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Serious Attribute Thread

For staff: Before you read, I want to clarify that I did suggest this before, but I'm posting again because I've come up with a new rebuttal. I ask that you please read and give this thread some time before thoroughly reviewing it.

IGN: Lazeas
DATE: 3/9/2023
WHAT YOU WANT TO SUGGEST OR MENTION: Increase speed/swim EXP gain, as I believe the EXP gain was recently accidentally decreased due to the attribute update. If not by accident, buff/increase it.
HOW WILL THIS BENEFIT THE SERVER/COMMUNITY?: Due to the attribute update, Speed/Swim now gives 3x less EXP than originally. This now makes the JOURNEY to get speed and swim much much LONGER. Even ACROBATICS, notorious for taking years to max prior to the attribute update, is now WAY faster than both swim and speed. I clarified this in my previous post here
I am very disappointed in the staff team's decision to deny my previous suggestion as it was very much WANTED and NEEDED change. The reasoning for its denial was due to the fact that the plugin is supposedly not designed to be grinded, and it's there for you to evolve and progress as you play with your character. However, something that isn't considered is the NEW player experience, not alts, NEW PLAYERS. Most people aren't thinking about this since they already have maxed out their characters in most attributes, mainly SPEED, which, as I mentioned previously, was 3x easier to level up than it is currently. So most experienced players should have no right to talk about the "Journey" or the "Adventure" of gaining attributes as the CURRENT new player experience is now subpar to the one they had. Let's take, for example, a new player that wants to join the swim or track team, those teams have requirements of usually 25-50% speed/swim to join the teams, which makes sense, and that should not change, BUT as I said in my previous thread, this would take 12 weeks of playing 20 hours a week consecutively. To only reach 25% in either of those attributes. By those numbers, I am not referring to grinding. Those numbers are the average speed gain from someone who roleplays normally, not grinds. It's not fair to expect a new player to play on the server for that long of a time to finally reach a certain requirement so they can get a CHANCE to participate in something like TeamRP.
Don't even get me started on the sports that involve an actual plugin. A new player stands no chance against an experienced player, who has max speed (which was easier to max before), in ANY plugin due to the insane difference low vs max speed is. You could also make a whole argument about GangRP and whatnot, but I won't touch on that.

I want to restate a previous point I made earlier because It's really important. Speed and swim EXP gain were NERFED. Most of you are already max speed so think about how long it took you to get max speed before, whether grinding an alt or playing on your main during greenie days. Maybe it took you 2 months? Now multiply that by 3. It would take you 6 months. That is absurd. This is the current state of speed and swim.

"If everything was easy there would be no point in doing it." There's a difference between making something easy and making something fair. This is not an MMO. It's a roleplay server. Players do not want to spend months, if not years, on the server to finally reach max speed/swim, let alone those who choose to grind for hundreds of hours - especially for those whose character goals are to join the track team or the swimming team.

Please reconsider reverting/buffing the speed and swim rates. Not only do a majority of experienced players agree with this change, but the way it is now restricts new players and discourages them from trying out new roleplays, even after they reach grade 12.


Level 18
As stated by staff, sure they may not accept it but I hope they can hear me out on some ideas that come to mind
1. Grading up gives you free ex gain, like 3-5% higher speed? Older people tend to outrun younger people irl. If someone doesn't grind speed and reaches grade 12, it'll be ~15-20% speed.
2. Add higher exp gain precents (+3% buff) when players are in certain places like gyms and school (examples include school gym, track, pool, etc) This can be used to get people to go places they normally wouldn't go. Plus, people workout in gyms to get stronger. Working out exclusively is different and more rewarding psychically than walking around for an hour a day like normal.


Level 452
Teacher Lead
Thank you for your suggestion! After discussing this with the team we have decided to decline it.

- The increment is near if not less extreme than before and the time amounts you've provided are over exaggerated and is not a reflection of how the algorithm actually works. Secondly, the only major differences to the average attributes is that all of the major bugs and glitches have been patched, also bare in mind that all attribute gain is also increased if your speed is at a higher level, meaning it gets easier over time.​
- Again, attributes aren't meant to be a one size fits all quick and easy grind session, it's something to be gained over time whilst playing. The only specific requirements for character roles are set at sports team try-outs and are 'recommended' not required.​

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