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Denied 木の子 【きのこ】| Kinoko BBQ | sinksonk Shop Application


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木の子 【きのこ】| KINOKO BBQ

Player Information

What is your Minecraft username?:

sinksonk (Main Acc: winkkwonk)

Do you have Discord (If so, what is your discord username?):

What is your time zone?:
GMT-5 (Central Timezone)

Describe your activity on the server:
My activity on the server right now has been pretty active at different times of the day. It’s spread out depending on the day of the week. In my activity in the past, I used to be an old staff member (Mod) then I left to deal with some in real-life issues at the time of staff I was also, Shop-Owner, a 3D Modeler, College Female Basketball Captain, and many other roles. But as I said before, due to some real-life issues I dropped everything. But about two years later, here I am.

Have you ever been banned (If yes, when and why?):
I was banned when I first started playing SRP in 2020 due to Glitching and then was banned for Bypassing my brother’s account in 2020.

Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?:
I do acknowledge and understand this.

Link(s) to any previous applications and appeals on the server:
(My Ban Appeal forum seemed to be deleted from the forums and I also have a staff application, but I lost my old forum account)

[ACCEPTED] Staff Application (Forum is on my old account “winkkwonk” but I lost access to it due to verifications)
[ACCEPTED] Both Ban Appeals (Wasn’t in the Forums anymore so I’m unsure if it’s removed?)

What are your current role(s) on the server? (If you're in college, specify your degree level):
- winkkwonk: Bachelors College Student
- sinksonk: Adult
- blinkblonkk: 12-Grade

Shop Information
/*You may add your own questions to the format*/

What shop are you applying for?:
I am applying for a restaurant shop which is similar to how my old shop was, but enhanced! I'm applying for the open spot "Strays."

Why do you want to become a Shopkeeper?:
I want to become a Shopkeeper because I want to give players an opportunity to get a better experience to roleplay at a shop, and to provide or give players a better roleplay experience. With the new plug-in in the server to cooking, I feel like I’m able to enhance this plug-in more with my shop and bring an experience that would increase roleplay and let players have a good time. I also feel like it wouldn’t just improve the players but would also improve myself as a shop owner. Out of all the roles in SRP I feel like this role was one of my favorites and something I would want to do again because it didn’t just help me since it was challenging at first, but it also gave others an enjoyment of roleplaying.

What do you plan to do with your shop, and what makes it unique?
Presenting Kinoko BBQ a Japanese Korean BBQ place where customers are welcome and have the opportunity to cook their own food or to purchase pre-made food. Kinoko BBQ is a place where players can interact with other players to have an experience of cooking. Being able to use the cooking plug-in would enhance players to get an opportunity to use this plug-in and would increase roleplay and the quality of roleplay.

What’s unique about Kinoko BBQ is the experience and opportunity given to customers and staff. Being able to experience something that no other restaurant could compare to. Letting players/characters being able to experience the skill of cooking. The increase of roleplay with themselves or with others they bring along to Kinoko BBQ is one of a kind that no one can experience in Karakura! All the ingredients are in one place. Customers are also given the option to order other foods if they’re in a rush and wouldn’t like to cook or if they don’t know how to cook. Customers are also given the option to have one of our servers/waiters/waitresses help cook their food for them.

Kinoko BBQ will try its best to open about 2-4 times a week in different time zones giving players a chance to experience the store, and give players an opportunity to shop! Primarily Kinoko is a place for players to have a social area that is able to serve and have a fun enjoyable time for players to enhance their experience in roleplay and the city Karakura. This will help give players an opportunity to also experience adult life/job life.

- Renting Kinoko BBQ:
Kinoko BBQ is a restaurant where players can rent the whole place for a certain price. Depending on how much room the restaurant has, and the number of players will depend on the price of renting the restaurant out for events. Renting fee would be separate from the items/food purchase.

- Prices:
- Whole Restaurant Renting Fee: TBD
- Half Restaurant Renting Fee: TBD

- Kinoko BBQ Staff Uniforms:
Kinoko BBQ has its own staff uniforms that are well-designed. Each uniform is significant to each role of staff. Kinoko BBQ staff are required to wear a formal presentable uniform. Here are the examples of our uniforms.

- Host/Hostess Uniform: (The colors of this uniform will match the colors given in the Waiter/Waitress picture)
- Waiter/Waitress Uniforms:

- Interior and Exterior Design of Kinoko BBQ:
The design of Kinoko BBQ is modern minimal realistic of a mixture of Korean and Japanese themes of the interior with an exterior of Japanese theme.
- Interior Design:
The interior of Kinoko BBQ will be minimal realistic with booths and tables around a table with ovens for customers to be able to cook.

- Exterior Design:
The exterior of the shop will be a black Japanese traditional theme look.

What will you sell in your shop?:
In Kinoko BBQ we’ll be selling cooking ingredients such as, “raw chicken, different types of fish (if possible), rice bowls, flour, cake batter, eggs, sugar, butter, etc. . .). Then we’ll also sell some other dishes that we have in Karakura such as, “Curry, Donburis, Dumplings, milk, coffee, etc). We will also be selling products to help with cooking such as, “Pans and spatulas.” Overtime as the shop runs, I will most likely purchase some customs for the shop:

- Customs:
- 4 Customs in one photo: (Trays of Pork belly, beef bulgogi, spicy pork belly, etc).
- Side dishes (With the photo above):
- Kimchi
- Kongnamul Muchim (Seasonal Beansprouts)
- Sigeumchi Namul (Seasonal Spinach)
- Oi Muchim (Spicy Cucumber Salad)

- Natto
- Kushikatsu
- Shrimp Shumai

There are more customs along the way, but they haven't been decided yet.

- Kinoko BBQ Combos:
Kinoko BBQ will also provide "Combos" on the menu which are options for customers to buy combos that are a better deal for groups.

- Kinoko BBQ Combos Examples:
- Combo #1: (Ideals for Groups of 2)
- Combo #2: (Ideal for Groups of 4)
- Combo For Couples
- Meat Special Combo
- Veggie Special Combo
- Seafood Special Combo

- Events:
- Kinoko BBQ on Fire:
Kinoko BBQ will be opened one day when all of a sudden there has been an incident of a fire at the shop due to a customer during the shift. Customers would be panicking and KPD will be involved to help put the fire out.

How many employees do you plan to have?:
In Kinoko BBQ there will be about 9 – 10 employees working, but there will be at least 6 – 7 employees working per shift.

- Shop Owner [1]:
The shop owner is the manager of the store, known as the “big boss” of the restaurant. They’re in charge of whom they’re hiring to work in their restaurants, the purchase of stocks, the payment of employees, and the funds of the restaurant. They’re the ones in control of the restaurant making sure it’s running smoothly.

- Manager [1]:
Managers are second in charge of the restaurants. When the shop owner isn’t available at that moment customers and employees are able to come to the manager. The manager is also there to help the shop owner manage the store, if the “big boss” needs help the manager will be there to offer a hand!

- Waiter/Waitress [4]:
Waiters and waitresses are the main employees in a restaurant. They’re the ones who are the stars of the restaurant. When it comes to customer service, they’re the ones customers look up to. The rating of the shop leads up to them. They’re the ones who will transition from one place to another, by delivering food, helping customers cook their food, and cleaning up the dining area.

- Host/Hostess [2]:
Host and Hostess are there to greet customers coming in and out of the store, and they’re also there to tell our customers if there is any more room left to dine in or if there’s a waitlist. They coordinate seating and ensure that the correct number of people are in the building at any given time.

- Security [1-2]:
Security is the one to take care of certain incidents in restaurants. They’re there to make sure everyone in the building is safe, and there isn’t anything going on that’s not allowed in the store. They’re also there to keep the restaurant and to have a good time in the store.

Payment of workers will be debated on how much of sales they’re able to do in that certain shift. Calculations for pay are still being debated but will be put where it’s equally paid from that certain employee to the Shop – Owner.

/*You may leave this blank*/

Additional notes about your application:
Do you have any questions?:


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