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Announcement September Updates

Bug fixes & New features

3rd September 2021

- The appending messages plugin has been completed and made available for donators with the rank RichKid and above. [CLICK HERE]
- We have finally fixed our grading issue with a brand-new custom plugin created by our developer Tippie_ [CLICK HERE]
- The forums has been completely updated to a new version of xenforo & all staff (including community teams) have their own forum roles.
- We now have a trello board with live updates for server changes, updates & expansions [CLICK HERE]
- Houses around Karakura have be re-built to better fit the style of theme of the server.
- Karakura's forest has gone through a large re-work with new trees and cabins being introduced.
- We've now made Shrine an official faction as we acknowledge the monastery and religions to be a large part of Karakura. [CLICK HERE]
- We have re-added the Family Store as a 'social hotspot' to encourage players to venture out of spawn.
- Player housing availability has largely increased, creating over 50 new apartments for players to claim, alongside more to come in an upcoming project located by the business park.

- Players can now apply for a third language under Character Authorisation. [CLICK HERE]
- The Discord partnership programme has been brought back and made active again. [CLICK HERE]
- Lore team are working on pushing out more town lore regarding Karakura & the School.

- Professor & Teacher member caps have been upped to 30 instead of 25.
- ALL school faculty have been moved into one lounge to encourage more roleplay.
- College have progressed their first 50 students to College Master this month.
- Elevators have been added for faculty / students accompanied by them.
- Caretaker & Chefs now have their own uniforms to wear during school hours.
- Selected Qualified Teachers+ can now train newly accepted applicants.
- Club leaders can no longer pass ownership of their club to prevent unsuitable candidates; application formats have been created for people wishing to run a pre-existing clubs. [CLICK HERE]
- Council now runs off of an activity point system to reward councillors for their activity.
- Councillors now have their own block lockers, eliminating the need for a second detention room door.
- Clubs have an activity requirement where they must host a minimum of 2 activities per month.​
- Council presidents now have access to their respective intercom system.​

- The Hospital's pharmacy has been completed re-booted.​
- An official post has been made for the Hospital's equipment/medication legality requirements. [CLICK HERE]
- Hospital staff attires have been updated.​
- The 'Nurse' role has been brought back to the Hospital.​
- Hospital & Police faction have been separated once again due to previous management issues.​
- IC Communication channels have been created for Hospital & Police factions.​
- Court cases have been made available for those who have proper reasoning, the fee is ¥100,000 per case.​
- A new payment system for bails has been added for Police to avoid mass amounts of money cylcing back into the economy.​
- Police sentence guidelines are due to be changed this month.​
- The Dojo has been moved to the Monastery.​
- Shrine / Monastery has been been made a faction.​
- Small paychecks have been added for Shrine staff to encourage activity.​
- Shrine staff now have their own training guide.​
- Shrine roles have been updated.​
- Black Market Dealers are limited to two character changes whilst occupying the role.​
- Reduced all unnecessary spray areas and replaced them with newer ones.​
- Bloodsucker Masks have been removed from the weapon profiles​
- Naginatas & Kurikara Katanas are now the only weapons able to slice a Kama in half.​
- Black Market room signs have been re-added with proper protection.​
- The weapon profiles have been completely re-done.​
- Crime's previous hotpot (The c****) will soon be moved elsewhere.​
- Governors now hold the role of 'Bailiff' during court cases.​
- Reporters now have their own application section on the forums.​
- Government workers & Reporters now have a paycheck.​
- Karakura News now have a news station managed by the Head Reporter.​
- The organization roster has been re-added to the Town Discord. [CLICK HERE]

^ KimiNoUso has been promoted to Owner
^ Tippie_ has been promoted to Senior Administrator
^ Minobu has been promoted to Senior Administrator
^ Prosthettics has been promoted to Administrator
^ ryahb has been promoted to Administrator
^ toranekos has been promoted to Moderator
^ itsmariav has been promoted to Moderator
^ demurity has been brought on as Trial Moderator
Loooper and oph have resigned from their positions as Senior Administrators, we thank them for their time and effort whilst on the team. We wish them luck on their future endeavours.​
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Announcement August Updates

Map update & New features

9th August 2021
- The Karakura Map link has been updated, this should help you navigate around the map easier. [CLICK HERE]
- The server's /faq link is now working again.
- The new Karakura Beach has been implemented and opened for the public.
- A new tunnel has been added onto the map, making it the point of entry and exit of Karakura.
- A new feature has been added for the phones in game. You can now call someone using a specific language applied onto your account. (/calllang, /calllangw, /calllangy). [FEEDBACK USED]
- The acrobatics attribute has been reintroduced onto the server with a command that allows you to toggle it. (/acrobatics) [FEEDBACK USED]
- A new command has been added for the Reporter role to announce reports on the server. (/news <message>)

- A new application format has been created for Event-Team applications. [CLICK HERE]
- A new application format has been created for Lore-Team applications. [CLICK HERE]
- The JSL language message has been updated to "says something in sign language"
- A new category has been added within the support section of the forums, specially for Apartments. Find out more at [CLICK HERE]

- Councillors have been given their own door to the detention-room.
- The school council team has started giving out morning announcements featuring sports, clubs, school events & more.
- Council will be hosting small activities during break time and after school hours for students to partake in.
- All three sports (Football, Basketball, Volleyball) documents have been updated on the forums. They will only be updated after a discussion between the team captain and the sports team lead. [CLICK HERE]
- Tutors will now receive 30% of the seasonal exam paper topics/questions to better prepare students in studying.
- Professional premade skins have been added for faculty that are unable to get their own commissioned.​
- The School rules have been updated. You can find them on a notice board on your way inside the school.​
- A new guide has been created for FearRP to help players better understand about the rule. [CLICK HERE]
- Successfully hosted KHS's first set of sports tournaments. (Football, Basketball, Volleyball)
- Highschool and College exams are getting planned for August.
- During the upcoming month, the school will begin to involve other factions in bi-weekly mini events such as assembly, drills and more!
- A school hotline number has been added, similar to the Karakura Police Depratment. This number will help you contact any online school receptionist or SLT.​
- Changed & Re-added the [Caretaker] role which is now responsible for: Cleaning, monitoring halls and fixing broken equipment.​

- Law related roles have been added onto the server such as Judge, Lawyer and Governor. You can find more information about those roles at [CLICK HERE]
- The News Reporter role has been re-introduced to the server.
- Kama's have been re-introduced within the black market
- Un-verified gangs within Karakura can now advert their gangs within the Karakura Crimes Discord once meet with the requirements.
- Black Market weapons profile has been updated along with new weapons added to the list. To find out more about this [CLICK HERE]
- Verified gangs have been capped to 4 along with some special perks. More information can be found in the Karakura Crimes Discord.
- Speakeasies will be re-introduced within the server for Verified gangs.
- The Monastery has been classified as a safezone.

NOTE: If you want to share your ideas and see more updates within the server, make sure to leave a feedback for us to review!
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Announcement July Updates

New features

3rd July 2021

- The friends plugin has been updated with new features (/friends)
- Karakura's beach has been renovated and will be implemented on the server within the next week [TEASER]
- A 'Government' faction has been made alongside the Karakura Town discord where you'll find the shop & government. [FEEDBACK USED]
- Increased the timer for the 'firework' cosmetic to 5 seconds to reduced lag [FEEDBACK USED]
- Increased maximum auction listing price to ¥100,000,000 [FEEDBACK USED]
- Sports tournaments will be brought back to increased roleplay amongst teams, school and the city [FEEDBACK USED]

- Authorisation application format has been updated to include frequently asked questions & other changes. [CLICK HERE]
- Renamed 'Custom Script' to 'Authorisation Application' due to previous confusion; these are now for service animals, prosthetics, etc.
- Players can now apply to join the build team via the forums [CLICK HERE]

- Graduated KHS's first set of students that passed the exams & background checks.
- Club application format has been updated [CLICK HERE]
- Student council will post weekly morning announcements over the intercom, informing students about on going events.
- Journalists will now post all reports via the #journalist-reports channel in the Karakura Academics discord. [CLICK HERE]
- As sports associations have now been disbanded, a club has been made to allow players to participate in the tournaments [CLICK HERE]
- Players can submit their own books to be featured in the school library for a small reward.
- Building around the school have once again been updated; boiler room, gym and the nurse's office.
- Teachers can now host their own classes in the school gym using the class ID #100.
- In-Character meetings have been brought back to increase roleplay amongst school faculty.
- The reward token model has been re-textured.
- Successfully planned tournaments for each week in July, keep your eye on #events in the Roleplay Hub discord!
- School employees now have access to use college intercom.
- Teachers can now choose from 5 class layouts to allow for more variety from room-to-room & increase player interaction during class.
- Senior Leadership will now host monthly meetings to plan events and discuss issues/feedback.
- The school events calendar has now been released & one school event is to happen per week. [CLICK HERE]

- Verified gangs are to come back with new restrictions and changes.
- New weapons with harsher statistics will be brought back & added specifically for verified gangs to give them an advantage.
- Weapon pricing will soon change to accommodate the new verified gangs and guidelines.
- An advert system for crime-related discords will soon be available via the Karakura Crime discord. [CLICK HERE]
- Crime faction's 'Excommunication' — bounty system — has been brought back and modified.
- Black market dealers and the crime faction leader will begin to host In-Character meetings for development and assign-able missions.
- Spray locations have been reduced around Karakura.
- Shop applications will be re-opened to include new applicable shops located in the shopping district.
- A new 'Government' faction has been created, lead by Senior Administrator oph
- Roles for Lawyer, Governor, News reporter & Judge will be created and available for players to apply for on the forums soon.
- Law & Justice will be brought back to Karakura working alongside the current emergency faction to allow players to: Host trials, sue individuals (or companies), appeal an In-Character punishment & more.
- The 'Mayor' role will be a more prominent figure within the town working alongside the governors to make In-Character changes to the city for more interesting lore.

We're sad to announce that after three long years of service Im6 has resigned due to real life issues and a change in career & we'd like to thank him for his dedication to the server and its community. Through the many years 'Six' transformed the server into what it is today, as new players join and older ones leave, the generation of players will of course vary over time. In his place MikeShotZ has been promoted to Owner to continue server expansion, updates and development and we look forward to the future of SchoolRP.
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