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~Yasuko Saitō Murakami~


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Biography Format Credit:@Gamma Rose

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Yasuko Saitō Murakami-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending."

We are having a baby girl!-2 copy.png
Please note that none of this should be taken ICly and that most of this biography is subject to change according to my whims and updates.
(Text copied from the Arisu Mishimi biography) @D3_sp41r

♪ ♫ [CLICK] S O U N D T R A C K ♫ ♪

Basic information
"I usually just introduce myself as Kana to people."
"This is what my Mother had planned for a nickname before I was born, although it never really stuck."
"This is better than Suko, it's quick and straight to the point."
YasuQueen (or other variation of)
"This is hilarious. Occasionally a confidence booster though!"
"This is actually a really cute nickname, thanks Ari!"
"I was only called this once, and it wasn't a situation I'm very fond of."

Hypothetical theme songs
This song is generally really sad, and that makes sense due to her anxiety. she fears disappointing everyone, however this song seems to be directed towards a S/O so yk.

This song would be in reference to when she was young, fearing for her life every day.

Just to clarify, Lithium as a song is a metaphor - No, Yasuko does not do lithium. It's.. sort've a metaphor about numbness and happiness and looking at happiness in a negative way because of being afraid to be happy. For Yasuko, that fear would have rooted from being homeless for her whole life - she'd have moments where she'd be happy, yet know she'd end up back in misery just moments later. Now, I’m sure you’re still confused.. “what’s her Lithium?” The songwriters wrote Lithium about music writing, however, i’d say Yasuko’s Lithium, along with other things, (this is very cheesy) would have to be her relationships with all of her friends and/or boyfriend.

This is yet another one about her anxiety, and her fear of being forgotten.

G E N D E R | ♀ Female ♀
A G E | 18
H E I G H T | 4'8, , or 142.24cm (Her desc In Game says 4’10 because she is wearing 2-inch heels.)
"Did I REALLY HAAVEE to be this short? gosh!"
W E I G H T | 85Lbs, or 38.5Kg
B I R T H D A T E | December 15th.
"Too late in the year. I don't like it."
P L A C E • O F • B I R T H | Osaka, Japan
R A C E / N A T I O N A L I T Y | Russian - Japanese
M A R I T I A L • S T A T U S | Taken, not married.
R E L I G I O N | Christianity
S E X U A L I T Y | Heterosexual
O C C U P A T I O N S | Student at Karakura High
"I've thought about getting a job.."

P H Y S I C A L • H E A L T H
Considering she was on the streets most of her life, she is currently quite healthy. She has scars scattered about her body, but nothing that hurts her or holds her back in any way.
M E N T A L • H E A L T H
[Undiagnosed] Complex
Post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD)
Let's be honest here, we all know what PTSD is. but what is C-PTSD? C-PTSD develops due to prolonged trauma rather than a singular terrible/traumatic event.
C-PTSD is a condition where you experience some symptoms of PTSD along with some additional symptoms, such as: difficulty controlling your emotions. feeling very angry or distrustful towards the world.

"What's past is past, why cant I just get that?!"

Click for more information on C-PTSD

[Undiagnosed] Generalized anxiety disorder [GAD]
Generalized anxiety disorder is a condition of excessive worry about everyday issues and situations. It lasts longer than 6 months. In addition to feeling worried you may also feel restlessness, fatigue, trouble concentrating, irritability, increased muscle tension, and trouble sleeping.

Click for more information about GAD

Character Descriptions
Personality Traits

[] + Positive Traits + []

"I wish I could just BE RUDE for one time in my life."
"I try my best not to yell - I suppose that could be seen as being "calm"?"
"My entire life my mother lied to me about me not having family, and I dont want to put anyone else in that situation."
"I mean.. I've never really had a choice. it was either independency or.. death, I suppose."
[] - Negative Traits - []

"Why cant I just remember things.. it gets infuriating, quite frankly."
"Why cant I just get it together.."
"When I dont invade on others space I always fear that they're not being truthful. I'm sorry."
"not like I can change that, so.."

Personality Type
Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 4.35.31 PM.png
(89% introverted)
"I can be extroverted, it just takes a certain group and some thought and work put into it - so, to sum it up, I can enjoy being loud and extroverted, you just gotta warn me that I'm gonna be in a big group in advance."

Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 4.36.21 PM.png

Take the personality trait test for yourself! (click)

Physical Description

Alrighty then, let's attempt to go head-to-toe. Kana's hair was about waist-length, and straight. She had face-framing layers. The color was black, but she had an under color, a dim shade of red shone through from underneath.

Screen Shot 2022-12-04 at 7.22.41 PM.png
(But a longer.)

Her skin tone was quite light, being quite the contrast from her hair. Her eyes were a pale icy shade of blue, surprisingly matching her facial structure.
t3bmm1983ug21.jpg copy.jpg
Eye color, not shape or skin color etc
Her lips were often covered by a clear gloss. Not much else noticeable other than a few small scars here and there until you get to her hands, which are covered in old scars and callouses. Nothing anywhere under a few months old, though. Her knees are scarred in a sort of scratch-mark due to living on concrete. She wore quite a few different outfits, the most notable one and the one she wore the most during the warmer seasons being a stylish black shirt and red plaid skirt being securely held up by a silver belt-chain. Her arms and left leg partially covered by fishnets, her right wearing a thigh-high white sock. Her shoes were some black short-healed shoes that had been marketed as "gothic".

O V E R A L L:
–– 68/130
Credit: @Totoro_Sam
Summary: These S.P.E.C.I.A.L+ statistics help you keep limits for what your character is capable of. It is advised that you keep most statistics at an average number given the age of your character (if your character is a teen, it's normal to be average in most of them.) In addition, each statistic affects the other. For example, a character with low luck and privelege but high charisma, intelligence, and social can create their own luck and privelege. Another example is… Low morality, high charisma, and high intellect can lead to a manipulative character who has the ability to charm people and is intelligent.

S T R E N G T H – 6/10
P E R C E P T I O N – 5/10
E N D U R A N C E- 7/10
C H A R I S M A - 5/10
I N T E L L I G E N C E - 6/10
A G I L I T Y - 7/10
L U C K - 3/10
H E A L T H - 9/10
M O R A L I T Y - 5/10
P R I V I L E D G E - 2/10
O B J E C T I V I T Y 4/10
S A N I T Y - 10/10
S O C I A L - 4/10



everyday-wear.(spring, summer,fall)
(outdated SS, might update it idk)
Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 3.50.51 PM.png

Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 2.55.19 PM.png
Everyday-wear (Winter)
Screen Shot 2022-12-07 at 1.20.09 PM.png

Character Voice "

JUST Kyoka Jirou, MHA English dub

Relationships and history

In Karakura

If you/your charecter is/are not listed in this, dont feel bad. I just hate to add names that I do not remember the last name of. please leave the full name of your character, how our characters know each other, and the alive/deceased status of the charecter on the comments on this biography.
(Whatever names are in a different colors have a link to their biography, click the name!)

[Positive, friend?] Nikolay Mogilevich [Alive]
[Very Positive, Best friend] Kenji Akiyama | 18 | [Alive]
"I love talking to you, Kenji!
[Positive, friend] Rohan H. Hasuke | 18 | [Alive]
"He's an awesome dude, We were pen pals when we were kids til' he moved to Karakura and we met up in person."
[Very Positive, friend] Arisu Mishimi | 18 | [Alive]
"You're a wierdo, but a good one!"
[Positive, friend] Haruo "ruo" Akiyama | 18 | [Alive]
"I'm rooting for Halili all the way"
[Very Positive, friend] Kahili "lei" Ginger | 18 | [Alive]
"You're a good friend of mine, lei!"
[lightly negative, ex] Kaito "Kai" Shirogane | 20 |[Alive]
"I'm sorry for things ending the way they did, Kaito. but I do not wish to ever be friends with you. I won't ignore you any longer, however, I will not hate you. Hatred is something that I spare for only the worst - of which you are not in my mind. No matter how much you want me to yell at you, to hate you, I will not. I simply wish you could do the same for me. "
"It's hard for me to empathize with you, Kai, and that's something that I've never really said about anyone. However, I do try to whenever I bump into you. I apologize for my rudeness on such occasions."
[positive, Friend] Julio Adler | 18 | [Alive]
"you seem like a good person, really."
[Positive, friend] Morimoto Takahara | 20-something? | [Alive]
[EXTREMELY positive, boyfriend] Qiu-Feng Zhong | 18 | [Alive]
"Qiu, the kindest words I've ever heard have came from you. Words I never thought I'd hear, especially not directed towards me. Thank you, Qiu. thank you so much. You have some kind of ultimate power to fix my mood every time just by simply being there. You’re.. you’re perfect, my darling. No other way to put it.”
"I love you so so much, my darling."
[Very positive, Cousin] Nicolai Volkov | 18 |[Alive]
"Yo Volt"
[Positive, Friend] Boje E. Viklund | 18 | [Alive]
"cool I guess"
[Positive, Friend] Miranda Hirasawa | 18 | [Alive]
"Vampire girl"
[Positive, Acquaintance] Klaus Wagner | 16? | [Alive]
"Ye, met that dude that one time"
Out of Karakura

[Lightly negative, Mother] Asami Murakami / 36 / [Imprisoned/alive]

Arrested for stalking, possession of illegal substances, and redistribution of illegal substances.
"I change my opinion of you every single day, Mother. I do wish to see you again, but I will not visit you in prison. You deserve every bit of time you spend in a cell, and I simply wish you come out a better person."
"Nobody could hate their own mother, right?.."
[Positive, childhood crush] Sasuke Tanaka | 18 | [Alive]
"pppppft, I haven't seen him since the move in 4th grade!"
[Very negative, biological father] Takeshi Saitō | 37 | [Alive]
"I never met him. all I know is that I hate his guts."


"Homeless people are not the problem, rather, the result."

Yasuko was born into a life of struggle in Osaka, her mother having just turned 18, not anywhere near prepared for a child, and not being in contact with her father.

Yasuko's mother always sent her family photos of her to prevent their worry, but Yasuko was never told a single story about her family - as far as she knew, she had none.

After Yasuko was born, her mother got kicked out of her two-room apartment after not having been able to pay rent, along with the extra anger of the landlord for the yellowing ceilings from smoking.

she and her mother ended up living on the streets of Osaka up until Yasuko was in the second grade - They then moved into another small apartment.

"Addiction is the disease that makes you too selfish to see the havoc you have created."

Her mother got a small job at a cafe, that she quickly lost. Asami continued spiraling out of control, - I.e The over usage of drugs and alcohol - causing her to neglect her child.

once Yasuko got into 3rd grade, she began writing to someone named "Rohan Hixton" who presumably lived in Tennessee.

Once Yasuko was in the 4th grade, they got kicked out of their apartment and ended up using their money on a ride to Karakura, where Yasuko continued her life on the streets, Asami using what money she had to buy and deal drugs of sort.

Surprisingly, it took until Yasuko had just turned 18 for her mother to get arrested for the possession, usage, and distribution of drugs, along with the stalking of Yasuko's father.

Now, Yasuko is living indoors in an apartment with a friend. She has quite a few horrible memories that will stay with her forever, along with the aftermath of living on the streets her entire life - that including scars, the incredible ability to endure the cold, and the constant fear of the people in Karakura due to seeing their cold hearts.

"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending"
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Birdwing2, I hope you're okay with the Pen Pals instead of childhood friends.. uh.. they wouldn't have been able to meet if it was childhood friends, Rohan is from Tennessee ROFL she was born in Osaka


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Birdwing2, I hope you're okay with the Pen Pals instead of childhood friends.. uh.. they wouldn't have been able to meet if it was childhood friends, Rohan is from Tennessee ROFL she was born in Osaka
I'm alright with it, and the bio looks good, btw!


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Recent edits:

Fixed Yasuko’s height. Her shoes make her 4’10

Edited her opinion on a few people

Edited to 89% introverted

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SHAWTY HAD THat extreme shortness, what a cutie patootie! bOOTS WITH THe height supplement. GOT THE WHOLE CLUB LOOKIN' AT HEr limb enhancers
FRFR.. just realized her parents were supposed to be like intimidating people .. but then.. her dad had to be like 5'2 and her mom like 4'8.. seems like it'd be hard to be intimidating at that height. whateveR maybe her mom wore some nice stompers


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FRFR.. just realized her parents were supposed to be like intimidating people .. but then.. her dad had to be like 5'2 and her mom like 4'8.. seems like it'd be hard to be intimidating at that height. whateveR maybe her mom wore some nice stompers
Idk, short people are said to be meaner.

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