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Denied Corpology's Shopkeeper Application


Level 72
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Player Information

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Describe your activity on the server:
As being removed from captain slapped my activity right in the face, I’ve recently rejoined the college female football team. With this, I’ve become more active as an SRP Player. With this, my activity spike has launched rapidly, and will probably stay there for quiet the while.

Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive you will be demoted?:
I completely acknowledge and accept this if I ever become inactive.

Link(s) to any previous applications and appeals on the server:


As for ban appeals, I have one ban on the server. I cannot access the appeals but all three were denied. I have not repeated these actions.

What are your current role(s) on the server? (If you're in college, specify your degree level):
On the applicant account, I’m a College club leader. (I will move the role back to my main)

Shop Information
/*You may add your own questions to the format*/

What shop are you applying for?:
I'll be applying for the strays shop location, however changing the name of it to Alcavese
I am completely fine with changing locations, if the current one is taken, ect.

Why do you want to become a Shopkeeper?:
My motivation to be a shopkeeper stems from my creativity and willingness to share my ideas. I want to be able to contribute to the server in a positive way and spread joy to other players through my concepts! I think it would be a fun passtime and I would like this to become a larger idea on SchoolRP. I'd also get satisfaction from running everything succesfully. I have the time and the energy, and peers willing to support it, so why not?
I’ve applied for shopkeeper before, and was denied. With this application I’m spicing things up. Regardless, the main reason I want to be a shopkeeper is to connect myself with another faction of this server. I’ve worked in plenty of shops and know practically the ends and outs of it. I believe I can make a unique shop experience that tailors to the roleplay aspect of the shopping district.

What do you plan to do with your shop, and what makes it unique?:
My shop is unique because of the emotion put behind it. I don't want it to feel like a regular restauraunt, rather an experience! This shop is entirely lore-based, and is meant to share part of my character's life with those who choose to enter it. It encourages RP instead of just being a meaningless player to player transaction.

Adding onto this, I will host regular events in the shop. Some being an eating contest with adorning prizes. A guessing game that can spread on for multiple days. I have so many amazing ideas for this shop there isn't even a complete beginning to it. I want to allow characters who do not work in the shop to have an experience as if they did, with one of my biggest events being a cooking contest.

Event examples

Live Music Nights

Ever wanted to make a band? Maybe your a solo artist...a duo? A barber shop coquette? No matter how you wish to preform, Alcavese will give you the platform to do that.
Everyone LOVES music and food, i mean, if you don't you might as well just be old.
At least once a week, there will be a live music night to help out the bands that wish to become big, the ones that want to reach an audience. We will provide whatever they need to accomplish that.
Benefits from partaking in event- Band members eat at a discounted rate, as well as have a max of three songs to play. A max of two artist/bands will play an opening.

Open Mic Night

Wanna be the next comedian? Do you really think your funny enough to make people laugh?
Sign up for an open mic night! If you make the boss laugh, which is rare.., you might get a prize! (you will get one.)

Cedric is a hard man to please, are you willing to take the challenge of making him laugh? He's made an offer, and if you succeed you might become the next big-shot comedian.

Le feuilleton à l'eau de rose

Listen, we all love romance soap operas... so why not have a LIVE soap opera. With the help of any therater kid.. we will host audtitions, script planning and backdrops to bring you a fabulous dinner and show. Due to the amount of planning, these will probably not happen every so often, so get your tickets now!

Singles night/Date night

We all know the booming romance in Karakura.. all of the couples being so lovey dovey... Honestly it probably makes Cedric sick. However, his daughter decided that.. He had to tailor to them. Even the loners.
On separate nights, there will be time for the singles and the coupled to come together. A romantic getaway in the city of love, Paris. Eat your heart out alone.. or with the one you love most, we don't care! Just as long as you enjoy the food.
During the date night, we will have a dance portion. Show off your moves with the person who makes your heart flutter like your a firefly. Best dance might get a little something...

What will you sell in your shop?:

Regarding my want of French cuisine, I plan on tailoring some of the most popular items onto our menu. Each group will get at least one piece of bread with their meals, and will be allowed more.


How many employees do you plan to have?:

I plan on having the following roster look like this, with around a max of 18 employees.

1 - Restaurateur (Owner)
3 - Chef Exécutif (Management)
5 - Chef de Cuisine (Senior Employees)
??? - Sous Chef de Cuisine (Regular Employees)
??? - Commis Chef (Training Employee)



As you enter the shop, you're taken through a portal into a homely Parisian street. Has summer come early? You are given time to view the gorgeous landscape, before a friendly face comes to your aid. "Bonjour, welcome to our city! How many are visiting today?" ..
The waiter guides you through the buildings, will you sit in the patisserie or by the café? Perhaps one of our locals, Lucille, will invite you onto her balcony..
Regardless of where you sit, you will get a fantastic view of the intricate architecture. You feel the heat of the indoors, whilst enjoying the gorgeous Parisian nightlife. .
Alcavese has a... special kind of feeling. You walk in the doors, and your greeted by the smell of drooling food.. cigarette smoke, and... lilac?

For most people it probably is comforting. It felt like a French movie. No not the ones tailored around... Paris. The ones with love and a caring family, and a like coral hue on the filter. It was nostalgic in all of the good ways. Who doesn't like a movie with a French accent.
The employees ensure that every table is treated as if their a family, no matter who sits down. Their table is in a "building". The owner walked around, asking people questions. How's the food, is your day good? He wants regulars. Customers feel like regulars. Sure, the food here could probably be cooked at home.. so it is. The chefs who make each plate talior to the palate of a housewife caring for children. Family is surprisingly a big thing here. Alcavese goes beyond tradition. Every table and chair, every chandelier, every brick in it's foundation carries a story. It was brought to Karakura to introduce a love that transcends language, that is conveyed through food and flavour. Alcavese is an experience. In a city torn with violence and ancient curse, you can find solace here.

Design of restaurant.
Now, you may be wondering. Why does the interior look like an exterior and the exterior look like an interior? To put it simply, I think the idea of having tables connected to small building designs would add an extra flair to my restaurant. With the added possibility of every time someone comes to eat here, the building that they get to sit in will be different each time, and tell a story. See it like this, my restaurant is a Tardis.. Transporting you to the city of Paris, where you can dine with delectable courses.





Name: Cedric Dunes
Age: 41
Nationality: French-Canadian


Now listen. For a man with two daughters with completely different mothers, you'd think he'd be viewed differently.
He's not.

Growing up in the love land of Paris, France, Cedric lived with his grandmother. Mostly because his two parents didn't seem to care about him. They chose.. . Other... things than him. He was fine with it. For a child with absent parents, he seemed like he couldn't help but not care. Most children struggle with depression, and abandonment issues. Not Cedric. No, he was different.
Reaching the appropriate age requirement, Cedric's grandmother shoved him to work. Anything he could get his hands on, he did. Carpentry, check. Construction, check. Plumbing, check, and so fourth. Only reason he worked so much was to give everything he got to his grandmother, for her restaurant. He hated this, as most people probably would, but hey? Who else would he even have.

Fast forward a few years, and we meet Cedric in his early 20's. He dropped out of college, with no care in the world and a nice bottle of whiskey following him like a lost puppy. A dog is a man's best friend, though in this... the dog has properties that make him forget about the rage of a grandmother, who raised him... in a way she thought was right.
His grandmother had cancer. Yeah, what a blunt way to put it, but in his head that's what he said to himself when he found out. He always took everything with a grain of salt, and honestly didn't even believe that's she was capable of dying. I mean, she acted like she was a 19 year old athlete with the way she ran around the house yelling at Cedric. However, I suppose the running caught up with her.

The restaurant was left to Cedric. He didn't know the first thing about cooking. He owned the place, sure, but how did he run it. How did he manage to make the payments.. Acquiring many.. and when I say many, I mean many, different types of odd jobs. Some can't even be said due to legal reasons. Nonetheless, he did it. He did something, with his sad pathetic life.

Now, owning a restaurant that is known for good food has its perks. Many... attractive women... found Cedric. Cedric was never fully interested, but hey, it filled the hole in his heart that he didn't worry about when he was young. Not that it effected him much. All he needed was alcohol and money.

He got two things, that are completely different than that.

Daughters. Two of them, around a 4 months apart. One's mother, the older one, was a famous law firm shareholder. She was pretty, at least. He would never regret that one.
They named her Helga.
The younger one, her mother was a nurse. Nurses are pretty stressed out enough. She came to eat after a late shift... with a nice company of vodka for one special. She was ok looking. Cedric was drunk at the time. I swear the whiskey bottle never leaves his side.
The two came up with the name Ecstasy.

The women left him with the kids, not that he was bothered by it. The two enjoyed running around the restaurant. They got to know the regulars.
For a moment, between his daughters ages 1-10. He stopped drinking. It could of been the fact that he now was too busy for it, or couldn't afford it. Nonetheless, he stopped.
He was happier drunk than sober.
His daughters bothered him more.
At least his grandmother would be proud for continuing the family, and the restaurant.

That proudness didn't last long. Economy hit. The restaurant blundered when Helga and Ecstasy reached age 18.
He blamed them.
So he sent them away. To look for a new area.
Somehow Karakura ended up on the radar. They left the following week. Cedric went back to drinking.

Now we are caught up. Ecstasy sent a letter, no not a text, a letter. Cedric never had a phone.
She told him about Karakura, how much the people love food.
Cedric wanted to make his grandmother happy in her afterlife.
He started rebranding the name. and the image.
He didn't go to Karakura because he missed his kids. He went for the money, good alcohol, and his grandmother.
Call him a horrible father if you want, us, the narrator will probably agree.
At least he didn't leave them for that long, like his parents did.

Thanks for reading!.png
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