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Level 100

What is your Minecraft Username?:


What is your timezone?:
Please provide your Discord tag:

Link(s) to all past and present applications on the server (Approved, Denied & Pending):

Describe your activity on the server:

I would consider myself very active within the community due to most of my free time at college, i mainly rp with friends or new people and a bit of delinquent whenever i can, i do do tailoring a bit but dont do many commisions

List your accounts and roles on this server:

Veganlaser - College
vhst - Adult
xchn - Adult
gteb (occupied by my brother) - Grade 12

Are you aware that inactivity can result in removal from the council?:


What is the student council and what do they do?:

The student council is the student body in charge of making sure students follow the rules and behave properly, similar to faculty and to help plan events for the students to enjoy, making sure the students are learning in a healthy environment

What motivated you to apply for council? (e.g. Interests, friends, etc.):

Mainly because i see my character being well fit for the student council due to his kind nature to everyone, aswell as i have been interested in the student council since i joined in 2021

Are you aware that you’ll be having to use your creativity and teamwork ethic within the student council? (e.g. Coming up and helping with events):

i am very aware!

Can you list the roles in the council along with other roles that might be important to the council?:

Council President
the lead of the council body for their divisions, Highschool and College, they're the ones that review applications, plan events and make sure that the student body do their tasks

Vice president
the right hand of the student council, and with any right of any body they're in charge whenever the president isn't available

Training Committee
The ones that teach the rookies on what to do and what not to do when handling certain situations and how to go by assessing situations using their authority accordingly

Council members
The foot soldiers basically, their the ones you see around most often and the ones, they help plan meetings, events and more, the more funny ones

i guess faculty and would play an important role in assisting the student council with what they cannot handle by themselves or seek advice by a higher authority

The SLT would be the ones the council body answers to when theyrr needed or vise versa, for example; giving out suspensions and expulsions from the shool


While students gather for a school assembly, one student behaves disruptively, causing a disturbance. How would you manage the situation to restore order effectively while minimizing any additional disruptions to the assembly?

Assuming the assembly would be very crowded i'd have ta' speak to the person in a un-crowded area, telling them they need ta' behave or they're gonna have to stand from outside and listen all by themselves

A student refuses to take their mask off after you’ve brought up detention and they’ve run away! What do you do?

I'd have to call faculty or SLT, that's if I'm too tired to chase them!

A teacher observes concerning behavior from a student, including the creation of disturbing artwork and verbal threats toward peers. How would you collaborate with the teacher to evaluate the situation and intervene appropriately to address potential safety concerns?

I' ask the professor what they wanted to do about the individual and or situation, if the faculty member was unsure i'd go to the student myself and lead them out of the classroom to talk about the topic, not wanting to create a big deal out of it, since that's not my thing,

A group of students asks for your permission to stage a protest on school grounds. Would you allow them to protest? If so, how do you ensure that the protest does not disrupt the school environment while upholding their freedom of expression?

I would wanna ask what they would be protesting about, if its something tame like to wanting to wear school uniforms and to wear whatever, I'd allow it, I'd just have to clarify to not do anything crazy, like throwing stuff or turning over tables, signs would be funny enough, but if it something like taking cigs, weapons or masks I'd have to turn them down, telling em' that's not something that's gonna change anytime soon and I'd take it up with SLT personally for them

A teacher/receptionist has told you that you are doing something that goes against what you were trained by your higher-ups. How would you react to this?

Assuming this would be when I'm a rookie i'd have to listen to what they're saying since i don't know more than them, and correct my mistakes, thanking them for letting me know and if they're wrong i'd tell the what i was told and taught by my higher-ups

Please provide at least one detailed event that the council can use as a future event to showcase your creativity! (Must be 300 words or more for one event):


Shonen Jump Cosplay Clash

As the name suggest this event would be anime convention but hosted by the school, having students wear costumes of their favorite anime characters, have booths consisting of artists, anime these food and drink stalls, aswell as costume competitions, similar to the past Halloween events but on a higher quality scale

Obviously this would take place at the baseball field, but aswell as the auditorium/basketball and assembly room, teachers could pair with a student or a student by themselves to setup booths and sections based on what they want, for example one student could be displaying art in their booth of anime fanart, food and of course a photo booth

Cosplay Clash
Costume competition as a long running even throughout the event duration on the big station, with a barred off section at the big stage for people to look at the various costumes going up on stage to compete with each other, but there would be a form to apply for join the competition the same time the overall event is announced, with the first place prize being a Custom slot, second place could be a store gift card, and third place could be yen

Photo Booth

what could be an event without a booth to take photos, this section would have the photography club involved, or if they aren't available the council could do this themselves

Anime Based Food Booths:
These booths could either be ran by teachers or shops that handle food, with these booths would have anime based food and beverages if possible, if not it would be regular food and beverages, and for a bonus during the upcoming week of the event the lunch trays before the day of the event could include anime themed food aswell, just as a teaser for what the event has to offer

Toy Booths:
These booths would mainly depend on a certain amount of shops to come and sell their cosmetics they have that are mainly based off items from various animes, since there is quite alot being sold at shops already i doubt this would be a problem

Anime watch party:
There could be a watch party based on a poll posted while the event is scheduled and announced, there would be a watch2gether link towards the end or during the event, if it were to be towards the end of the event it would have to be an anime movie, if it was during the convention it could be a certain amount of of episodes of the winner of the poll

Personal Information
(in character)


Jujustsu Sauto




Phone number:


How would you describe your personality?:

i'd personally consider myself a very straight forward and joyful person most of the time but i can take situations seriously when it calls for it, i like to be chill with everyone most of the time just to avoid un-wanted conflict, its aslo easy for me to calm someone down when its needed Ashwell as to support them in struggling situations if they want the help, you could ask my friends, they'll probably just some it up to me being sunshine incarnate.. haha

Appearance/attire (Please provide a picture):


What separates you from other applicants seeking your position?:

I think im the best person for this position since i spend most of my time cheering up and de-escalating situations with my friends, Aswell as being someone they need to talk to, so i want to help every student that needs it, whether its getting out of a nasty situation or just being someone they need to talk to, I'm a kind hearted guy, i cant say no to someone whos in trouble or need help, i'd help as much as i can

Why do you want this position?:

I think being a councilor would be cool, everyone i see in the body so far are cool, aswell as cute, i wanna help people aswell, like i said in my last answer for the question before this, I'm just a really helpful guy and joining the council could make me more helpful ten fold

What interests you the most about student council?:

the most..? nothing really, i'd just say its cool that you guys are basically campus police, playing cops and robbers with delinquents around the place, going out of your way to do that with nothing in return is interesting in and of itself

What could you contribute to make the school a safe and fun environment?:

like i said two answers up i just want to give the rest of the students someone to talk to and let them know that they don't have to be scared to be able to talk about wat their feeling and their current situations, i also want to be fair when it comes to conflict such as fighting, arguments and disputes, i know this application just sounds like me being a the****** but like i said, im just a really helpful guy, i listen to anyone and everyone and try my best to help in the situation, and i plan on expanding that when im in the council, i dont like the idea of just giving detention after three warnings, i know that's the rule but i'd try my best not to hand those out, detentions can mess up someone's record, so i'd rather letmyself get the blame than give someone detention and waver their chances of getting into college or the risk of dropping out, so that's basically what i'd do to make the environment healthy and safe for everyone, for fun i'd just ask students what they think would be fun for everyone to do, like i mentioned in the protest question i'd take it up with the council or SLT, making myself an AMP for the students and their ideas​
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Level 198
Council Lead

Thank you for applying to the Council Faction. Unfortunately, after the higher-ups have reviewed your application; We've decided to deny your application. Your application was denied due to the following reason(s) below:

Recent Player History:
Although infractions and server reputation are not detrimental factors to the initial application, we prefer players who have had a recent clean history and were more active within the integration of the server.

You have not been active for a significant amount of time. Please raise your current activity and feel free to reapply again to the faction.

Please make sure to follow the provided format for the application process.

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