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Denied Strays Shop app | CawotTheDogHot#2


Level 8
Player Information

What is your Minecraft username?:

Other: Cawot69

Do you have Discord (If so, what is your discord username?):

cawot [Cawot<3#0069]

How old are you? (Optional):

i'm 18 years old!

What is your time zone?:


Describe your activity on the server:

I would say I'm very active, I'm online at least 5 hours per day, if im not active i'm outside with friends or sleeping. and if we put my activity on a scale i would say im 8/10!

Have you ever been banned (If yes, when and why?):

Yes sadly, i was banned on my other account due to ERP for a month when i first started playing in 2019/ 2020 (i can't remember when) i was a new player back then and didn't know the rules that well and i regret it very much, i've learnt for that experience and i've never been banned from the server again.

Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?:

Yes. I'm well aware of the fact that if I do not log in, or are inactive without a log, I will be demoted but I can assure you I will be very active and put in logs if I'm gone for more than 3 days.

Link(s) to any previous applications and appeals on the server:

What are your current role(s) on the server? (If you're in college, specify your degree level):

Cawot69 - Teacher [NQT]
CawotTheDogHot- Collage

Shop Information

/*You may add your own questions to the format*/

What shop are you applying for?:

I'm applying for strays, i've been to that restaurant before and i can honestly say i love that place, it has a lot of potential as well as a cozy vibe to it, i want to be able to open up my shop there since it will be another hangout spot for the people of karakura. As I'm planning to open up a bar I think it would be fitting to have it at strays since the other bar is placed across town, it will be a good distance from each other. Again, I see a lot of potential in this resturant!

The shops policy and rules:

Customer rules:

  • No masks allowed in the restaurant. if we see you having any of these possessions we will deny entry.
  • No weapons allowed in the restaurant. if we see you having any of these possessions we will deny entry.
  • Don't get too drunk, if you feel like you can't walk home don't drink more and get out.
  • No yelling/ disturbance within the area
  • We do not refund you on anything. if you dislike what you ordered that's on you.
  • noone under the age of 21. you gotta wait until you're older bud
We will be throwing you out if we feel like you're breaking any of these rules.

employee rules:
  • Show up 15 min before we open so youre ready.
  • no stealing. it will result in punishment.
  • don't use your discounts for granted. we will deny the discounts if we feel like you're misusing them.
  • be loyal. any bad talk about the employee group or the restaurant will result in punishment.
Our standards should never be at the bottom, we shall serve at high quality and everyone should feel included and like they are a part of a family.

Why do you want to become a Shopkeeper?:

I want to become a shopkeeper because i want to try something thats more related to the city and is not any type of gangrp, i've been working in the school faction for almost 9 months if not more and my other account goes there as a college student, i want to try something new and i think shopkeeper is an awesome way to try that since you get to A. work within the people. B. chance to speak and get to know people all around karakura, i think this will bring me and my chars some good development when it comes to roleplay!

I also want to become a shopkeeper because I'm very active, which gives me a chance to open up the store often, with my store people will be able to have fun and enjoy themselves and get to know people

I’ve done some rp over the years I’ve been playing on this server, I’ve done teacher, caretaker, student and gangrp and I really want to step out there and try something else for a change, and as I shaded above I think this is a great way to try that for me since it’s a way to be part of the city and community plus help others have a nice evening!

What do you plan to do with your shop, and what makes it unique?:

I want this to be one of the most realistic clubs out there, i want my shop to be able to serve snacks and food with the drinks and you will be able to book a table through discord, i also want my shop to contain a dance floor and gambling rooms giving the people a chance to both gamble and dance the night away, a stage should be there and a bar ofc! I really want my shop to feel like a club irl with music, bars, games and the awesome drinks, the vibe within should only be good!

Event ideas:

We plan on doing a lot of different events with this place, both for the customers as well as for our employees. for our customers we have decided to:
  • masquerade, a night/ evening with a bunch of yummy food, dance and song. where you are hidden by disguise, during the event you are able to order food and drinks if you don't feel like doing that you may as well let loose and dance. Who knows you might find your dream boat after this night? Speaking of dream boats, during this event you will be able to go on blind dates, just tell the servers you are there to blind date and they will lead you to a table where someone might be sitting waiting for you! if the table is empty do not worry, you will get someone there soon!
  • Open mic event,, a night filled with song and music, speeches, roasts and much more this event has no limits! (except a few…) you will be able to sing your heart out on a stage or roast your best friend of 20 years, it's all up to you. We will be serving drinks to those of age and food to anyone who might feel hungry. During this event the food will be a tad bit special. why? well it's going to be fast food since who has time to eat a salad when you're getting roasted?
there is alot more to come! but this is just the beginning!

For our employees we want to:

  • host meetings/ hangout nights where we can plan and discuss future events as well as getting to know one and another. this is an great opportunity to see if everything is working smoothly and/ if any changes are needed
  • dinner parties where we all get together and hang out again to get to know each other, during this you will be able to sing karaoke and drink. Since it's all employees there are no limits except legal ones.
  • Murder mystery night, a fun night where we all can dressup and play murder mystery. This evening one of the employees will be a murder and will walk around murdering people. everyone will be locked in the shop and the only way out is with a key, to find the key you will have to solve different riddles/ puzzles. We will have food and drinks scattered all over the place as well as different types of clues, so that way it will never be too crowded. you will have to figure out the clues and when you have solved all the puzzles and gotten the key the innocent wins, but if the muder gets to murdering before that they win. at the end, there will be a special prize to those who wins!

We will be having seasonal events as well as discounts, depending on the gameplay and how everything is. We will hold events at that standard, this is just a few of the many we plan to have!

Interior and exterior:
The restaurant should be vibrant and have a lot of fun colors but not too much as it is classified as a bar for older people!

The Idea behind the shop:

The idea behind it is to create another hangout place for the older people of karakura, ofc during the day we might only sell food! but it will be another bar for adults and of the age of karakura! I know I personally like the bar that's already in Karakura but sadly we only have one!
What will you sell in your shop?:

In my shop you will be able to buy:

  • - Watermelon gin
  • - Sanrio Seltzer can
  • Wine bottles/ glasses
  • Pride vodka
  • Whiskey bottles/ glasses
  • Peach Suntory Horoyoi cans
  • Land & Lime gin
  • Take out noodles
  • Fried chicken
  • Plain hotdog
  • Dango stick
  • French fries

Dinner options:

  • Spring rolls
  • Lamb Doburi
  • Beef curry
  • Cooked crab
  • Pho
  • Tamagoyaki
  • Sushi
  • Mochi
  • Popcorn
  • Cream pie
  • Cookie

How many employees do you plan to have?:

1 manager
The managers main job is to make sure the servers and the customers are happy, they will be taking tables and looking out for the servers. They are the person to go with a complaint and if a customer gets treated or is treating someone within the workplace badly they are there to get security as well as stop the scramble. Their job is also to make sure the food comes out in the best quality there is!

They get a 35% discount!

4 servers/ bartenders/ chefs

with this job people have to make sure the customers are seated and fed. are happy within the environment and with the service they receive. They are there to fill up drinks, they are responsible for getting the payment off the customers and telling them about our game nights, we might have the dance floor and much more.

They get a 30% discount!

2 game controllers/ hosts

This role is to have a look out on the games and see that they run smoothly, they will host, take everyone's bidding money and hand out the money to the lucky winner, if there is any problem they can solve it or call over security!

They get a 30% discount!

2 security

They are to make sure no one within the area feels unsafe, any potential threat they will make sure its avoided. if the manager or the owners want someone to be thrown out they will help with that business. if it gets busy they are to step in and help serve the customers. but their main priority is to make sure there is a calm atmosphere within the establishment.

They get a 30% discount!

Both the owners and the manager will be helping out on the floor and in the bar if needed. After all, this establishment is all about family, security and teamwork.


servers/ bartenders/ chefs: we want everyone to be as comfortable as possible so we will be only using unisex uniforms! it's a costume pants with a matching vest, a tie and a white shirt underneth!
2 security: The security should look a bit badass so they will be wearing a black/blue costume with a black tie. Ofc it will be unisex!

2 game controllers: these should be a bit inviting yet a bit intimidating, they will be wearing the same pants as the servers but no vest only the tie, again unisex
manager: The manager/owner will be wearing something that makes them not stand out that much, they will be wearing a gray vest with no tie and black costume pants, unisex again.

The uniforms are comfortable and not too formal but not too casual as they are working and should not come in sweatpants and hoodies and so on!


ICly information
Full Name (First & Last):

Kosuke Sano

Preferred Name:

Kosuke or Mr. Sano







Known Languages:

Russian & greek


He would be born and raised in a strickt russian household, there would be him, his dad and his mother but he always wished for a sibling, growing up he didn't get that much attention from his parents, if you ask him about them today he would describe them in one word, neglectful he always wished for normal parents but that never came true. so he decided to just roll with it and focus on himself. Growing up he wouldn't be able to make any friends that were good enough for his parents so he would become as the “he thinks he's too good for us” type of person, when in reality he was an only child in a strict household and didn't want to end up hurt.. because his parents were so strict he would never get to do anything on his own and when it was time for collage he was forced onto the path as a doctor, he didn't really mind the fact he was forced to pursue the career of a doctor he was happy he didn't have to pay for it. As college went by he realized he was very miserable in the situation he was in. so he decided to finish his college master diploma and then move away as far as possible, so at the age of 19 turning 20 he would graduate early and move away from his parents. cutting all contact from them as he realized growing up they had been nothing but toxic. He would move to Japan Karkura and begin looking for small part time jobs. As time went on he would practice the language more and more until he mastered the Japanese language making him as happy as a man can get! in the same wave he would lend a job possession he would absolutely love making his time in karakura the best time ever!

Additional notes about your application:
excuse me if there is any spelling error, im dyslexic .

Do you have any questions?:


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