to geek out and live your world however you imagine, letting you live your wildest dreams. Like stated before, this idea will create a new opportunity for different roleplays, different interactions between players that may never happen anywhere else, and a whole new setting in the shop faction which is something any faction wants and needs.

Restaurant Interior:

Restaurant Exterior:

What will you sell in your shop?:
Mostly delectable food and drinks and a small section of the shop dedicated for props that guests might need when performing on stage! This small section of props also allows collaboration and partnerships between accessory stores.

As well as things more local to Karakura!

Red wine (glass and bottle)
Slum Sake
Hanako Sake
Crystal Shōchū
Crystal Merlot
Crystal Rose
Sōbetsu Beer Can
Sōbetsu Whiskey
Monaco ****tail Can

Oreo Milkshake
Orange Juice

Sushi box
Bento Box

Nutella Crepe

Ice Cream cone
Dango stick

Extra Items:
Toy weapons

Partnership offers and deals:
Being partners with Odin's Tavern allows a great opportunity to not only widen your stores outreach, but also allow your employees to enjoy the Tavern's best foods at 30% off the whole purchase, given that the Tavern's employees also get something in return, having an equal exchange. These deals can be made both OOCly and ICly given that we have already met before ICly. As an easy indication for these workers, coupon book will be given to these employees so there is no confusion.

Although EMS and KPD most likely won't have any sort of partnership, Odin's Tavern will still be giving the official first responders 30% off their whole purchase as well! This is to provide our thanks to the first responders for all they do for Karakura. All we ask is if you're not in uniform to please show us some sort of indication of your work, this makes it so we don't make the mistake of giving someone else this discount.

With the theme being magical Harry Potter and DND I figured there could be many events based around them, bringing the idea of magic to life through some of the creative events below! Not all events possible are on here, but the most popular ones, I hope.

Wizard Off!

Wizard off will be an event that happens every so often between our employees. Two employees who volunteer for the role will dress up as wizards and ‘fight’ throughout the restaurant as a form of entertainment throughout the entire restaurant for only about 5 OOC minutes so keep your eyes peeled for when they may pass your table. Employees will be given the needed props for the costume, either that be a wizard hat, a wand, a robe, or something else of their choosing. The employees can switch if they so wish to take a break!! The employees can interact with the customers as much as they want as long as no one gets hurt or is offended by their actions, keeping things nice and respectful between employees and customers is the best way to go!
Actions will be planned beforehand; it can be as simple or complex as the employee wants as long as it is still entertaining.

DND Night!

DND night will be an event that allows the customers to dress up in character and act as their character! Customers are allowed to act as insane as they want, allowing free rein over any situation that may arise! We will also host DND sessions that will last 30 OOC minutes to an hour depending on the session and the players interaction in the session!! Customers are allowed to join and leave at any time as long as it is not too distracting. Along the lines of dressing up, the customers who has the best costume that opening will receive an award of either cash or a coupon for a free meal.

There will be a large round table that can fit up to about 10 players!! The session will be hosted by either the owner or one of the managers while the customers are able to join and play! The game masters are allowed to write their own session or find one online given that they provide the needed sources and credit. Writing your own session is advised. For those who are unfamiliar with DND, it is a roleplaying game that allows people to create their own characters and fight monsters and go through dungeons... All actions based on dice rolls.

How will things be ran?:
The Greeting:
"Hello, welcome to Odin's Tavern! How many for tonight's show?"
Upon walking in through the open doors, customers will be greeted once they walk in by an employee who has a warm smile, one to fit the tavern. The customers then will be led to their table where they will be seated for that show and provided the Tavern's menu so that they can have a meal of their choosing. In the background, an honored guest will grace the tavern with their vast talents, the customers will be welcomed to a live performance of either singing, dancing, or perhaps a play of the guests choosing.

The Food:
"Thank you for visiting Odin's Tavern! What can I get you all for starters?"
Before the live performance begins, customers will once again be greeted with a welcoming smile and asked for their order off the menu, once the order is taken, our employees will make haste to make sure the customer has their order. The food will arrive in a fast pace to allow the customer fresh, warm food or the coldest drinks of the Tavern's best deals while they enjoy the performance that sets the entire tavern in motion.

The Performance:
"Thank you all for enjoying my performance!" With a kiss and a bow.
The music will softly ring along the entire tavern, although, the honored guest will only have 5-10 OOC minutes on stage, depending on their performance before the stage opens to anyone, the honored guest will exit through the backstage door before finally getting let out by security. Once the honored guest is off the stage completely, customers will simply need to grab an employee and they will let you in backstage to allow you any preparation you might need before hopping up on stage!! We ask that you remain respectful while on stage as all eyes are on you, no one wants to be embarrassed.

How many employees do you plan to have?:
[1/1] Owner - pvchiekisq
As the owner of the restaurant, I am responsible for anything and everything that happens to my employees and customers no matter the actions, good or bad, it falls under my name. For any bad mistake anyone makes in my restaurant, I will be responsible for it, taking full accountability and consequences without fail. Being the owner means I am responsible for its and its people care like a parent is with their child. I am also to handle and maintain the restaurant, taking care of its employees and customers to my full ability, making sure no harm comes to anyone mentally or physically and that they have an enjoyable and comfortable time at Odin's Tavern as well as take care of the supplies, making sure every item is stocked for the customers to enjoy. I am also in charge of dealing with hiring and firing employees if so needed, making sure each employee has a decent record and will cause no harm to the employees, customers, or the restaurants reputation. Everything is under my care, and I have to make sure it goes smoothly for everyone.

[0/2] Manager:
Managers, being the second in command, will be needed in case of IC and OOC situations if I myself am not able to handle them directly or soon enough. If I am unable to be there for an opening, they will be in charge of the restaurant for that opening, making them in charge of the restaurant. Managers will be in charge of training the lead employees for about two OOC weeks in simple tasks and what they should be doing each opening, making sure the lead positions understand their role as the next big leader. Manager positions will need to understand the basics of every job so that they will be able to step into a missing position if any situation arises, they must always be ready and ready for action. Being a manager can be hard work, a heavy burden to carry at times so those working this position will have to be able to handle that stress but will always have the owner to carry the extra weight.

[0/4] Lead positions:
Leads will be the third in commands, they will be in charge of training the position they lead; waiter/waitress, chef, bartender, and security, much like the manager did for them, they will make sure the other employees understand their job and role in their position. They will be needed to be able to take care of any open shifts in the section they are leading in case an employee has to leave during their shift for any OOC reason. They will be at the top of their work, understanding what needs to be done that opening, they will lead by example, being the role model, the other employees need and want.

[0/10] Waiter/waitresses:
Waiters and waitresses will be in charge of delivering the items customers order to them, it is important that they remember what table orders what! Keep track of this any way you want, either by memory or by writing it down. They are to occasionally check in on their destined group of tables of guests they personally seated, making sure they enjoy their food and drinks and don't need any more accommodations before moving on to the next table. They will also have to keep track of the prices, adding up the total, giving the needed discounts when needed, and make sure the customer pays before handing over the items. With this, the total needs to be right, making a customer pay extra because of a mistake will cause unnecessary problems. Waiters and waitresses are allowed to keep any and all tips they receive to make sure to keep count!!

[0/4] Chefs:
Chefs will make sure the items being sold are always in stock, this is a crucial part of the restaurant as doing this makes sure that no item is too low or out of stock for the customers who want them. They will be cooking the items that need to be cooked if needed and making sure the waiters and waitresses are given the right items, this is also important information, making the mistake of giving the customer the wrong food will lead to many problems that no one wants to deal with, not the customer, employee, or higher ups. They will need to make sure to check and tell the owner or manager the items we’re running low on and what they think will need to be restocked.

[0/5] Bartender:
Bartenders will work behind the counter, handling and making the customers alcoholic drinks! Bartenders will be required to check IDs to make sure the customer is of age (20+), if they are not, they will be required to deny their drink request and move on to the next customer. Before handing over the drinks, they must make sure the customer paid the right amount, also careful not to overcharge the customer while also giving the needed discounts. Much like the chefs, they will be required to tell the owner or manager if there are any low drinks that may be low and in need of restock. Bartenders are also allowed to keep any and all tips they receive so make sure to keep track.

[0/4] Security:
Security is needed in case of any out of hand situations, Odin’s Tavern will have its rowdy nights given the events and Security will be needed to calm down any overwhelming situations that may lead to another employee or customer hurt in any way, even the slightest cut or harsh verbal words should be avoided. Every opening, one security will be needed to stand by the stage door, making sure only those who are given permission are going backstage, allowing customers to leave and enter the area with no problems or interruptions. Standing next to the stage will allow you to see most of the restaurant, allowing you to easily access any situation quickly.

What are the employee regulations?:
Employees must always be respectful to customers and other employees, under no circumstances will you be allowed to be rude or disrespectful towards anyone. Upon receiving a complaint, you will receive a warning, five warnings that month will lead you to get fired.
-The warning system will reset every three months.
We hope that customers will also remain respectful towards our staff as it makes everyone's time there far more valuable and enjoyable as that is one of the most important items when coming to the Tavern. No one likes a bad time, if an employee is rude first, please remain calm and talk to a team lead, manager, or the owner, that situation will be handled carefully and hopefully to the customers' expectations, though, there are boundaries.

Every employee must have these traits while on duty with the Tavern:
Diligence: every employee must have at least worked 3-5 shifts every month. This is a lean subject as everyone's schedule and time zones are different. I ask that employees talk with me or one of the managers if they will not be able to meet their quota. If quotas are not met and higher ups are not given a good reason for this inactivity, we'll go through a process of situations; first, you will be spoken to on the side, in DMs, and will be told that we noticed your lack of activity and will be asked for your reason of inactivity. Upon there, we will weigh your reasoning and determine your outcome that will range from either; asking you to put in an inactivity request, a warning, or if you already have a certain amount of warning, ultimately fired.

Maturity: every employee must have an easy-going attitude and at least pretend they like their job while they're working, having a good attitude while working will make the time and experience far more enjoyable for you, your co-workers, and customers. Everything must be done professionally and handled with care as it's easier that way for everyone. Acting in a childish manner while handling something that should be handled like adults, something like customer outbreaks, other's situations, and so on. With this, you are obviously allowed to have fun and joke around while on the job but of course, this has its limits, we want your time here at the Tavern to be fun and a welcoming experience.

Along the lines of maturity, very employee must be 18+ ICly, other jobs will require your character to be 20+ as this makes sure situations are handled accordingly. Any age lower will depend on your character's maturity and ability to handle any situation that may arise, although older characters are advised.

Your character must provide an ID at the interview.
Lead Positions

Other ICly requirements will be discussed during the IC and/or OOC interview. These requirements will also be listed on the Odin's Tavern discord once, and if it is made. Employees must also have a good reputation both ICly and OOCly, having a very low criminal record and overall, just a good attitude. Upon receiving complaints either ICly or OOCly, you will receive a warning or a simple talk to depending on the situation, five warnings that month will lead you to get fired. We will of course hear both sides of the story and try to get to the bottom of the complaint. I would like a nice reputation for Odin’s Tavern and being disrespectful is not going to keep that standard.

Uniforms will be based on medieval clothing!! Every uniform will be different and unique to the Tavern.
-This is just a basic feel of the uniforms, not all are listed, and these will not be the final products, and there will of course be similar uniforms for the opposite gender.





IC Information


Tokoaki Hoshino

Male (He/Him)


At first impressions, Tokoaki has an outgoing and hyperactive yet modest character. His face is passively decorated by his signature warm and affectionate smile, cheerfully and merrily greeting costumers that may cross his path! His demeanor and aura is a match-made in heaven compared to Odin's Tavern with the store completely reflecting his attitude; adorning a warm yet heartfelt demeanor - he is often perceived to be a comforting, meaningful, down to earth man, acting upon everything with a benevolent approach resulting a cozy exterior, like a walking teddy-bear prepared to give off welcoming hugs! Of course, Tokoaki is very authentic when it comes to his persona, being himself, he displays his own character within and outside of his own workplace.

Physical Appearance:
Tokoaki Hoshino, a Japanese man standing at an exact height of 6'1". Gazing upon you are a set of pale blue almond eyes, glimmering brightly underneath the warm light further emphasizing his permanent tender and genuine gaze holding great enthusiasm as he perceives the best out of everyone. Paired with his tan complexion, is his healthy and vibrant azure long dreadlocks, extending down past his shoulders - a feature that had made him stand out amongst the crowd. Meeting the standards of beauty within the Modeling industry; he not only possess his lovingly grin, but he has noticeably sharp and taut features adorned his rather soft muscular physique with beauty marks peppered all over his body. Tokoaki's odor closely resembles that of an earthy candle scent.



Additional notes about your application:
Do you have any questions?:​
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